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    Sun Flex

    Boulders would be better or perhaps plantings.

  2. 2


    Good. We all know darn well if they don’t put something permanent there the golf cart people will destroy it and then destroy the bridge.

  3. 3

    Brookhaven Betty

    So, so true. The golf cart people around here are pretty ridiculous.

  4. 4

    Hunter Burke

    Keep the carts off!!! Enforce the laws against golf cart users!!! The granite stick was the dumbest idea ever and very expensive, especially when you had to remove it before you used it. Who’s running & designing these projects? They’re novices.

  5. 5

    Baffled by why people care....

    Interested to see how a wide boulder keeps the bridge ADA compliant. What is the city’s plan for next year’s Bolt? Make it an obstacle course?

    The bridge appears to have a steel frame and looks far beefier than any bridge that I’ve seen on a golf course which gets far more cart traffic.

    Would be nice if the city adopted an ordinance already.
    But I guess the city would then have to hear from the other side. People who wouldn’t be impacted one way or another yet get their panties in a twist because people are having fun.

    I like the wear n tear argument. You know what has more pounds per square inch impact than a cart,
    … a person jogging. Should we reroute the Bolt? Maybe that is the plan with the boulder (that will be at the bottom of the creek inside of a week).

  6. 6

    Baffled by why people care....

    As are the people that car so much about something that doesn’t impact them in any way.

  7. 7


    Boulders. The Bolt can pay for moving them out of the way for their race and replacing them afterwards.

  8. 8

    Eddie E.

    Big boulders.
    Boulders that will cause a loader to strain.
    Providing something for kids to play on when they WALK across the bridge.

  9. 10

    Jack Smith

    I guess there is something I don’t understand. Why can’t there be a metal bollard that can be locked in place yet removed for races? This is the common technique used on other paths in the area.

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