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    Hunter Burke

    PSSST: Herr Sigman, Herr Ernst – prioritize good honest government & dire needs like stormwater infrastructure over vanity trips like the website. You’re both so shallow.

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    I think the information on the citys website is pretty impressive – when you can find it. The best thing they can do is mimic THIS site. Very easy to navigate and responsive. I am sure Trey would be very happy to be paid $21K to do it. (I think). To think one guy does all of this, attend meetings, shoot video and awesome photos…

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thanks Terry. The city will probably opt to stay with the current vendor and just re-skin the site. It’s not hard to do. Just takes time. The planning part of it all is where the magic happens – what to put where and what content categories is at your fingertips.

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