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    Dog walker

    Dang, Brookhaven Post! Those are some incredible photos. Glad no one was hurt, including you/your photographer. And those sweet dogs being saved — wow! Very touching footage. I bet THAT’S an amazing story. How would a firefighter even know where dogs were in those apartments?

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    Great news that it sounds like no one was hurt. It’s also awesome that they saved the pets and had them checked because they’re obviously not required to put themselves in danger to do that. ❤

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    The Real Mayer

    First I want to thank trey Benton with the post for the spectular coverage of the massave fire at the Sanctuary at Oglethorpe … Special Shout Out to our DeKalb Fire and Rescue for doing a great job in making sure there were no further losses to residents and for them rescuing their pets….a speciaL Thanks to You , The Brookhaven station 2 🚒🚨🚒 A/k/a Broohaven Express is our engine company and Brookhaven Air Express is our ladder company. Our men and women of our Brookhaven Station are the best!!!!!

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    I imagine they either heard them or found them while doing a sweep for people — just wanted to give people a heads up there are stickers, decals, magnets etc that you can buy to place on or near the door of your residence to let firefighters know that you have pets (or human children!!) inside.

    Obviously they are not obligated to look for pets (nor should they be!) but decals outside of your residence can really help give them a heads up to be on the lookout or call out to them.

    It’s so wonderful to hear also that the EMS checked out the rescued pets because they are not obligated to do that either. ❤️👏

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    I’d really, really like to know the rational for voting thumbs down on this comment.

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    Amen! Police AND Fire Dept. memebers should be appreciated every day. IF we’re lucky, they won’t be called on to ‘work’ many of those days!

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