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    Randy Watson

    The Diebold machines are pushing 15 years in age. There should be no reason whatsoever that there is not a separate and objective means for verifying each person’s vote (paper print-out put in separate bin and used to cross check electronic voting results for accuracy). Thank you for taking the time to put this perspective together.

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    Leave it up to Georgia to eff it up. #flipthe6th

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    Screw Kemp, he’s useless. I hate to admit it but the Republicans are their own worst ememies. It’s all about keeping power, messing with people and pushing jerks who’ve been loyal in elections. I’ll vote for Ossoff just to spite them, and I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that way. Nobody likes Handel, such a loser!

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    Paul Bryant

    Still dont understands why I can do my taxes, my banking, my insurance, register to vote,…..but I cant actually vote online. SOmething seems wrong about that.

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    Eric Robert

    And Handel’s office, (when she was Secretary of State) had to coverup the problem with these machines to protect a political ally by going after a technician who was not to blame. The technician lost her job, and went through over a year of stress and financial harm due to what could be called a malicious investigation and prosecution of her.

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    Missy Troudeau

    Rigged system. Drain the Georgia swamp. Bye Bye Handel. You too Kemp.

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    Ice Storm Forecasted for Hell

    Agreed. I’ll take shortened-term Assoff vs. Mattison-supported-Handel. It will be the same decision made when voting for Taylor Bennett. Sadly, we replaced a Democrat with a Handel Republican…Hansen.

    Once everyone understands there are no real differences between any of them, you begin to understand their message. The most important part of communication is the things that aren’t said.

    Assoff won’t get anything done, and will be gone in no time. He’ll provide a lot of great comedy until then.

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    Handel is certainly not helping her cause by re-tweeting Donald Trump, that’s for sure.

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    Well at least Jon Ossoff has s direct connection to a man that monitors the status of Guam. It doesn’t hurt to have another person that can nit-twit the status of Guam should the island become unstable.

    Do Democratic candidates really live up to their conservative campaign promises?

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    Trump Lovers make no sense

    Saul , that’s the best you got? You remind me of those stupid Republican San Francisco commercial featuring “loopy liberals” in San Franscico saying they are happy because we are adopting a “liberal San Francisco style” congressperson who is like Pelosi.
    Can you imagine if Dems ran a commercial with just old white people attacking Ossoff…… oh wait the republicans did run that ad during the primary …… Ok so imagine if the Dems ran an attack ad to show who Handel really will work for by having Handel sitting in what is obviously a very high end home making her pitch….. oh wait that is the add Handel is running now. Truth is Trump is the most horrible thing to happen.
    Trump gave information to the Russians that will allow them to identify an Israeli intelligence asset. Problem is Russia is an ally and supporter of Iran. Iran is a hostile enemy of Israel. So this is information not even shared by the US with our allies that support Israel, but he gives it to Russia? All at the same time that he is firing FBI director Comey because he wants the Russia investigation to stop? Saul let me make it simple for you. Ossoff is criticizing both Dems and Repubs wasteful spending – Handel is retweeting Trump.

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    Trump Lovers make no sense

    Its bad enough Handel appeared with Trump – but re-tweeting Trump? Trump is at his most hideous in his tweets – re-tweeting him acknowledges she follows him on twitter and reads the idiotic things he tweets and even supports his twitter account by re-tweeting him. She just doesn’t seem to have much sense.

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    That San Francisco commercials is great! Trump is a really bad man. One day his haters and the press will find the evidence to prove it. One. Day. Day. Day. Day.

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    Russia Lewinsky

    Let her keep re-tweeting Donald “I did not have financial relations with that country,” Trump. The man don’t read, is mentally unstable, thinks the US presidency is a dictatorship, and plagiarizes fictional movie speeches from Legally Blonde movie characters to parrot to the Coast Guard Academy. He and his team should’a watched the Manchurian Candidate instead . . .

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    Face it. Ossoff’s an empty suit. Look for all the excuses you want. But his ads are horrible. He isn’t at all interested in or knowledgeable about what will really help metro Atlanta. I didn’t vote for him. I won’t vote for him. Put up a good candidate.

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    Regardless of one’s political leanings we should all agree that Trump’s toxic, manic, inaccurate and just downright hateful tweets are not good for this country.

    If you vote for someone that enables and endorses Trump’s disturbing tweeting habit then you’re agreeing that the way he is representing America- both to our children and those abroad- is just fine and dandy.

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