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    Sun Flex

    CEO – the nightmare continues.

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    How about this one.


    That’s the only question that needs to be asked and deserves a responsible answer.

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    Riley OConnor

    Here’s a seemingly easy one.

    When am going to get another bill? I can see online that my payments are being posted and that I now have a substantial credit balance, but I haven’t received a bill since last September. I know that the meter is being read. Why is this problem so intractable?

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    I feel your pain! I’m in the same situation, so why not just send an average monthly bill for the last four months of last year to most residential customers and be done with this for now. I am 100% behind the new CEO, but I’m having to face an increasing barrage of incoming critical questions from others. The new Head Coach with plenty of experience took a job to head the team at the bottom of the league for big bucks and all the glory that success brings, so no excuses. He had six months to recruit his assistant coaches and a few key transfer players and study the play book. The Tuesday meeting will be followed by a Civic Association Network(CAN)meeting the following night with many of the same questions to be ask. All this taking place against the backdrop of a slow moving, low key, Vista Grove city-hood movement in North Central Dekalb. Interesting to see how long people’s patience holds out with Michael Thurmond.

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    Hunter Burke

    Mr O’Connor: Your bill in the amount of $10,683 was issued we’re sure, it was overdue 3 days ago, unless we receive full payment by 2 days ago we will disconnect services as of yesterday. Reconnection will take 3 weeks and require a $20,000 deposit in advance. DeKalb County doesn’t make mistakes.

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    Chad Boles

    Nancy Jester, Jeff Rader, and Michael Thurmond,

    The EPD Consent Decree your predecessors signed requires you to map, test and correct the entire DeKalb County Sewer system by the end of this year in addition to creating a computer simulated sewer capacity flow model. The mapping and testing for North DeKalb began in the Spring of 2016, while sewer spills have increased because of decades old pipe, and high density growth approved by the County Commission.

    The EPD requires $1.35B in expenditures to be spent by Dec with the directive NO New certificates of occupancy will be awarded without a sewer capacity flow model, yet your department admitted last summer they don’t have one, and multi-famiily apartment complexes, and other high-density developments continue to be approved over the last 5 years. How will you correct this fraudulent activity by the county.

    DeKalb County has spent around $600M in the six years since the Consent Decree was signed. You just approved $35m for the entire system’s cleaning which will not correct tree roots through pipe, disintegrated pipe caused by settling, nor manholes and lift stations in disrepair. When, or how, will you come up with the remaining $800M required for repair by the end of this year?

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    Easy answer…they won’t! A bit of inside info. The County’s Purchasing & Contracting Department is FOUR years behind in issuing W&S contracts; this is NOT fixable by the end of December 2017 or 2018 or 2019! Twenty twenty hind sight says that this was such a HUGE $1.3B multi-year project(with a $1B follow up)that the P&C for the 80+ projects should have been outsourced! Still may need to do so! Why? Because the FED’S are fed up with excuses and the DeKalb taxpayers are about to find out what high water bills are really like….just to pay the fines. In real life(private sector)while working as a project manager for a big box company opening 200 stores per year you get a voice mail that the company closed on that bankrupt competitor and another 200 stores are on the schedule…..please do your share! DeKalb County….not so much ….business as usual.

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    Chad Boles

    Thanks for your insight, RAJ. What about certificate of occupancy letters given without merit?

    Recently, it has come to light that all developments slated for opening this year creating higher density on the existing site, simply have to install off-peak, but on-site sewer reservoirs. How does the county square that remedy with the fact, it doesn’t matter what time of day you send sewer through a leaking system?

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    So I have sat through weekly meetings where CO’s are occasionally mentioned. On site holding, system cleaning, rerouting, all”increase”capacity that already exists. Another way to look at this is that the system is only leaking at 80% of capacity and we are moving to 100% leakage, thus putting more pressure on an old system and causing more frequent sewer spills! The pressure from developers is relentless and the push to increase the tax digest(minus tax abatements)to avoid a millage rate increase is ever present. The buck stops soon, when the FEDS start collecting the fines. The fines will go on for years because of the combination of existing projects, projects already approved and the back log of contracts, many of which have nothing to do with increasing current capacity. The $1B in follow on projects in the out years 20??-20?? will increase system wide capacity to accommodate future development.

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    Don’t mean to beat this one to death, but found out today at the BOC meeting that W&S are 100 employees short of a full staff. Why? HR says that County staffing only permits a designated starting salary in each position based upon skill set with NO provision for a waiver to meet MARKET starting rates. Most applicants just bypass our W&S department since this policy has been in place for some time. Smart managers(DeKalb doesn’t have them)find work arounds and in the private sector it helps to have a consenting HR Director…..I’ve had more than a few in 42 years….job satisfaction counts! Everyone is happy and you never blow your budget with productive employees(DeKalb doesn’t have them)and the net, net is that the new work does not get regular maintenance and the old pipes just continue to add to the problem.

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