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    Glenn allan

    How about getting the houses on sewer , we have homes on septic and houses having to pump it to the sewer only because they did not connect sewer pipes on shady valley drive .

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    Meet Our Mayor

    Tax, Borrow, and Spend!!!!

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    Sun Flex

    Get over yourself. The city has a responsibility to its citizens to solve stormwater issues. Likely you are impacted too. Stop your whining and do your part. Perhaps if your home floods you will think differently. Make the utility $100 per year Brookhaven leaders. I’ll gladly pay it as long as you actually appropriate those funds directly and in a focused manner. NOT to the Greenway project, not to any fluff stuff. Solve he problems then cut the rate.

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    Open Checkbook

    blah, blah, blah,

    Increasing the stormwater fee would be a great way to create another slush fund for bonds that will support the PCG and the PDK Greenspace. PDK is not a capital asset project. The $25M PCG bond is an open checkbook with no accountability to the voter. It’s also a great way to avoid the ballot box so none of you uninformed, cynical, readers/voters get to vote on the city’s borrowing capacity. Great news is at least there’re two identified projects projects south of District 1. The PCG slush fund will support whatever improvements, land purchases, multi-use lanes, new PCG Department employees (what? that’s right. An entire department), legal fees, operational costs, etc, etc. ad nauseum, not-named-stormwater. It’s in the resolution. Crazy how this government continues avoiding a voter referendum on their spending. What, oh what, are they afraid of?

    The tax increase, and the spending, will continue to increase like City of Brookhaven employment rolls.

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    Open Checkbook

    You must be joking Sun Flex. No one can be that naïve??

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    Brittany Mother

    Yes, let’s raise those taxes wherever we can. C4ND and Brookhaven Yes were just joking about lower taxation in Brookhaven. Thank you, J. Max.

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    Just as a note: This is a legacy of years and years of neglect of serious stormwater issues in unincorporated DeKalb County. We still don’t know where that $20M per year in stormwater money went when most of the county was unincorporated. These problems don’t occurs overnight! Roads and stormwater “catchup” are a natural product of City-hood formation….at least when you pay for repairs you can see the results! As one former DeKalb County Finance Director once said of city-hood….you bought it …you own it!

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    Hunter Burke

    Better ideas: Cut Brookhaven overhead, starting with City Manager’s office, charge more for building permits & establish impact fees for developers to offset stormwater costs. Hold off on PCG, until the city has achieved basic infrastructure adequacy.
    Fire Christian Sigman, he just wants bureaucracy and doesn’t comprehend how to work in a small city.

  9. 9

    As if we will forget .....

    In 2018 we will be up to our eyeballs in debt we never got to vote on. The mayor will announce a hiring freeze in preparation of his re-election campaign. This is all being calculated and manipulated. Slick as a greased pig.

  10. 10


    Watch the May 9 city council work session. Mayor has attorney looking into the upcoming SPLOST because he doesn’t like that the funds are limited to existing parks and can’t be used for PCG or PDK, the economic development director mentions a Buford Hwy land acquisition that will be discussed in executive session, storm water talks about current retention ponds are not capturing the storm water requirements due to not having an as-built plan as a part of our permitting process and states that the retention pond inspections were started in the southern part of Brookhaven due to the grievous nature of them, Linley asks about us inspecting them but then asks who is responsible for the maintenance of them – county, city, private owners, HOA’s, city manager talks about Dresden clogged sewer lines as a legacy issue to our approvals of development, parks discusses the M/C open space bid is going out but this project is NOT funded in the 2017 budget and will bring it back to council for funding this year, mayor asks for ANOTHER executive session which he campaigned that he was going to minimize the need for based on past mayors use. Brookhaven is pure chaos with a mayor who has pie in the sky ambitions and a personal agenda. I believe staff was giving a wake up call to him.

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    Blank Check J

    No rollback of mils = Tax Increase
    $36 Million giveaway to the Hawks Player’s Facility, LLC with no proven economic benefit = Tax Increase
    Being outplayed by CHOA causing huge tax losses after next year = Tax Increase
    Hotel Motel Tax increase demanded by current mayor and ALL of council = Tax Increase
    Stormwater Tax Increase = Tax Increase

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    As one of the many people that has had nightmare experiences with the city of Brookhaven, I’m happy to have a septic tank that I care for myself. It’s one less thing the city can muck up.

  13. 13


    Truth! Hey buddy! There are three properties for sale on Buford Highway and all three could be of interest.

    Two back up to Peachtree Creek, with one being next to the D1 residents favorite *toy* (if you know what I mean) store. I know my wife just loves the place, but the other D1 residents, even friends, refuse to talk to her when she sees them there. That is, all but a certain rotund individual’s wife. The other offers greater creek frontage. Both could be a part of Joe Gebbia’s planned Brookhaven Convention Center and allow the city to control land for Betsy’s smelly fecal matter creek park.

    The other could be a domino in the future Brookhaven City Taj Mahal compound.

    So Truth! Which one(s) are being considered? Brookhaven funders that really just wanted a city that put citizens first want to KNOW!

  14. 14


    Gee, I wish we had Jerry Max Davis back as mayor. I’m remembering all of the plusses he promised about becoming a city and getting away from that wretched DeKalb County. Jerry Max Davis is a man of his word and I am sure he would reign back this uncontrolled government and live up to the original stated purpose of Brookhaven’s creation as a city.



  15. 15


    Wish I would have voted Boone.

  16. 16


    I don’t know Saul, it’s a secret. They went into executive session to discuss. I guess we will find out after our money has been spent.

  17. 17


    After our money is spent?

    Welcome to YOUR Brookhaven! Doing business the Brookhaven way. SCREW the taxpaying Brookhaven residents!

  18. 18


    I am confused. Was the goal to create a city for the betterment of Brookhaven residents? Was the goal to increase taxes and make land purchases beyond our abilities resulting in the ultimate taxation displacement of the very citizens that voted for Brookhaven? Is Brookhaven government ruining what made Brookhaven a desirable location? One of the oldest houses in DeKalb was located in Brookhaven. Did Brookhaven save it or was it not worthy of our history? Hey Stan, hey JD, tell me how great Brookhaven is now. Carpetbaggers.

  19. 19


    I regret voting for Ernst and wish we had more of a choice when it came to Mayor. I had hoped he would do a better job but installing Christian Sigman as manager seems to be a major misstep, at least in my opinion. Neither of them are capable of leading Brookhaven with policies like those above and other that have been reported. Sigman needs to be removed and Ernst needs to be replaced next election.

  20. 20

    Eddie E.

    And if you pay for proper engineering you have an idea of what massive costs will be prevented over time.

  21. 21

    Eddie E.

    When did people lose their minds and adopt the ridiculous notion that everything can be done for free?

  22. 22


    There’s only two things politicians can do – legislate and tax. Our elected officials in Brookhaven are great at both!

  23. 23


    which basic infrastructure adequacy are we missing?

  24. 24

    Hunter Burke

    Wish I hadn’t voted for John Park. I’ll fix that in November.

  25. 25

    Hunter Burke

    Me too, also wish I would have voted for Nama!

  26. 26


    Park is just Ernst yes man. The two have been thick as thieves since before Park was elected. It was all a part of their Master Plan. Probably even had a code name for it. “Operation Take Over Brookhaven.” Just ask them, they’ll proudly tell you all about it.

  27. 27


    Wow Saul! Best stuff I’ve heard from you! Keep it up.

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    Thomas Porter

    Regrettably, it is impossible for me to trust City leadership to address the festering stormwater issues in a manner that prioritizes the issues in a level manner, or, equitably distributes funds. This is a horribly imbalanced administration with almost zero representation for at least half of the Council Districts. Giving them more money is a terrible idea at this point and I fear they’ll be diverted for personal agendas.

  29. 29

    Eddie E.

    Will the problems caused by inadequate stormwater control engineering simply go away without funding?

  30. 30

    Eddie E.

    “Take Over Brookhaven”, you mean like provide value for the Citizens as opposed to the rapacious developers?

  31. 31

    Thomas Porter

    No Eddie, but they won’t go away with diverted and/or re-prioritized funding either. There’s, rationally, no trust.

  32. 32

    Mosquito Gestation Nursery

    Your loaded question is spot on, EE, but the lack of funding for city services is not helped when the city council uses the Stormwater Fund as a special-interest piggy bank. There is no completed, thorough list of stormwater projects (after 4.5 years), a lack of priority for testing and repairing of current systems costing as much as $40m (Mattison Estimate), and manipulative, spend thrift funding tactics to further their own cause, excuse me, voter mandate.

    Like a told a friend. “You can have fantastic city service improvements (Parks, Police, Planning, Paving and STORMWATER SYSTEMS), but you cannot have all those things and fund a $25M ‘Bike Thingy’.

  33. 33


    What imbalanced are you talking about? Can you provide details?

  34. 34


    What pet projects are you talking about?

  35. 35

    Brittany Mother

    Hon, you might want to start going to the Brookhaven city council meetings. You’ll have all of your questions answered.

  36. 36


    what special-interest piggy bank is the stormwater fund now funding?

  37. 37

    Thomas Porter

    ‘Patty’ – I said personal agendas not pet projects. Ask John or John.

  38. 38


    What personal agenda are you claiming?

  39. 39


    OMG Patty, chill out! Everybody else seems to understand what’s being said. Do you really think BKhaven gov is doing a good job??? They bite!

  40. 40

    Thomas Porter

    ‘Patty’ – you seem Panicked. This is not a Q&A forum, but, I stand by everything I’ve said. Tell you what, I’ll wear an eyepatch so you can recognize me, ask me anytime you see me & I’ll provide excruciating detail to your questions.
    Hey, I saw the entire side of D-3 Councilman’s house got new/raised granite curbing in the past day. Do you think Stormwater Funds paid for that?

  41. 41

    Eddie E.

    Wow, I retain my ‘outsider’ status.
    I believe the Brookhaven Government is doing a good job, especially given the horrible mess they had to clean up from the first two and a half years of mismanagement.
    Now if they will just clamp down on developers, make ‘zoning variances’ so rare you don’t see but one every six months and COMPLETELY ELIMINATE any stream buffer variances ever, we will make progress.

  42. 42

    Eddie E.

    Well, as far as the D3 Councilman is concerned, a strong opposition candidate might solve that problem.

  43. 43


    “Now if they will just. . . COMPLETELY ELIMINATE any stream buffer variances ever. . .”

    Does that include blocking stream buffer variances needed to construct the Peachtree Creek Greenway?

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