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    The real mayer

    We need 20 more police officers crime suppressed team for the boo. Highway more traffic officers and next thing you know we will be like DeKalb. & the fed,s very top heavy and the john & john team keep spending our $$$$$$$ in the front office y’all keep patting Them On the back💰💰🤓🤓 next thing more tax,s$$. But we have 75 feet of new side walk on Dresden dr see y’all at beer fest!! Not We will be at the air show at p d k great for family fun👍🤓🐸👍

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    Bienvenido a Brookhaven. La comunidad hispana espera tener una voz que no hemos tenido. ¡Felicitaciones!

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    Thomas Porter

    Not everyone keeps patting them on the back, in fact, fewer & fewer do.

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    By “homeowners associations” I presume this also means neighborhood associations?

    If so, great. I look forward to more of these peeps putting more nutty stuff in mailboxes (a felony), strange threatening literature and “fyi ‘s” on doorsteps, pounding on doors and mashing the doorbells because they’ve got a bee in their bonnet, and of course everyone’s favorite- driving and stomping around hollerin’ at people in their yard all the time.

    Ugh. If I’d known this area was aiming to be a giant, neurotic HOA I would never have bought a home here.

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    the ghost of brookhaven\'s past

    At one time the greater area of what is now Brookhaven was once a very nice place to live and believe it or not, the people were really warm, welcoming and nice. With gentrification that all started to change and has accelerated dramatically when Brookhaven the city was created. If you are looking to have a warm and friendly relationship with your neighbors this place is becoming less and less desirable as the years pass.

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    Enuff Govt Already

    If we need 20 more officers then what’s cheaper? What we gave up?

    We pay the same % now in taxes for police but receive far fewer in police service specialties; no motorcycle cops to patrol the school zones or specialized detectives to combat drug related crimes. I’d like to see the county build that police precinct on Clairmont Rd. The tax for the enhanced police services from the county to supplement Brookhaven police would be cheaper than trying to provide all the city’s policing needs in house. Let the county provide the SWAT team and keep Brookhaven police on patrol in the city instead paying them to be out of the county training for a SWAT team that was only needed once in Brookhaven. It would be nice to see that motorcycle officer nabbing the speeders in front of Montgomery Elementary School again.

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    Too bad, you would have really enjoyed Pine Hills and what is now the greater Brookhaven area twenty years ago. Nice area and very nice people. Many have left to escape what the area has become.

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    Moving next week

    Couldn’t agree more!

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