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    Please God let this be in D4 so we can stop listening to them vetching every time D1 gets something.

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    Let them eat cake.

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    Tom Reilly

    Congratulations to the Brookhaven City Council for continuing to fulfill its mandate to buy green space!! This will enhance our citizens’ quality of life for generations to come!!

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    Tom Reilly

    Dear Flubber: Looks like it is in District One to me. Squeaky wheel gets the grease??

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    1. It’s not. 2. We may have four electoral districts but one City. 3. We all benefit from the amenities here and around the City. 4. The real question for D4 and parts of D2 is pedestrian access from the multi-family units along BuHi. Briarwood is one of our highest utilization parks because there are hundreds of kids who can walk to it. There are many hundreds more south of there who will be able to walk to Skyland regardless of District.

    Thank you, Brookhaven, thank you DeKalb County Schools! This is what happens when our officials work with each other rather than vilifying each other.

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    I love the 5 d1 votedowns. I get it; you will gripe and complain no matter what happens. I have never seen such an unhappy group of people in my life.

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    Nature Boy

    How neat is that!

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    Actually it looks like D2 to me.

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    I won’t benefit from this park, but I already have Blackburn, Murphey Candler, and Keswick.

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    Hopefully for the kids that walk to it from District 4 they’ll start putting up signage or at least some orange cones in the path to let parents know when the sewer is overflowing and the “water” on the sidewalk is likely contaminated with ecoli, carcinogens and chemicals likely to cause childhood developmental disorders.

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    Hunter Burke

    Absolutely is, the D3 Councilperson got this too. It pays to be Mayor Ernst’s friend & yes man.

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    Hunter Burke

    Sorry D2 Councilperson – John Park

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    Thanks Brookhaven Yes / For Nothing

    Flubber – Come on down to D3 and D4 sometime, you can reminisce about being under the old governance of Dekalb here. Nothing has really changed except the increased, intense development and more traffic under the new regime. It’s just another layer of government to us that needs to be funded.

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    Sorry to let you know that this is a net LOSS of green space. The current Skyland Park is much larger than the one that is going in.
    This new Skyland Park will go in where the old Vital Records building currently sits. Smaller, yes, but much nicer than what is available at the current Skyland Park.

    Comparison of old to new:
    OLD: Tennis Courts NEW: Volleyball Courts
    OLD: Large Soccer field NEW: “Open Space” Field
    OLD: About 8 Parking Spaces NEW: 15 Parking Spaces (Plus 1 ADA space and 1 electric vehicle charging station)
    OLD: Two Orange Porta Poties NEW: Real Restrooms
    OLD: In a valley NEW: Higher up on a hill
    OLD: No dedicated dog area NEW: Two dog areas (one for small dogs / one for all dogs)

    In about 180 days attention will turn to building the new John Lewis Elementary school on the land where the current Skyland Park now exists.

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    No kidding

    I could not agree more Flubber, these people complain about everything.
    It makes sense when people complain about things that are truly bad but when good things happen and they still complain then it becomes just ridiculous.

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    Net loss only in isolation. The 30+ acre gain off Clairmont doesn’t happen without this deal and it also wouldn’t have happened without CoB and DCSD building productive relationships. I say a major net gain on Greenspace and generational benefits when looking at the whole picture. CoB MOU with DCSD is great insurance against future property blight and future public uses.

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    Come on D4

    One can always tell when re-election time is getting closer. Mayor is definitely protecting his yes man. D1 and 2 are his lifeline. (mathmatically)

    PDK purchase complete – Check
    Skyland Park on it’s way – Check
    Nama back on ZBA = Check
    Georgian Hills Park improvements starting = Check
    New sidewalk and parking at Ashford Park School = Check
    New piano for Ashford Community Center = Check
    Timing is everything!!!!!

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    The Real Mayer

    It is great to see the new volleyball courts but what about the tennis courts that were there? Where are all the parking spaces? Looks like there are not enough. During the spring summer and fall most of the time there is a long wait time for the tennis courts at Ashford Park . Why are we putting a soccer field at this small park when Chamblee has a big park with 4 or 5 soccer fields less than a mile away? There are more tax payers that like to play tennis than soccer.
    P..S. The elections are coming soon… Ya,ll keep spending our money foolishly

    The real mayer

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    Thumbs up on this Mr. Mayer.

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    Where do you see the soccer field in the plan? I did not see one. I disagree on demand for tennis versus soccer. Its the other way round.

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    Why is the park being relocated up to Skyland Trail? Once the building comes down there won’t be a tree in sight and the school will take down all of those beautiful trees were the park is now for construction. If the school was built where the current building is now it would be much better for the buses and carpool lines also since they would be further from Dresden. Anyone know why the park got moved? Dumb idea.

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    Yes. The kids playing soccer on the empty tennis courts is one clue. 🙂 When I lived AP these at Skyland were my go-to tennis courts and AP and Shady Valley were better spots for pickup basketball. Ancient history now …

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