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    This is a prime example as to why inundating the town or area with Apartments is a horrible idea. Apartments don’t stay pristine and nice forever and they eventually attract people that perpetrate this type of act. It’s a no-brainer.

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    Pissed at Brookhaven

    What the apartments on Dresden will be like in 10 years. Thanks mayor and council. Hire more police.

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    Brittany Mother

    You can easily say the same about cheaply built cramped town homes that initially sell at premium prices and quickly devalue when they show their age. There are residential neighborhoods like that too. You might be surprised to learn D1 and D3 have pocket areas like that too that are not that old.

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    Just wait until that huge nightclub opens in Chamblee, right across the street from these apartments.

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    You mean thanks Dekalb County.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    Over three years ago we gave up a full service police department and the criminals have taken notice! When the county police’sstreet crimes unit and narcotic detectives left the drug dealers moved in. We NO LONGER have officers or detectives assigned FULL TIME to combating or deterring the drug related criminal element inside the city. It’s a sad testament that the new super opiod drug called grey death took the life of a Brookhaven resident. Per the news we were the debut of that drug in Georgia. What about the shooting on Buford Hwy a couple of days ago; was it also a drug cime?

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    Concerned Citizen

    I completely agree. Dekalb County police was highly underrated and undervalued by the Brookhaven city-hood proponents and those same people often misunderstand the role and job responsibilities of police officers. DKPD’s job was not to engage in small talk, rescue cats from trees, take photo-ops, and handle issues they weren’t suppose to or able to handle and that apparently was the gripe with DKPD, but we really know its so Brookhaven could have more control of revenue (tickets, fines, asset forfeitures etc). The thing about law enforcement in general too what most people don’t understand is that crime has no borders and larger agencies are a lot more able to mobilize resources, police efficiently, and take advantage of their economies of scale, and that is what DKPD did whether it was with their helicopters, undercover/narcotics units, DUI/traffic specialists units, SWAT team, and so on and so forth and that does not even include the assigned patrol officers. Plus we all know how “bad and crime ridden” the area of Brookhaven was prior to incorporation in the 80s, 90s, and 00’s. Not saying DKPD was perfect in every area, but not so bad which would have cause the city to spend millions starting up a brand new department with lesser resources and capabilities.

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    Concerned Citizen

    I also don’t contend Dekalb County’s government was perfect as well, but at least when Brookhaven was unincorporated, I don’t recall seeing all of the “urbanization”, tree cutting, building of residential complexes and residences which will lose value and age quickly under Dekalb County Zoning and Planning.

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    Melvin Blair

    While you’re out and about next time take a trip down Dresden Drive and then sent thank you letters to DeKalb County for all of those apartments. Idiotic comments. So uniformed. The Brookhaven Police a Department is freaking fantastic and a huge success in large part. Get real and use your real name.

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    Pissed at Brookhaven

    No Patty, I mean Ernst & Park & Mattison for the Dresden Village development by Connolly, soon to start and ruin lives. The three stooges.

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    Melvin, so do we thank DeKalb for the next three apartment complexes to soon be built in the Dresden and Apple Valley area? Or does that honor go to Brookhaven?

    As for police, CC has it right. I find many of my D1 friends and associates have no clue about what went on under DeKalb when they were policing with a full service police department.

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    Sorry, but Dekalb County PD sux. I lived in Tucker prior to living here and never ONCE saw a Dekalb County police car patrolling my neighborhood. In Sexton Woods I see Chamblee PD almost every day.

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    Concerned Citizen

    First of all we all know parts of Brookhaven at and south of Dresden were only annexed into the city for one reason and have nothing at all in common with the rest of Brookhaven and are quite frankly looked down upon by the elite Brookhavenites. Brookhaven did not have to annex those areas if it was such a concern, but I was referring to all of the new development, tree cutting, along the 141 corridor and such. I never said Brookhaven PD has done a bad job either and the officers work hard and are diligent but you are uninformed if you think DKPD was a slap stick department. Don’t get distracted by the shiny cars and a police chief who is police chief only in title, but practically the assistant major. Heaven forbid you have officers who’ve worked Memorial Drive, Covington Highway, and Glenwood Road responding to calls in elite Brookhaven.

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    I see more Brookhaven PD on both sides of the interstate in the area around the apartments that were the scene of this shooting than I ever saw DeKalb PD. Part of the problem is that, although this is a gated complex, one or both of the gates is frequently left open. That means anyone, like the two men involved in this shooting, can gain entry whether they live there or not.

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    For the Record

    Your reference to tree cutting and new development along 141, the Peachtree Corridor, most be an alternative fact. I don’t believe any zoning has occurred on Peachtree after incorporation. The Hastings property is in court, MARTA was withdrawn, and all the apartments north of Johnson Ferry are in Chamblee. One apartment complex on Dresden was denied and one was approved. You seem to have an issue with the BPD but the use of alternative facts doesn’t strengthen your position.

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    Ellen, you sux!. ChambLee looks so great that is why Shallowford looks like crap. Obviously, you are a clueless sheltered fool who has no clue of the real world. And by the way, I was a victim of a Burglar in the Huntley Hills where I use to leave. The service that I received from Chamblee was so poor that I was disgusted by the lack of work ethic of their Detective. DKPD actually had to step and do something to help me out.

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    Here is a fact that many do not know. Brookhaven PD has very limited resources and an extremely high turnover rate of officers leaving. They hate the micromanaging!!! Many are trying to leave, but you wouldn’t know cause you are clueless of your police department.

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    Dekalb PD did no neighborhood patrols. Most worthless organization ever.

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    Eddie E.

    I occasionally saw Dekalb neighborhood patrols.
    I NEVER experienced any crime of property or violence.
    “Showing the flag” had nothing to do with it.

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    Fun aside!- back when the BPD regularly staked out our home (they haven’t come back since I told the neighborhood watch that I would contact the Attorney General and the BPD searched our home 🙄) one of the times my husband spoke to them they said “Your house is just a nice quiet place to take a break during the day!”

    That’s A LOT of “breaks”. 🙄

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    For the Record

    I certainly have never had an in depth discussion regarding morale with a BPD police officer. What is the turnover rate of officers and how does it compare with other small jurisdictions such as Chamblee, Doraville, Dunwoody, etc. The BPD patrols our community, are polite and friendly, and respond in a timely manner. I for one find the BPD a shining success for our city.

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    “Neighborhood patrols”? Yeah, be careful what you wish for. All it takes is one neighborhood crank and you’ll be stressed about getting shot in your own front yard.

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    Hunter Burke

    Unfortunately Heather, your rants on this subject only serves to confirm that something is… umm, different about your lifestyle to the point where perhaps the BPD should be more vigilant in your case. This doesn’t seem to be the norm regarding the Brookhaven Police from other posters.

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    Yes. If you own a new, “contemporary” modern style house in Pine Hills- have fun dealing with the deranged bullying of neighborhood association members that are opposed to “hideous” (actual quote) modern homes being built. I’ve never gotten so much as a speeding ticket here and have a long, documented history of volunteer work.

    Interestingly enough multiple people in the neighborhood have reached out to us to tell us that some of the same individuals made the previous owner’s life, quote, “a living hell”.

    And the previous owner was a lawyer, so I’m going to take a wild guess and surmise that he wasn’t doing anything wrong or illegal either.

    One of the great things about eyeballs is that you can choose what you look at— at that includes not only my “hideous house” but my posts here as well.

    The institutionally bullying that goes on around here is not okay and I’m definitely not the only person in my neighborhood that feels this way.

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    BTW- we’ve been repeatedly told that the neighborhood association was sending the police to our house. We are not in a HOA, but they pay off-duty officers money, so apparently they can do whatever they want.

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    That’s true. But, DKPD is extremely short-staffed & keeps losing officers (uniform/patrol, homicide & SVU) on a daily basis since they’re being promised a few dollars (yes, dollars) to join BPD or surrounding counties/areas. Unfortunately, many officers are finding out that the “grass isn’t greener on the other side.” It’s tough for these officers AND their families. 💙

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    Here we go again with the disgruntled employee. Why did you leave? Do tell??

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    Rainy Rider

    Everybody that is not a millionaire is a criminal.

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    Truth, you are a moron. “Sheltered”…what does that have anything to do with anything? Get back on your meds.

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    So Melvin, do you think it’s okay for neighborhood associations to give Brookhaven Police Department officers money (by their own admission) and direct these police officers where to go (also by their own admission) ?

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