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    What kind of oversight will be involved to insure the BPD doesn’t use these inappropriately?

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    I support the BPD but I’m not sure I think this is worth the money.

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    Given the cost of flying helicopters, extra man hours, search dogs, dragging bodies of water etc etc $12,000 or so is actually really, really cheap.

    I think the bigger concern here is that these drones aren’t used to play creepy big brother.

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    It’s a grant. Free money. Zero cost to the city.

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    Your Neighbor

    Grants are free? More than likely, we paid for this by way of federal taxation. Haven’t you learned that nothing in this world is free?

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    Read the article. The grant is through Firehouse Subs so unless they are strangely attached to the feds it’s free money.

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    Bob Ho

    Given their proximity to PDK – how exactly do they plan to fly these things legally?

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    John C.

    I support the drone program. Whatever privacy advocates may say we are safer with the police watching the streets. Maybe criminals will be less likely to do their dirty work if they know someone may be watching.

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    Your Neighbor

    I read that. Still, nothing is free. In this particular case corporate and private contributions are made in addition to a small percentage of retail food sales to a 501 (3) (c) for these grants. Corporate, private contributions and food sales are funding sources allowing state and federal taxes to be wasted on other important special projects. You have a creek path in Brookhaven you want to create?

    I give to worthy charities, and insist my taxes be spent wisely. Jon Ossoff the conservative Democrat will take care of this.

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    Eddie E.

    In Ashford Park at least, they can’t.
    I guess they would be fine in Districts 1,3, and 4.

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    Eddie E.

    Well then, you wait 5 years and you get out of jail.

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    They’re probably excited to start cracking down on the backyards of people in the D4 proposed Peachtree Greenway stream buffer.

    People don’t want to sell to the city now. . . yet. . . but there are ways around that (wink wink).

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    What’s to stop them from flying down Peachtree Creek and then with the city then using bullying tactics to pressure home and business owners to sell?

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    Except various Brookhaven neighborhood associations and members pay off-duty Brookhaven Police officers to “keep an eye on” those they have a problem with— and this then transfers over to *on duty* Brookhaven officers monitoring, “patrolling”, and quite frankly scaring the heck out of these individuals that have been singled out.

    While I’d rather have a drone peeping in my bedroom or searching around my yard at night as opposed to Brookhaven police officers with their hands on their guns— when does it end???

    I lived through 9/11 and while I certainly saw countless officers/national guard with machine guns/assault rifles/whatever I never felt personally threatened and have never in my life felt threatened the way I do of the police in Brookhaven.

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    Thomas Porter

    I have many opinions on how the City is run, but, I have zero paranoia that the Brookhaven Police act as an instrument of evil or in anything other than the public’s best interests.
    OK… fine… I’ll tell, my biggest criticism… I wish they’d enforce parking a little more!

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    What am I supposedly going to jail for this time? 🙄

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    Stupid and multiply manic posts on this site.

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    How is it “stupid and multiply manic” to politely question what the oversight for BPD drone use will be?

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    That’s easy to say when you haven’t gotten on the wrong side of the wrong people.

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    “If you aren’t doing anything wrong then why are the police at your house all the time?”-
    Actual quote from Brookhaven residents that *send* the police to people’s homes all the time. 🙄

    See how that works?

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    Eddie E.

    That and a YUGE fine for operating illegal vehicles on public right-of-ways.

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    Eddie E.

    For those who aren’t familiar with the Traffic Control Area (the upside-down pyramid over the airport) fly a drone close to PDK and find out. (No Brookhaven, Dekalb or State police will be involved in your arrest, but there will be an arrest.)

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    Enuff Govt Already

    I read an article last month or so in reference to Dunwoody PD getting their drone and they used the same rationalization for the aquisition. That article sort of mentioned the associated cost: the required ongoing training, licensing/permits and the fact the feds were requiring two officers to operate the toy. The reasoning for this just doesnt make much sence for a hilly tree covered city. The B-yes crowd promised we had full access to the county police’s helicopter. Why not use it when needed? I get the feeling the BPD got this because the Dunwoody PD got one.

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