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    Jim Eyre

    You would have thought the City would have provided notice of their consideration of this Agreement to neighbors affected by the work before it was voted on by Council.

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    Hunter Burke

    It’s a miracle! No budget for this, no line item and nobody will ever have to pay for it!
    Meanwhile, Brookhaven Fields continues to flood as it has since before there was a city.
    Then again, Councilmen Park & Gebbia are up for reelection in November.

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    Wheelin and Dealin Politics

    Was this the silent trade for Jester’s money (sarcasm) to purchase the Remington Road lot?

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    Exactly how is this a city issue??? It’s a DeKalb School Board problem that they should have fixed, instead Jester convince sErnst to go halfsies! Maybe it’s payback for her endorsing him. Or maybe Ernst is listening to the “silent people” again.

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    Plans in Motion

    No, that’s a favor to Nama. Park wants his support and his voter base for his upcoming reelection race.

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    Now that doesn’t surprise me about Park, but I thought better of Nama than to be a sell-out.

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    Eric Robert

    Wish Brookhaven would adopt better paving and curbing practices to reduce the negative effect of stormwater runoff created by pavement and excessive curbing. I understand the sidewalk needs to be cement but instead of using asphalt for the parking lots, how about grass or some sort of surface that allows water to soak into the ground? City of Atlanta is also doing interesting things such as curbs around tree islands that have spaces in the curb to allow stormwater to flow into the planted area. Likewise Marist built curbless parking lots out of pervious areas. The parking lots are surrounded by landscaped ares designed to manage the storm water.

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    Because the area straddles city and school land. If you’d rather, we can wait for a child to get hit to force the issue.

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    We should have supported the guy in D2 who had 10 plus years working for his community. Nama would have been much better. Best ZBA member ever.

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    It’s DeKalb School Board property, we’re doing work on DeKalb’s property with city money. It’s so wrong! Why didn’t they fix it with Bolt money? Pretty obvious this is only about buying votes for Councilman Park.

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    If this was about the children it would have been addressed long before now. The adults in carpool are more of a danger to the children. It’s city right-of-way, just like in front of your house Anti-Babs. All the school board needed from the city was a ROW permit to fix their problem, not city money. How much is this going to cost?

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    AP Guy

    Jim, are you mad that you can’t park your white truck there 365 days a year now?

  13. 13


    “Ticketing and towing”. That will be a first. I guess we’ll soon see an employment opportunity in Brookhaven for a “ticketing and towing specialist. If we were smart we’d just hire AP Guy.

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    Brookhaven nor the BOE can sign this without a cost disclosure. It is illegal.
    Finance 101 guys! AND, it must go out to bid.

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    Eric Robert

    Google Street view shows several good sized Oaks or other hardwoods that could be impacted by this project. Will this project work around these trees and stay out of their root zones? Just another reason to use a pervious surface.

  16. 16


    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  17. 17


    Love your name!

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    Eddie E.

    Best ZBA member ever?


    Nice to start the morning with a hearty chuckle.

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    Eyre\'s ire

    hahahaha – probably is the reason he is upset, unless of course he was working on a development deal for the property.

  20. 20

    Allison Entrekin

    I am chair of Ashford Park Elementary’s elected School Council and a parent of two students there. I can tell you that we as a School Council have been working for two years to see this much-needed change happen. Currently, parents pull in and out of the makeshift lot while children walk behind these cars to get to school. (There is no sidewalk.) It’s a major safety issue for our students. Further, the DeKalb County BOE and the City each own part of the land in question, hence the IGA. Any arguments that this could have been handled by the BOE alone are uninformed. As for the conspiracy theories: There was absolutely no political trading going on…just a group of concerned parents (our School Council members are listed by name on the school’s website) working many hours to protect our children before the worst happens.

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    The real mayer

    Another case of the two Johns holding hands together … John parks and john Ernst with not a drop of common sense between the two of them…I personally can not cut down a down a dead tree on my property without almost getting locked up and they are going to cut down 3 to 4 beautiful hardwood trees and smile about it … Eddie what are thoughts about the 4 trees being cut down?
    Are there any other plans from community input regarding the parking ?
    Remember Thank You for spending our hard earned tax money on foolish pet projects.
    The election is coming soon!😎
    The real Mayer

  22. 22


    The city does not own any of this property. They have a public right of way easement only, just like they do along any city street. The IGA is not because of dual ownership. You could have put out a call to the community or placed an article in the Brookhaven Post asking for support at a BOE meeting and/or donations. Many of us have stepped up and supported the school several times in the past. No one was aware or even knew this was a need or in the works. How much is this going to cost?

  23. 23


    Take issue with the particulars of the project if you ate so concerned. But don’t lose sight of how positive the cooperative planning between these two entities is, in fact.

    For decades I, like many DeKalb criticized the complete LACK of coordination between the BoE and the County. I’ve hosted meetings where the two parties literally treated each other as adversaries.

    Fostering a productice relationship between Brookhaven and the BoE was one of the great, quiet hopes I had for municipalization. We’ve seen site improvements and the benefits of greater pedestrian safety at Woodward as a result. We’ll soon see a new elementary school online that is desperately needed as a result. We’ll soon see a long overdue replacement hough school as a result. We have protections at future sites against blight such as the decade long situation at Briarcliff High School as a result. One cannot overstate how dramatically different the positive working relationship has become.

    Is it perfect? Does it come risk free? Will every result please everyone? No. No. And no.

    We cannot let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

    Kudos to officials and stead on both teams.

  24. 24


    That’s “staff” not stead …

  25. 25

    Eddie E.

    Good points all.

  26. 26

    Eddie E.

    No, I’d just as soon the trees not be cut down, but the gravel parking area has been a safety hazard as long as anyone can remember. The students, teachers and community will benefit from this long needed improvement and yes it will have a cost attached as does any improvement in civilization.

  27. 27

    Mayer McCheese

    When is Ronnie going to stop complaining and run for office? His mouth is always running. Step up if you’re so disgruntled.

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    I Can\'t Drive 55

    I can’t believe the nerve of the city! Helping school kids, what creeps.
    Why is everyone so suspicious? Can’t we just accept that this was done to protect children in our community?

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    Hunter Burke

    While it is very PC to moan “but it’s for the children”, the fact remains that DeKalb & the BOE just got Brookhaven to pay for half of something that they shouldn’t be involved with. Essentially double-taxing its citizens. Fix our basel services first, then maybe be beneficent with other people’s money.
    Plus, I agree with “the Johns” theory of the impetus to gain votes in November.

  30. 30

    Hunter Burke

    DeKalb BOE should have! Brookhaven shouldn’t have. You’re paying for it twice in taxes. Glad it’s being done, but Brookhaven has no reason to be involved beyond advocacy. Jester played Brookhaven!

  31. 31


    Interesting perspective. I’ve never invoked “but it’s for the children.”

    Double-taxing? I would be interested to see if you believe that it is “double-taxing” to have BPD and DCSD police officers at our schools and crosswalks.

  32. 32


    Well Hunter, it could be worse. Brookhaven’s D1 has a ratty fence crisis. A ratty fence section on private property has been down for three months now. The Brookhaven taxpayers could pay for a solution to the ratty fences on private property in D1 during the lead up to the next D1 city council reelection cycle. You do know how special we are in D1 don’t you? We in D1 rule Brookhaven! We demand a hell of a lot! We appreciate the rest of you suckers financially supporting our desires!

  33. 33

    The Duo Must Be Divided

    Drive 55, those of us that do pay attention are not suspicious. This is blatant in your face politics.

  34. 34

    Eddie E.

    Riddle me this, why didn’t it happen before (as it has been needed for decades)?
    Why didn’t the first two failed Brookhaven Administrations make it happen?
    IS it really better to put necessary improvements off forever while carping over who will pay how many pennies?

  35. 35

    The real mayer

    This whole school system thing stinks from the high school that should have split the 6 million dollar bill in half on green space on Clairmont to tearing down Skyland school that would have brought BAI back to Brookhaven were it should be now…..however. we will have15 or so yellow buses on Dresden dr in the am ands pm ….you can thank john &john and the jesters for not thinking or not having common sense or just a big back room deal and naming a school after a congressman that does not represent the area… We could have named it Hearst elementary school and received a fat check every year from the Hearst foundation who funds Oglethorpe university that would help Brookhaven.

  36. 36

    Brookhaven Resident

    If sidewalks were being put in front of your house, would you assume you are responsible for paying or the city is? It’s the exact same with this property… some of the property being fixed up is BOE property and some is Brookhaven right of way… this the bill is being paid by both entities.

  37. 37

    Hunter Burke

    If you’re a homebuilder, you put in the sidewalk at your cost.
    This was needed, but Jester totally played Ernst into paying half, when BOE should have handled. Just tawdry politics & purchased votes for Park.

  38. 38

    Eric Robert

    But why do can have the sidewalk and most of the parking spaces without cutting down the trees. A sidewalk could can curve around the trees and they could just leave a couple spaces out near these trees as landscaped islands. Allison has there been any discussion of this?

  39. 39

    Eric Robert

    s/b But they can have the sidewalk and most of the parking spaces without cutting down the trees.

  40. 40


    D2 could use a good Councilman next November Ronnie!

  41. 41

    Eddie E.

    D2 HAS a GREAT Councilman now Janine.

  42. 42


    Seriously??? Totally doing it for himself and his bff Ernst.

  43. 43

    Eddie E.

    Sad that you hold that illusion.

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