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    Not complaining but .....

    For 1 additional mile from 2015 it is costing us an additional $2.18 million? The same contractor is paving 8 miles in Chamblee for $2.4 million now. I realize that 1.25 miles will be reconstructed and not just paved but WOW the difference in cost is at least questionable.

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    Other paving project for parking and sidewalks for Ashford Park school on Cravenridge but nothing for the jaw jarring potholes on the street. How did they come up with the list of streets that need repaving? Don’t get me wrong I want sidewalks and parking for the school.

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    Smith T

    They took the worst to first list and threw it away, then started on the north end.

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    Joe Gebbia is up for re-election- what do you expect?

    This is a Look! We’re Doing Stuff for D4! photo-op.

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