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    Thanks Mayor and council for preserving our green spaces and slowing down development.

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    Tom Reilly

    Effective today I made my first official “maintaining walk” through the property: Cleared the trail, cut back underbrush, picked up trash. Feels really good to know that we can now put our groundless fears behind us, and enjoy this varied beautiful woodland for generations to come.

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    Can someone in the Brookhaven government PLEASE clarify who the OFFICIAL regulating tree and environmental experts are?

    Some of us are exhausted with these allegedly Brookhaven appointed experts regulating our yards and neighborhood.

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    Nature Boy


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    Hopefully at some stage their will be a path thru here to Murphy Candler Park to encourage more walking and cycling in the area.

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    This is dumb.

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    A path, confiscate the adjacent property, bridge and PARKING LOT!

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    Tom Reilly

    Every once in a while I take it upon myself to ask a “troll’ the following questions:
    1.] Why don’t you have what it takes to use your real name?
    2.] How come you always wind up projecting your own faults and failings on others??
    3.] Do you have what it takes to discuss this “video”to my face??
    4.] Looking forward to hearing from you!!

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    Nature Boy

    I’m getting ready to go enjoy Brookhaven’s nature and don’t have time for your quiz game. OH WOW! HOW NEAT IS THAT!

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    I wonder how a house ends up being abandoned like this one was. Seems like some of the heirs would have sold it before this happened to it.

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    3073 Osborne Rd is heavily wooded and up for foreclosure auction. Who can I convince to buy that?

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    Nature Boy

    We need to send Tom over to check it out for acceptability and report back to the city. Oh wow! How neat is that!

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    I can’t speak to this specific property but sometimes heirs (multiple siblings for example) end up disagreeing on what to do with an inherited property (renovate and sell, sell as is, keep in the family etc) that so much time goes by with bickering the property further decays and they’ll often end up just wanting to be done with it. Someone also might have been planning on renovating the property but never got around to it for any number of reasons (finances, real estate projections, family illness etc etc)

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    . . . and they’ll use the people they kick out of their businesses and homes in D4 for the Greenway as their sterling financial model.

    Who cares if people lose their homes- Gebbia says Brookhaven will get back $6 or so dollars for every dollar spent. A cool park, lower taxes, and skyrocketing property values! Let’s get those moving trucks movin’! 😕

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    Since you’re asking questions, why don’t you answer the multiple questions posed to you to explain what gives you official Brookhaven regulatory authority?

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    Your last paragraph, if true, makes me think more and more that the main purpose for creating Brookhaven was for the benefit of the D1 elite and the other districts are their tool to fund their D1 desires. The rest of us in Brookhaven are subject to being screwed as D1 sees fit.

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    He has never claimed anything official. He is just a great steward of our neighborhood, a great veteran and American. He doesn’t need to answer to you.

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    Also check out the map posted here on The Post that replaces current properties as part of the PKG project.

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    Maybe he hasn’t to you, but he has to others- including condemning property owners and alleging to speak on behalf of The National Wildlife Federation- including here but also elsewhere. (The National Wildlife Federation has confirmed that he cannot condemn people or their property on their behalf.)

    I don’t expect anyone to “answer to [me]” but when people appoint themselves as the local Brookhaven neighborhood tree gestapo and wannabe HOA leader they have to expect their insults and overbearing nature will have blowback.

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    Yes Mike, that’s the way D1 works. Demands, but never has an obligation to answer.

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    The ‘Brookhaven receives $6 for every dollar spent,’ talking point has been used since the beginning of cityhood, and usually when speaking directly to constituents about Peachtree Creek Greenway, or the Buford Highway Economic Development Plan. I wish someone would provide some proof of the oft-quoted statistic, not something you grabbed from the internet, but real live examples of actual defined growth of a city, or county’s, GDP annual increase coming strictly from a tax abatement, general-obligation bond funded, or revenue-bond funded real-estate venture.

    Please know the next time that quote is mentioned in a public meeting, someone attending might ask for a copy of the results of my requests. It doesn’t exist.

    Please put the Peachtree Creek Greenway Bond on the 2017 November ballot.

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    Personally I suspect on some level it has less to do with making money and more to do with getting rid of what some deem unsightly grungy or seediness on Buford Highway —- they want to create a Buckhead 2.0.

    But hey, as long as our councilman shows up for the occasional photo-op “enjoying” “BuHi!”, that can’t be it, right?

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    Dunwoody Forest Neighbor

    The person who owned the property is still living. They live in the condos that back up to the neighborhood. They would show up to the house a few times a year. No idea why they walked away from it. They even left cars in the driveway and lights on in the house.

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    Scratching my left butt cheek just wondering what in the wild wild world of Batwoman is Dunwoody Forest neighborhood doing in Brookhaven? Scratching the other butt cheek wondering who would put a street named Chamdun in Brookhaven? Think those people might have known something that a bunch of wannabees did not?

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    Eddie E.

    If Dunwoody had taken them in the first place, it would have simplified life and left us be in Ashford Park.

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    I walked by this property the other day and saw a sign that says “park property, do not trespass”. is this property open for public use? or is it just “greenspace” that no-one is allowed to access?

    Also, who owns the property between this and murphy candler park, marked as “3950” on the map? Can i walk from this property through the woods to get to the park?

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    Surprise! About the no trespassing. Government property, you know.

    As for the other, yes, once the eminent domain hurdle is passed.

    Don’t forget the new foot bridge!

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    The same reason that Murphy Candler Park is in Brookhaven.

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    That is really weird.

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