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    Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

    Character area studies? Did we get our money’s worth for the $75K we hired an engineering company to facilitate them, or was that just another feedback loop to give the concerned a venting meeting. What a waste.

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    Brittany Mother

    Hey Brookhaven Yes, is this what you meant by Brookhaven having better control of how tax dollars are spent? Repetitive meetings and expenses for studies performed by professionals​ specializing in government work? So tell me how much better Brookhaven government is than DeKalb?

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    How is on the rewrite committee – the usual developers and Friends of Buckhead?

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    Karen Dernavich

    I actually see these meetings as helpful to our city overall. The meetings inform residents and allow for the community that cares to help fix some of the messes in the overlay and code. We are a diverse 12 square miles and collecting and understanding the interests of that diversity takes time and effort. To be a government “for the people and by the people” “the people” have to be involved. I am pleased that it is being done.

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    The “people” are not involved in anything. This city functions in the complete opposite way in which it was formed to operate. We waste countless hundreds of thousands of dollars and have a city staff 4 times the size that is needed. In short, Brookhaven isn’t working under the current or past leadership. Marie Garrett was better than good ol Christian Sigman anyday, as was J Max over Ernst. And that is sad. It’s time for a change folks.

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    Yes. Welcome to Brookhaven.

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    I agree in theory with your comments. As we all know, in practice, our Brookhaven government “for the people and by the people” desperately needs a hearing implant. In both ears.

    There is also an upcoming election in Brookhaven. We will soon see if anyone else really cares about “for the people and by the people” or if they prefer the status quo “for the chosen by the chosen”.

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    Easy Rider

    This character study is needed and the city is appropriately reaching out to the community for feedback. Personally, I don’t agree with every zoning decision that has been made recently, but the city has been responsive and has at least considered community feedback. Dekalb county can’t anything right, so even at its worst Brookhaven is a much better option.

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