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    Melanie Bass Pollard

    Great idea and much needed. I’ve seen young underage drivers speeding along our street in Pine HIlls which is 25 mph but with an average speed of 40mph. I do not want to see that accident!

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    Thomas Porter

    Yes! The policy should be modified to enforce the existing laws banning them on public streets.
    The cost to administer legalization is astronomically disproportionate to the number of beneficiaries at a time when there are so many basic need/services priorities.

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    Brookhaven Betty

    I think the last thing the city should be spending time and resources on is developing an ordinance for the handful of ding dongs who want to roll round Brookhaven in their golf carts. Instead, enforce the law that says they are illegal on city streets.

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    It’s a fun and games until kid gets killed.

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    Please add insulated beverage holders to your list of golf cart requirements.

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    Little bit of false information in this piece. “PTV’s” are considered “Low speed vehicles” by Georgia law and only require a minimum of a CP permit. Also they can be driven on roadways that are 35 mph zones or less making them legal on Dresden Drive and all of the neighborhood streets off of Dresden.

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    What a Joke

    Is this article a joke? NO, we don’t need golf carts. And we need city officials who are competent and focus on real problems. The fact that THIS is what we want to talk about is emblematic of Brookhaven’s issues.

    Why can’t we focus on important, real issues that impact all citizens on a daily basis. Like fixing our stormwater issues, streamlining city government so that it takes less than 10 DAYS to get a permit to build a deck, or creating a comprehensive plan to eliminate blight on Buford while preserving affordable housing opportunities.

    We have so many problems, golf carts aren’t one.

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    Low Speed Vehicles

    40-1-1(25.1) – means any four-wheeled electric vehicle whose top speed attainable in one mile is greater than 20 miles per hour but not greater than 25 miles per hour on a paved level surface and which is manufactured in compliance with those federal motor vehicle safety standards for low-speed vehicles set forth in 49 C.F.R. Section 571.500 and in effect on January 1, 2001.

    Straight from that article. A golf cart is a low speed vehicle and all low-speed vehicle laws are applicable as it pertains to enforcement.

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    Not laughing

    Your vision of what Brookhaven government should be isn’t what the creators and administrators of Brookhaven had in mind. You haven figured that out by now? Just look at our short performance history.

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    And a helmet holding rack for pre and early teens zipping down the street carrying up to seven kids at a time. (!!!)

    I sometimes wonder if their parents aren’t aware of what they’re doing and they’ve snuck off with the family golf cart Ferris Beuler style.

    I wish there was some identification on the carts so we could reach out to parents to let them know what is going on.

    I hate to be a tattletale as I remember being young once too, but with fast traffic and kids pulling stunts like hanging off of the carts on busy streets it’s very concerning.

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    Oh Heather, again with the 80’s reference. It is pretty obvious that you were and still are a tattletale. Of course we need golf carts! Get off my lawn! 😂

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    I’m not talking about kids goofing off on a side street where the worst likely outcome is probably a wrist sprain or some scratches and whatnot- I’m talking about kids pulling stunts on a busy part of Roxboro.

    Some cars really fly down parts of Roxboro- particularly during rush hour- and I’m not really sure these young kids that are making this sort of carnival ride or tubing-on-the-lake experience via golf cart really understand that if they fall off there’s a decent chance they’ll be run over.

  13. 14


    All in favor of allowing golf carts on the streets of Brookhaven.

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    Eddie E.

    Make golf carts registered motor vehicles paying ad valorem tax and carrying license plates that follow all the safety, emissions and anti-theft rules as automobiles.
    If not, no!

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    Eddie E.

    Since golf carts are limited to 20 MPH, at what speed does a 5 year old’s head crack open when it bounces off the pavement?

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    Eddie E.

    The legislation allows any municipality to impose the necessary restrictions on the use of these vehicles.
    Those restrictions should be every bit as strong on safety equipment, anti-theft equipment, emissions and licensing/registration as any other motorized vehicle on the road.

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    When a car runs over them in Atlanta rush hour traffic.

  18. 19


    Saw one driving down Osborne on Saturday. Beer in hand.

  19. 20
  20. 21


    Beat up red one? Councilman with glassy eyes driving?

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    Eddie E.

    This is why any ordinance must include:
    Occupants must be in a seat so engineered with lap and shoulder belts in place and secured….
    As with any other motor vehicle.
    Of course, it could always include passive restraint systems for greater child safety.

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    No, it was white. Two white males on it.

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    Bwahahahaha Mattison!

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