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    Hunter Burke

    They won’t even put the enormous debt the city will create on referendum, there’s no understanding that the majority of residents want PCG, now, in true fascist fashion Herr Ernst & Herr Sigman are taking private property. The egos of this Brookhaven Administration. PUT PCG ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT!!!

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    Watch out D4! You got something Brookhaven’s elite want they are going to get it! PCG today, Joe’s Buford Highway tomorrow! You really thought that property was yours? HA! Pine Hills, here we come!

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    Thomas Porter

    The City OWES it to their constituents to put PCG debt on the November ballot. The timing is perfect, the support for PCG and debt never tested. It feels like the City doesn’t want to know.

  4. 4

    Meet Our Mayor ...

    … TAKE, Tax, Borrow, and Spend.

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    Alan C.

    No one is taking anything. The city is paying for it. The idiot landowner caused this. Fool. We need the PCG. Big time. Our city depends on its success.

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    For the Record

    Over the years District 4 residents have lit this website up with comments about the need for green space in their locale. Now that the city is making progress on increasing green space in the district those same individuals are silent. Our city officials need to be encouraged to take action.

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    For the Record

    You confuse our form of government.

    A representative democracy is where a group of people vote for an elected official to represent them and make decisions on their behalf. … A direct democracy does not have elected officials, because citizens vote on their own behalf.

    We are a representative democracy, and our Mayor and Council are representing us very well.

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    This isn’t the only one they are looking to ED. Two property owners on Dresden who don’t want to sell are also being considered.

  9. 9


    Says who and why?

  10. 10

    Nancy W.

    This isn’t about green space, it is all about economic development and changing the demographics of Buford Hwy.

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    Tom Reilly

    “Eminent Domain” is a tool, and a tool is no better than its use. Some years ago the Reapportionment Powers Act was presented to Brookhaven. The RPA would have been a potential abuse of eminent domain, focusing on the age of most of the structures within our city instead of the needs of its citizens. The Act was rightly struck down. Proceed with caution, City Council!!–Tom Reilly

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    Alan, I am going to make you an offer for your house. I know you don’t want to sell, but that is beside the point. You are going to have to take my offer no matter how unfair you think it is. So don’t complain. You wouldn’t be an idiot landowner would you?

    That’s fair, isn’t it?

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    For the record, there are just a handful of people that want the PCG, for the record.

  14. 14


    Amen. That’s what Brookhaven Yes promised they would do.

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    Steve Walker

    Does the proposed area include the trailers and parking lot near that site ?

  16. 16


    This is 100% wrong. This is also what happens when you get only one choice for mayor and one finalist for city manager. If the owner doesn’t want to sell then so be it. Using Emminant Domain is not right. Just doting it by cloning it isn’t usable is even more wrong. If they do this, what’s stopping them taking someone house next?

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    Alan C.

    Peachtree Greenway make me excite. Whatever it takes to get it done or who ever has to be screwed over, let’s get it done. This is good for the economy and good for Brookhaven. Plus it will help clean up the creek. Let’s do it.

  18. 18


    Said just like a Brookhaven Yes man from D1.

  19. 19

    Thomas Porter

    Yeah. Just ask all the people who USED TO think they were representing us well. A quickly growing number.
    I’ll quote a smarter person’s question: “What are the reasons for NOT putting it in the ballot?”

  20. 20

    For the Record

    I don’t use parks, so why should I pay for them; I no longer use the school system, so why should I pay for it; I don’t drive on your street, so why should I pay for it. We live in a society where we elect officials who hopefully take a broader and longer term view for the good of all. It doesn’t always work out, so we vote in 2,4,or 6 years and try again. Representative government has worked pretty well for 300 years and I trust our elected officials to take the long view. Referendums measure the near term and aren’t always attended by the well informed. I’ll stick with Mayor Ernst and the City Council and their judgement on improving our city with green space, trees, and cleaner water.

  21. 21


    Remember when almost everyone here called me a wackadoo with paranoia problems when I said this was going to happen? 🙄

    I’m sorry to be right though because this is only just the beginning. 😕

  22. 22


    What are you going to write when the property owner exercises their right to sell to a developer for a multifamily project and the trees have to be sacrificed for the sake of progress. What position will the National Wildlife representative take at that time?

    BTW I assume you mean “Redevelopment and not Reapportionment”.

  23. 23

    Kiss my grits

    What I would do is say eff the city and declare it a conservation easement and give them the one finger salute.

  24. 24

    Thomas Porter

    Super! We disagree. We ought to put it on the ballot. No reason not to other than the fear of undeniable proof.

  25. 25

    Thomas Porter

    One more question: you think Mayor & Council should have paused to check the citizen’s pulse before accepting the ‘Comfort Women’ memorial?

  26. 26


    The property owner wants to pay taxes based on $50,000 value yet will only sell for 1 million, Either there is something wrong with the owners accounting or the owner is a crook. Don’t care much for eminent domain but when you are dealing with an unreasonable owner, not sure what the choice is. For sure, the owner should be paying taxes on an accessed value of 1 million$

  27. 27

    For the Record

    I’m not sure our little city should have weighed into an international debate. I don’t agree with every decision the Mayor and Council make, sometimes people see and hear the same facts, figures, data and still draw different conclusions.

  28. 28


    They’re actually going to cut down trees that were previously safe and they’ll be adding more overflowing sewage to the streets by adding more density to an already overwhelmed sewer, but hey! – the watercolor renderings look nice. Lower taxes and higher property values for Brookhaven too, amirite? 🙄

  29. 29


    Great argument B2Day. That’s what Fidel Castro and Che Gevara said, “Your sugar cane fields and industrial plants are now our sugar can fields and industrial plants.”

    What if the same mayor and council you’re now defending told you to your face 2 years ago they didn’t agree with Redevelopment Powers because of the lack of a public vote for public debt, and eminent domain.

    The new communications assistant’s first communique,

    “Somos del gobierno, y estamos aquí para ayudarte a mover tus cosas.”

    Good grief. Next they’ll want to build a conference center where the Chevron is, or a multi family apartment complex on the NE Plaza property next to the taken land. Oh wait a minute, that’s what you use hotel/motel taxes for.

  30. 30


    Yeah Danny, and that guy on Toby with the deep lot and the creek going through it between Skylanders and Parkridge had better watch out. It would make a great park with a creek. The city is looking at just that kind of property.

  31. 31


    Steve, that’s a Mosque! You just don’t want to go there with any talk of eminent domain. That would be a batcrazy move by the city!

  32. 32

    Thomas Porter

    Yeah. Ernst refers to them as the ‘silent people’. Enjoyed it.

  33. 33


    And for those that are not aware- the people in the Pine Hills area that may have their businesses or homes seized by Brookhaven are not running dilapidated crack dens or whatnot — we’re talking about tax paying, law-abiding citizens with well maintained properties whose lives may very well be ruined.

    Some of these people are senior citizens where it near impossible for them to over again.

    Some of these individuals have had these businesses for decades and when kicked out will not be able to afford buying and starting again elsewhere.

    In theory I’d LOVE cool linear park near my house, but I also think there’s a special place in hell for people that screw over the vulnerable for their own personal gain.

  34. 34


    Oh yes Heather, just wait till Brookhaven eminent domain makes its way down to Pine Hills residents that own property along Peachtree Creek. And I mean both sides of the creek that are privately owned and residential. Once that happens there will be more property aquired by eminent domain abutting Remington Road for access to Murphey Candler.

    Put “Betsy’s Folly” up for a vote Brookhaven. Brookhaven, show that you represent the residents, and not the Brookhaven special agenda elite! Whose property in D4 is next?

  35. 35

    For the Record

    @Heather Projecting this to Pine Hills senior citizens is an irresponsible scare tactic worthy of DJT.

  36. 36


    Hey Chad, talk to Joe, he will fill you in on the plans he and his son have for property owned by others all along Buford Highway. How you guys liking the direction of your city now?

  37. 37


    Record, projecting? Really? This has been addressed by Pine Hills residents along the creek and they are not happy one bit. I think you may qualify for that special place Heather us speaking of.

  38. 38


    We are a representative democracy, and our Mayor and Council are representing us very well.


  39. 39


    Soooo right! There are a handful!

  40. 40

    Eddie E.

    No, as usual, you are not right.

  41. 41

    Eddie E.

    When did anyone stop?

  42. 42

    For the Record

    Therr were a small handful of dedicated individuals with a vision who promoted the Atlanta Beltline and the New York Highline. Both projects are successfully transforming the neighboring communities. And while the challenge of maintaining affordable housing exists, both ATL and NYC are working to create a diverse housing environment.

  43. 43


    I am in D-4 and I just wish the PCG was done yesterday. I can’t wait.

  44. 44


    I wonder if the Airbnb’s in the area that Joe promotes will pay the same hotel/motel tax?

  45. 45

    Dog walker

    1. The property (owned by an attorney and a real estate investor) has been for sale for years but is unbuildable. 2. The city offered the appraised value. 3.The sellers jacked up the price when they found out the city wanted to buy it. 4. Let the judge decide the price.

  46. 46

    Tom Reilly

    Some years ago the Reapportionment Powers Act tried to force eminent domain on all structures over forty years old in Brookhaven. Thanks largely to the efforts of Catherine Bernard, the measure was shot down. Be careful, Brookhaven!!

  47. 47



    You thank the property owner was just going to give the property to the bio mass company for the project back in 2010?


  48. 48


    Except, per the article, the property owner did want to sell it. The property owner listed it, marketed it, and only when the City expressed interest decided to double the price even while arguing to the county that it’s only worth $50,000.00.

  49. 49

    Concerned Citizen

    From my understanding, most of the residents and businesses in what is district 4 never wanted to be part of the City of Brookhaven in the first place, although some did believing they were on the same level as other districts. But either way, the people get what the people want.

  50. 50

    I had a dog and his name was....

    Bingo! Perfectly stated.

  51. 51

    Nature Boy

    Someone just had a dose of common sense! Wow! How neat is that!

  52. 52

    Dog walker

    I don’t understand, Sarge, which point your disagreeing with. The city is willing to pay for a fair price. Cities are not allowed to pay more than an appraised value for land that is for sale. This land is for sale. The seller wants a LOT more than the land is worth even thought the land isn’t build able or usable except for parkland. Letting the judge decide is a wise, legal, open and fair way to progress the sale.

  53. 53

    Dog walker

    Facts, please, Andy, not scare tactics by throwing in a neighborhood. Sheesh. There’s no single family homes in Brookhaven that have property that’s part of the Peachtree Creek Greenway. It’s all commercial, office space, institutional, and a few multi-family complexes.

  54. 54

    Dog walker

    Sorry, I missed something. Who, Alan C., is getting screwed over by building a new park for kids to ride their bikes on and moms to push a stroller? The commercial property owners can’t build in it anyway and the apartment owners will have a great amenity near their property.

  55. 56

    Ashford Park Resident

    What if the owner says to himself, hmmm, this PCG may be a boon for me so I just want to keep the property and see what the future brings! Why can’t they? Taking someone’s property because a few people in a city want it is plain wrong.

  56. 57

    Ashford Park Resident

    Brookhaven – where our dreams will be yours, like them or not.

  57. 59

    Alan C.

    Well. No one is getting screwed over except he taxpayers who have to pay the bill. Oh. And the natural environment that gets replaced with a 10 ft wide impervious concrete trail. But hey. Let’s do it because the Brookhaven Johns want it. I’m cool with that. Even though it should be more appropriately named the Brookhaven Poopie trail because that’s what everyone will be smelling when the 18 people who will use stroll their little bundle of joy along it.

  58. 60

    Oh well

    A fair price is decided between a willing seller and a willing buyer. A contract is finalized after reaching an agreement based on consideration and an offer of the agreed upon asset’s value. Look it up.

    It doesn’t matter how much you try to twist Mayor and Council’s ACTIONS as one-time only events, only effecting commercial and industrial property owners, they’re using eminent domain, and all its authoritarian power, and hope everyone will forget what Blank Check J has been doing for 2 years.

    They will not put the PCG, or a Parks Master Plan bond (which has already been master planned) on the November ballot.

  59. 61

    Oh well

    There’s a large group of dedicated individuals who’ve been begging for a Parks Master Plan implementation since before day one of cityhood.

    Why isn’t that on the November ballot?

  60. 62

    Lonnie Smith, CPA

    Catherine Bernard. What say you? “THE RPL MEANS YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS ARE IN JEOPARDY: Any property in Brookhaven can be seized and repurposed by the government”

  61. 63


    Put a leash on that dog and walk him down the north side of the Peachtree Creek bank from West Druid Hills to Green’s and tell me you know just what the hell you are talking about. Knock on a few doors along the way and see what they have to say.

  62. 64

    What\'s your point

    “Boon for me”… How? The land it’s unbuildable. The owner has broken off and sold any piece that was build able.
    “….few people”…. the PCG is part of multiple master plans, starting with DeKalb County in 2000. Hundreds of DeKalb citizens worked on that plan and hundreds of Brookhaven citizens worked on the many plans, meetings, surveys, etc. that endorsed the Peachtree Creek Greenway.

  63. 65

    COMRADE 632


  64. 66


    They also said they would not be using eminent domain and look how long that promise lasted. 😕 Sadly I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to fear that the city will continue to break their word.

  65. 67

    His Eminent\'s

    NO ONE should be able to take a private property owners property just because they have decided they want it. The stupid Peachtree Creek Crapway is not a NECESSITY – such as a highway. It is a lipstick on a pig project made possible by the Brookhaven John’s and friends. This property owner should sue these bastards and while he is at it, and like someone else said, declare the land as a conservation easement and tell Brookhaven to go pound sand.

    Eminent Domain
    The power to take private property for public use by a state, municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions of public character, following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property.
    Federal, state, and local governments may take private property through their power of eminent domain or may regulate it by exercising their Police Power. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires the government to provide just compensation to the owner of the private property to be taken. A variety of property rights are subject to eminent domain, such as air, water, and land rights. The government takes private property through condemnation proceedings. Throughout these proceedings, the property owner has the right of due process.
    Eminent domain is a challenging area for the courts, which have struggled with the question of whether the regulation of property, rather than its acquisition, is a taking requiring just compensation. In addition, private property owners have begun to initiate actions against the government in a kind of proceeding called inverse condemnation.

    Hope you fools got the city you were all wanting. Pompous A holes.

    You are all dismissed.

  66. 68

    Ashford Park Resident

    “Hundreds of DeKalb citizens”, not Brookhaven citizens. There are over 51,000 citizens in Brookhaven and the 5 or 10 PCG proponents can’t get but 15 or so people to take their walks. This PCG is being forced on Brookhavenites and now includes theft of land. Carpetbagging.

  67. 69

    Eddie E.

    Well, at least they aren’t collaborating with russia.

  68. 70

    Eddie E.


  69. 71

    Reality Is ...

    Only 3 of the 19 acres are build able. A tax assessment of $1 million is a ridiculous assumption. A cost of $1 million for the PCG is absolutely fair and reasonable for the seller to ask. The city will be exempt from property taxes. That is only $52,631 per acre. Supply and Demand – Capitalism at it’s finest. I don’t blame the seller. Cities accounting of the whole situation doesn’t hold water or justify eminent domain. The profit to the city far, far exceeds $1 million. At least that is what they keep telling us. Before city hood I had my house on the market for $425,000, now I wouldn’t take less than $650,000 and there is nothing wrong with my accounting nor am I a crook. The mentality, egos, and city branding is driving costs through the roof here. Why is it unfair for this seller to reap the same benefits?

  70. 72

    Eddie E.

    People’s Socialist Republik…….hast trump declared martial law?

  71. 73


    Yes Eddie, forced. Once you got your precious PDK green space you did a complete flip flop. Roadworx keeps increasing the size and damage to that tract and ya’ll just sit back and continue to let it happen. Until the PCG is on a ballot we are being forced. The initial concept of the PCG was to create a vision to be executed by the private sector for development NOT for the taxpayers to fund and build the entire thing and THEN let the developers profit from it. The mayor and council are ruining this whole project with their misconceptions, continued storytelling, and nauseous need to inflate their egos and create legacies. They work for us. Ernst and Park need to go!

  72. 74

    4 healthy lifestyle

    The landowner is NOT using the land and most is undevelopable. Clearly he’s an opportunist and trying to take advantage of the situation and the city.

    I am looking forward to the greenway and the benefits it will bring the city. Why all of the nay Sayers? Unincorporated Dekalb is also in favor of the greenway, not only Brookhaven. We should be forward thinking and incorporate walkable, bikable corridors into our city infrastructure instead of just driving everywhere. Anyone try riding a bike on clairmont or Buford highway? Anyone have another solution to minimize congestion and pollution on our roadways while still remaining a growing and vibrant city?

    PLEASE let’s move forward with a greenway. It’s about time.

  73. 75

    Speicial Interest Distraction


    Let’s put a PCG referendum on the November ballot, that would require an entire list of projects which the PCG doesn’t have for a reason (Blank Check J). Then you can see the majority you, and OTR, continue to espouse, but can’t prove.

    While you’re at it, put the Parks Master Plan on the ballot which the majority of the city voted for as criteria for new cityhood.

    Why’s everyone so scared to put PCG on the ballot?

  74. 76

    His Eminent\'s

    “The landowner is NOT using the land and most is undevelopable. Clearly he’s an opportunist and trying to take advantage of the situation and the city.” So what? It’s his. Not your’s or the city’s. He can just leave it sitting there if he wants.

    By that logic you are saying for example – My neighbor has a backyard they don’t use. I think I should have it so I am going to eminent domain it. Even though it belongs to them.

    NO ONE should be able to take a private property owners property just because they have decided they want it. The stupid Peachtree Creek Crapway is not a NECESSITY – such as a highway. This is a nice to have for eight people.

    I think the land owner should sue over the fact the PCG is not being constructed because of a broad public necessity. Give these fool an inch, they will take a mile.

    You are dismissed.


  75. 77

    Doesn\'t Surprise Me

    Same goes for Hawks Players Facility, LLC. They could have sold the land to CHOA and reaped the benefits of a larger tax digest, instead of giving the tax revenue away. Whoa, wait a minute, they did the exact same thing to CHOA and they don’t pay any taxes either.

    So we gave away $50M over the next twenty years, but PCG supporters are urging us to get comfortable with eminent domain because the city can’t get the owner to lower his price through fair and honest dealing.

  76. 78

    COMRADE 632


  77. 79

    COMRADE 632


  78. 80

    You can\'t have it both ways

    Mayor and council need to either take care of all of the citizens of Brookhaven including those that are invested for 10 years or more OR admit they have changed the plan to the wants of a few. We are too small to have such division. Everything is Dist. 1, 2, 3, or 4 instead of the City of Brookhaven. Give me paths throughout the city and connect us to the PCG area first OR pursue the PCG first and leave us as a city to be always divided by districts. Do you really think that D1 is going to bike or walk to D4 as things are now? Quit being so short sighted and do what is best for the city as a whole. Good things come to those that wait.

  79. 81


    There was a small group of visionary individuals in Jonestown… uh oh, that didn’t work out well. The Atlanta Trolly was started by a small group of… oh nevermind. Nobody on the council or the PCG proponents are visionary no matter what they think.

  80. 82


    Go Amanda!

  81. 83

    It\'s not rocket science

    As Ernst disrespectfully replied to Commissioner Rader concerning CHOA concerns from neighbors:

    DeKalb County Commissioner Jeff Rader and Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst have different levels of concern about paying for traffic improvements.

    “Call [hospitals] charitable if you will, but they are big businesses and they generate a lot of infrastructure,” Rader said. “I don’t know how the city will pay for the improvements.”

    “If improvements aren’t made, developments won’t happen,” Ernst said. “There are numerous funding opportunities – it’s not rocket science.”

  82. 84

    What\'s your point

    Not sure whose “own personal gain” you’re talking about, Heather. Building a Greenway is for everyone’s use. And the Greenway will be in what is now empty land — no houses, no buisinesses. There are no Pine Hills homes in the Peachtree Creek Greenway. No “businesses or homes” that will be “seized”. What are you talking about? Whose “lives may very well be ruined”? The property that the judge will decide on is property that’s been For Sale for many, many years and the owners (a lawyer and a real estate investor) saw dollar signs and increased the price. So the city is asking a judge to decide what the fair price should be. Heather, did you read a different article and just begin writing in the wrong section of the Post?

  83. 85

    What\'s your point

    Nope, you’re not right, Heather. How does a park and preserving greenspace add to overflowing sewage? How does a park and preserving greenspace add density? It’s very difficult to follow your train of thought, but I’m really trying here.

  84. 86

    Huey Mahl

    Fascists? Really? Congratulations, you have once again proven Godwin’s Law.

  85. 87

    What\'s your point

    Sorry, Dean, the facts show that hundreds, even thousands of people support the Peachtree Creek Greenway. ON the record, people voiced their opinions at many, many public meetings and hearings. DeKalb County and the PATH Foundation (back in the late 1990’s) created a multi-use trail system for the entire county and hundreds of citizens were engaged with that process. The PCG is listed as the “North Fork Trail” in that plan. Luckily, these plans were dusted off and the PCG will become a reality! All of the City of Brookhaven’s citizen-supported and engineering-based plans— The Parks and Rec Plan, The Transportation Plan, and The Buford Highway Plan — all embrace the PCG as a positive for all three areas. These plans were folded into the State required long-term plan of the city’s Land Plan. These plans included extensive surveys, and the citizens’ Number One answer in terms of Parks & Recreational needs was for “more paved trails for running, walking and bikes”.
    Just because you take 30 seconds to write “handful of people” doesn’t make it true. Even tweeting it won’t make it true, Dean. Sorry, but many many people have been working toward the Greenway for a long time, like like BeltLine folks worked toward the BeltLine.

  86. 88

    Huey Mahl

    Thank you. Lots chicken little’s on this board today. This is exactly what a local government is for – providing local services, parks, and local control. Looks to me like a landowner just trying to game the system.

  87. 89

    What\'s your point

    Am trying to picture where Dresden overlaps with the Peachtree Creek Greenway. Oh, right, Danny. It doesn’t.

  88. 90

    Huey Mahl

    Exactly. Not exactly sure why everyone is getting their shorts in a wad over this. It is swamp land being marketed for sale and looking to extort the taxpayers. Everyone’s outrage should be aimed at the landowner, not the government.

  89. 91

    Huey Mahl

    Strawman argument. NO houses involved, hypocritical landowner who could not sell to the public at one price, upped the price to the city by $400k, and then argued to the county the land is only worth $50k.

    There are abuses of eminent domain. This is not one of them.

  90. 92


    Because they are proposing putting in hotels and high density apartment complexes on and around Buford Highway to replace current businesses as part of the PCG plan- you can see the map here on The Post.

    As Gebbia says, for every dollar spent, Brookhaven will make $6 from the re-development.

  91. 93

    Dog walker

    My dog loves that walk from West Druid to Green’s, Andy, but there’s not one single house on it. A few Canadian geese, TONS of trash and tires, but not one single house. If there were, wouldn’t the driveways come onto Buford Highway? Or West Druid Hills? I see Sun Tan Plaza, cross under to the Latin American Association, couple of gas stations, all the way to Green’s Liquors, but… nope! No houses! Not part of the plan. But, gosh, keep trying to worry folks with baseless concerns. Tell them someone’s gonna steal their TV set and carry it off on their bicycle.

  92. 94


    On one of the recent PCG proposal maps it proposes replacing current businesses on and around Buford Highway with hotels, new high density apartment complexes, and Brookhaven owned property that is now privately owned.

    Why would you spend the time and money to create a map that replaces current businesses if you didn’t want to do that?

  93. 95


    Get a clue WYP- It has nothing to do with overlapping with the PCG. It has to do with more planned and soon to come eminent domain seizures of private property. You know where they are.

  94. 96

    Dog walker

    Amanda, you might be confusing the Brookhaven & Chamblee sections of the Peachtree Creek Greenway. In Chamblee, when Century Center was annexed into Chamblee, the zoning district requires new development must include public greenspace and the greenway for public use. it will be about 1 mile long through Chamblee near I-85. Brookhaven’s 3-mile portion is using the hotel-motel tax as a funding source.
    What is your view of the BeltLine? Ever been on it? I think the mayor and council are doing a great job. It’s sure easy for you to throw tomatoes at them from your couch, though.

  95. 97

    Ted Gordon

    The Peachtree Creek Greenway sounds like a better use of the predominantly floodplain property than a Bio Mass factory with its pollution.

  96. 98


    Thousands of people? You were lucky to get 10-12 people at each meeting. Many of them duplicates and a total of, lets say, 350 out of 50,000 to participate in the entire process. There was more opposition participation in the Connolly project denial request.

  97. 99

    Easy Rider

    The PCG bond is a no-brainer. Look at the financial benefit ATL has enjoyed from the beltline and you can bet it would not have passed a voter ballot. Sorry, voters never approve ballot initiatives that cost $, which is why we elect officials to make decisions based on complete information.

  98. 100


    The trees are probably too full now but in the late fall, winter, and spring people can get a good view from places like the Latin American Association parking lot.

  99. 101


    How do you feel about their proposals to replace some of those businesses in that area?

  100. 102


    Poor attempt to deflect Dog walker. I’m not confusing anything. Yes, I have been to the Beltline. Scary!!!

  101. 103

    Spin Doctor

    One can sure tell when the politicians chime in on the comments.

  102. 104


    Look at the satellite view on google maps.

  103. 105


    That property has been valued by the county for $414,200 since 2006, not sure where you get the $50,000 number from. Truth be told, this is a misuse of the eminent domain provisions allowed government. The people using the eminent domain card for this property are people that would take advantage of you in a heartbeat. Keep your eyes and ears open in this city.

  104. 106

    Burke Brennan

    The PCG Master Plan was approved by a 4-0 Council vote, and the financing mechanism using Hotel/Motel tax revenues was approved by the DeKalb County delegation, the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal.

    The reason the PCG project is funded with hotel/motel taxes was specifically to fund the project without placing any additional tax burden on the residents of Brookhaven. Since this is a special revenue stream issued by the state of Georgia and because its use is restricted (i.e. to build the PCG) the funding vehicle for completing the project is not subject to a citywide referendum.

  105. 107

    Spin Doctor

    Maybe not subject to a citywide referendum NOW but it could have been voted on prior to going to Dekalb County, the General Assembly and the/a Governor. Dekalb, GA, and a governor will all be here again next round. Mayor and council pushed this thru in an attempt to not have citizens choice or option. Plan and Simple

  106. 108

    Burke Brennan

    No trailers, but a lot of other stuff. Details and public input are outlined here:

  107. 109


    The houses are on the north side of the creek and want their privacy respected. Apartments, townhomes and five privately owned parcels on the south side for the city to use ED. That’s going to be fun to watch.

  108. 110

    Burke Brennan

    Brookhaven residents are not picking up the tab on this. The property in question is being purchased with HOST funds, and the PCG development is being paid for with the new Hotel/Motel tax legislation that the governor signed into law last month.

  109. 111

    Eddie E.

    Amanda, if you think ANYBODY is happy with crumbling road works, you are delusional. That problem lies with the former airport director who decided it was ok for them to be there with no lease and no cost. The sooner the scoop up their ‘un-permitted dump’ the better.
    The notion of ‘private sector development of green space’ is like “better cheaper healthcare that will be yuuuuge” or in other words non-existent.
    The only way to have green space is to keep rapacious developers as far away from it as possible (kinda like what can happen with this property if further improper siting of housing and businesses occur).

  110. 112

    Eddie E.

    Yes, sounds like ‘milton county’ is calling.

  111. 113

    Eddie E.

    Do polite successful people scare you?

  112. 114

    Brittany Mother

    The Beltline is just too crowded and I had rather take a walk or bike ride in my neighborhood. But in my neighborhood I have to watch out for golf cart drivers that have a little too much to drink. Good thing we dont have regular police patrols or there would be a lot of golf cart DUI’s.

  113. 115

    Eddie E.

    Is ER really fran millar?

  114. 116

    Spin Doctor

    Host funds that should be going to the existing parks and storm water needs as promised. Sorry Burke, they have you under their spell.

  115. 117

    Brittany Mother

    No Eddie, it’s the other people that scare me. Not everyone is nice and polite. It’s also not a place I would want to be after dark.

  116. 118

    Huey Mahl

    You may think it is wrong, but that is the way the law works. Goes back to English common law. Public benefit always outweighs private desire. Eminent Domain is a well settled principle.

    In this particular case, I don’t see anything wrong with its exercise. Clearly you disagree. That is why we have the courts and represented officials. You don’t like it, you can join me and the rest of this board in making impotent comments into the ether. Or you can join the political process and run for office or support someone who shares your values.

  117. 119


    Eddie, Road Worx occupied that land at the request of the City of Brookhaven. The airport manager just did them a favor.

  118. 120

    Huey Mahl

    Read the article (paragraph 8). The landowner himself is trying to have the land valued at $50k for property tax purposes.

  119. 121

    Huey Mahl

    Classic straw man argument. When Brookhaven tries to take someone’s back yard, come talk to me. I will stand right beside you in moral outrage. Until then, I’m backing the city. This is a perfect and perfectly lawful use of eminent domain to serve a public purpose. You may not like the public purpose, but that is why we have elections.

  120. 122


    How about the current elected officials say what they mean and do what they say without changing course mid stream or trying to concoct a new version of what they said prior? It would be refreshing.

  121. 123


    Burke, what is the budget for maintenance, repairs after flooding, police etc. and any special vehicles required for maintenance and police patrols? Will these items be funded by the hotel/motel tax or are they the burden of the taxpayers?

  122. 124


    Huey, you want aces and kings but is does not mean one damn thing unless you get them. Well, Huey, did you get them? Did the property owner win his property tax protest? Well Huey? DID HE?

    Just what do you use that space between your ears for? Use it to rip off the name of an interesting Las Vegas individual for your nobody self?

  123. 125


    Just a note, PCG wanted the north side of the creek but that was derailed by Pine Hills residents. But you choose to ignore that bit of information.

  124. 126

    Eric Robert

    This property should be purchased to create landscaped/natural areas (not underground storage vaults) to retain storm water and overflow from the creek AND to improve the sewage capacity so that there are no sewer overflows.
    I don’t like the use of Eminent Domain but based on the fact that there is very little that is not floodplain and thus the landowner had successfully gotten its appraisal lowered to 55,000, $1,000,000 seems more than fair. Yes if there was a home on it that would raise other issues . If it was a business that could raise other issues also, though businesses generally lease and do not own the property where they exist. As to government subsidized gentrification of Buford Highway, we should not have that. But this doesn’t remove any existing commercial or residential units. True it could incentivize future redevelopment of parcels on Buford Highway by creating an attractive public amenity but that’s starting to happen already anyway. And It wouldn’t it be better if when the time comes for Northeast Plaza to be re-developed, that it be done in a way that embraces a natural area? By the way redevelopment of Northeast plaza wouldn’t be a great loss since it is basically just a suburban style strip mall with no residents.
    For those concerned about the families in the Buford Highway corridor I think focusing on a City affordable housing component requirement for future development is the way to go.

  125. 127

    Ashford Park Resident

    Burke Brennan – you know this PCG project will require lots of borrowing that the city only believes will be funded by Hotel/Motel taxes. Council will indebt Brookhaven long past their terms in office. The citizens should be asked if they agree to the debt. Nobody has, and, mayor & council are doing everything the can to avoid asking. Poor representation in my opinion.

  126. 128


    An edible garden on the creek? Seriously? Gawd I hope they have the CDC inspect that.

  127. 129


    Derailed. . . *for now*.

    That whole swearing against eminent domain thing lasted long, obviously.

  128. 130


    Eric shock us. Keep yourself and your goofy planning ideas out of D4. See if you can implement them in D1. Buford Highway has a vibrant community and we like it like it is. Fool!

  129. 131



  130. 132
  131. 133


    Step away from the crack.

  132. 134


    That is a blighted and unattractive area. It would be great to replace the blight.

  133. 135
  134. 136


    You don’t have to go there….

  135. 137
  136. 138

    Thai Fight Club

    “Straw man argument” for eminent domain? Eminent Domain rejection doesn’t need a straw man. It’s bad enough in all it’s forms, especially this one.

  137. 139

    How many times do you have to be told?

    Next time someone complains in the hallway of city hall that “the public just doesn’t understand”, and “they should get more involved in the political process,” show them the attached article.

    When they try to escape transparency again by claiming the “public flogging of Redevelopment Powers had nothing to do with eminent domain,” just shake your head and internalize who you’re working with.

    Good luck down at the office.

  138. 140


    Nice to see that the Pro-Greenway peeps continue to be as classy and civil as always.

  139. 141


    That’s interesting because my house was appraised at $850,000 and others in the neighborhood are going for a million +. But it’s always great to hear the D1, anti- D4 condescension.

  140. 142



  141. 143


    Keep calling it a park, Huey. Make sure you say it into a microphone. The plaintif will be able to use that in a lawsuit. Parks are a city service that John Park said must be voted on.

  142. 144

    Eddie E.

    If you want a more controlled, adult discussion, stop making stuff up.

  143. 145

    Eddie E.

    No, crumbling road worx WAS NOT invited by the City of Brookhaven.
    Provide any documentation to support your assertion.

  144. 146


    Look at the maps or talk to any number of people in the Pine Hills neighborhood that fought them trying to take both sides of the creek. It’s interesting that you guys accuse me of me of making stuff up and trying to scare senior citizens when in reality I was one of the last people in Pine Hills to find out and I was informed about a lot of it by- wait for it- senior citizens.

  145. 147

    Hunter Burke

    Mr Brennan: we’re generally a smarter lot than to believe the Mayor & Council & YOUR spin. I actually feel sorry for you in your role. The city is stealing people’s property, will indebt us all, ignoring basic services simply to gratify egos and political gains. Shame on you all! Betsy’s Folly indeed!

  146. 148

    Grow Up Little E

    You mean like your delusional nightmare Trump colluded with some secret Russia Deep State?

  147. 149

    Land of Dumble

    “Public benefit always outweighs private desire. ” Yes I like it, by that logic would not the greatest public benefit be if the city actually owned every square foot of property within the city limits. The city could charge rent and and what not for everything! Literally control every square foot of the city. Decide who is a desirable citizen, and who is not. Maybe only allow millionaires, (they are the only ones that truly deserve to be here after all, I mean with all they take, I mean do, and what not). Maybe elect a demagogue. It will be so grand!

  148. 150


    So you’re saying that the buildings along Buford Highway between NDH and Lenox are attractive? Get outta here!

  149. 151

    Easy Rider

    Thank you for listening, but Fran has the courage to post her own name to editorial opinions. I should clarify that ATL voters did actually approve the 2016 beltline/ballot but voted against it in previous years’ ballots. Of course the beltline depended on much private funding to get started, but the voters eventually saw the light.

  150. 152

    Enuff Govt Already

    I don’t see the need to use the gov’t’s martial power to seize private property for a foot path. There is no urgent need for this land like a school or roadway. The city of SS took a decades old family business so they can build their govt Taj Mahal. Will B’haven behave the same? Put it on the ballot!

  151. 153

    Pamela B.

    You get outta here Ellen and take your materialistic ideals with you. Lots of little businesses on Buford Hwy have done renovations and cleaned up their store fronts. Some don’t even own the building but put their money into the project. Many rent from an absentee landlord that doesn’t care a thing about Brookhaven. A big part of this is due to the BPD, code enforcement and the BuHi movement. People are starting to feel included for a change because of the BPD and have been given the time to have things explained to them in a manner they can understand, without fear of extreme repercussions and have been shown some respect for once. These are not illegals, they are tax paying and successful business owners. There children excel at Cross Keys and Woodward. I’m not as attractive as I used to be either. Are you? Think before you post for a change, open your mind, know what you are saying, and get a heart.

  152. 154

    Eric Robert

    Heather was something I said rude?

  153. 155

    Eric Robert

    No people, residences or businesses are being displaced if this parcel is purchased. And its acquisition could greatly benefit the water quality and stormwater management abilities of the creek plus offer opportunities to improve the sewer issues along the creek.

  154. 156

    Eric Robert

    “Trump colluded with some secret Russia Deep State” What in the world are you talking about?

  155. 157



  156. 158



    Conceded: “voters never approve ballot initiatives that cost money.” A little elitist and not true, but let’s go with it.

    Then how did the PCG steal all of the attention away from parks? The master plan for parks(about $30 m), mattison’s estimate for Stormwater ($40m) are all in the proximity of $25m for PCG.

    Why does PCG go first? Why not put a parks bond on the November ballot and be done with the Patks advocates?

  157. 159


    “And its acquisition could greatly benefit the water quality and stormwater management abilities of the creek plus offer opportunities to improve the sewer issues along the creek.”

    How so? The county already has easements for a sewer trunk line and all the sewer feeder lines. How will Brookhaven’s stealing this land make Peachtree Creek more pure? As for storm water, Brookhaven isn’t capable of doing a darn thing except talk.

  158. 160

    Pissed at Brookhaven

    Baby Huey – this isn’t for a road, or utility easement bringing necessary things to underserved areas, this is a poop filled creek that will be crime ridden & overwhelm our already understaffed police. It’s the idea of a handful of people. Eminent domain is not a reasonable tactic for this.

  159. 161

    Easy Rider

    We agree, that if the PCG is pulling funds or attention away from other planned improvements like parks, then it sounds like a mistake. I’m not nearly as pessimistic as many who post on BP, but elected officials often spend their energy on high profile projects. However, I’m still not in favor of a ballot, because the average citizen just doesn’t have the time to make an informed decision.

  160. 162


    I was replying to Ellen’s nasty insult about me– it appears as though her post has since been removed.

  161. 163

    Howard S

    It is his land, undeveloped or not the city should not be able to “buy” it. Rein in the governmental overreach!

  162. 164

    Eric Robert

    Heather, yea hard to tell what’s responding to what. Thanks for the clarification.

  163. 165

    Eric Robert

    Andy, as a part of purchasing approval process of this parcel the City’s feet should be held to the fire to come up with a preliminary design plan that would kill 2 birds (or 3) with one stone by building good storm water detention areas along with the trail and at the same time have the county come in and increase the capacity and condition of the sewer line in this area.

  164. 166


    News Flash, Eric.

    Hotel/motel taxes can’t be used for Stormwater or Sewer. To include stormwater enhancements on this project would require a public vote, which is why we’ll get neither.

    Sewer spills occurring because they are overflowed with stormwater from Brookhaven’s crumbling piping system is, apparently DC’s problem, and nothing you, or me, or anyone else should be worried about.

    Love where your head’s at though. Once the entire populace figures out there is no fix for storm or sewer with the build out of the $25M PCG, perhaps then, it’ll be placed on the November ballot. But until then, maybe ask your locally elected officials to put a Parks bond on the ballot so we can begin the visioned, agreed-upon, approved Master Plan and get it implemented Pronto

  165. 167


    I am ashamed of my city. What’s next? Will I be forced to house and feed city employees? Maybe a special Brookhaven tax on tea.

  166. 168


    Based on the reports from City Hall, we’ve been hearing about the Peachtree Creek Greenway for several years. It should be on the ballot for the simple reason, the voters ARE informed.

  167. 169


    No one is taking anything? If I walk into your house and take your TV set, but leave you a check for $500.00, I’m still taking your TV set. Paying has absolutely nothing to do with it if the transaction is not agreed to on both ends. Where the hell do you get your market knowledge from?

  168. 170


    how can you be mad at a private citizen that does not want to be compelled to sell his own property? I would like to think I lived in a country where I was free to make my own decisions about my finances. If I don’t want to sell my property to the government then my business. If I don’t want to sell my property to people who wear blue hats then my business. My business, my pursuit of happiness. Why take that away from someone just because it benefits you?

  169. 171


    @ “District 4 residents have lit this website up with comments about the need for green space in their locale.” District 4 = Chicken Little…

  170. 172


    Chicken Little

  171. 173

    It\'s Not Rocket Science

    “If improvements aren’t made, developments won’t happen”, Ernst said. He couldn’t be more right. Your mayor and council have decided that parks and storm-water are not worth improvements as a priority over a path that connects several commercially zoned properties. The mayor has chosen commercial developers over the residential real estate developer, and homeowner, when it comes to meaningful, large dollars allocations.

    Put both the Parks Bond and the PCG bond on the ballot.

  172. 174

    For the Record

    The Fifth Amendment gives government this authority. So if you believe in the Constitution, you should believe in the entire Constitution. Through due process, land can be taken for the public good with fair compensation. BTW this is the US Constitution.

  173. 175


    That’s your argument? What a stretch! A first year attorney can win this in court if that’s all you got. Public good – my behind!

  174. 176


    Define “public good” because I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t see the government turning parts of Buford Highway into “Buckhead 2.0” as some are promoting as an act of greater good. Just because *some* people have said they’d like to see a Starbucks replacing current businesses they feel are ugly does not constitute “public good”.

  175. 177


    I’m at a place where I’m starting to believe that a lot of these people know that they’re lying and are just gaslighting everyone.

  176. 178
  177. 179


    What does observing the appearance of buildings have to do with having a heart? Yes, some of the buildings have cleaned up their act, but more have not. I stand by my post.

  178. 180


    I would suggest you look at the proposed changes on the redevelopment map and reference them to the actual buildings in question. You might be surprised at how little you find wrong with some of the buildings they’d like to replace.

  179. 181

    Eric Robert

    I never said the funding should come from the hotel tax, which by the way I opposed as I also oppose having a development authority, not that I had a say or vote in it (unfortunately Development Authorities are hardly unique to Brookhaven). I am saying that Brookhaven shouldn’t build the greenway until they and/or DeKalb also come up with meaningful storm water management improvements that would be done in conjunction with the greenway trail. If it takes longer to find the funding for that portion, fine, hold off on building the greenway on this parcel. If they are going to be going in their to tear stuff up that is the time to build detention ponds and marshes. As to what needs to be done with the sanitary sewer that should be done before improvements are made to this lot.

  180. 182

    It a long walk when you have to go.

    I hope they put a nice restroom down by the creek near Tower so the guys encamped under the Buford Highway do t have to walk all the way up to Shady Valley Park for their daily needs.

  181. 183

    Huey Mahl

    Private ownership, well regulated, is to the public benefit. All the other points are just straw men and red herrings.

  182. 184

    Huey Mahl

    Not sure which board you are reading. The sarcasm and name calling seems to be owned by the anti-eminent domain folks.

  183. 185


    We agree 100% on your last reply, but if they added Stormwater design, and repair, to the project then the project would have to go to a vote. Not only is that common procedure nationwide for large public works items, but both Huey (above) and John Park have stated in public it should go to a vote. That’s why we won’t get any Stormwater improvements or a vote.

    Your sewer argument is a great one., but don’t count on it. The City has no interest in engaging with DeKalb County for sewer improvements proven by the constant narrative of ‘it’s not our problem’ since faced with my eye pooping report of sewer failures City wide. DC has different response with same result, “we’re working on it”, which is the same lip service we get about Park grants espoused but delayed for 2 years or a Parks Master Plan, now in place for more than a year, but still no funding.

  184. 187

    Janet from Pine Hills

    Eric is fooling himself into thinking the city won’t use eminent domain again, or gentrify Buford Highway.

    His argument is don’t gentrify Buford Highway, or use eminent domain unless you have to, which is what City Hall is doing,

    It’s really hard to follow., but sounds more like a personal internal struggle to justify taking someone’s land.

  185. 188

    Get it together Brookhaven

    The same people complaining about PCG, will be the same people using PCG when it is completed. Since I’ve been here, all people do is complain as if they are entitled. You are entitled to nothing, this is a government. All you can do is vote when it’s time for re-election. This isn’t even a big issue and does not affect the majority of the citizens anyway. Quit acting like the city has to call you personally to let you know when they make a decision. Does anyone get a call from the President, when he decides to make a decision?

  186. 189


    I’m genuinely having a hard time discerning whether or not this is serious or satire.

  187. 190

    COMRADE 632


  188. 191

    Doesn\'t Surprise Me

    Sounds like someone on the council feels they have the power of the president. So tell us, how many calls were made to Tugaloo when asking how to design the Overlay Rewrite and The PCG.

  189. 192


    Why is literally no one able to answer this question?:

    Why did they spend the time and money to create detailed maps replacing current businesses and properties for the PCG if Brookhaven has no desire to replace these properties?

  190. 193


    How am I “making stuff up” by referencing their official maps of proposed business and property changes?


  191. 194


    There is nothing wrong with economic development and allowing property to conform to its highest and best use. If I lived in D4, I would welcome this development with open arms. There is no good reason to cling to the status quo of unrealized progress and economic development. If an existing business is not economically feasible in the existing area, then it needs to relocate to an area where it would be economically feasible. That is how a free market economy works. No one forced the individuals who started businesses to start in a location obviously suited for higher development. That statement is true regardless of race, creed, religion, etc. Local economies tend to evolve, especially when they are located in an upwardly mobile area.

  192. 195


    Pine Hills was created around 1950 and many have been around thirty, forty, even fifty plus years! Some businesses were formed in the 70’s and 80’s– how can you say with a straight face that these people should have known decades and decades ago that Brookhaven was going to become a city that wanted the gov. to potentially seize properties and pave backyards?

    And how do you know that these businesses *aren’t* profitable? Just because there’s not a big Starbucks sign out front doesn’t mean a restaurant is failing.

    I guess this is hard for people in some of the other districts to understand but a lot of us in D4 PREFER the diversity and cool options on Buford Highway as opposed to chains like Red Lobsters or Chili’s.

  193. 196


    And just to 2nd your general point I’ve noticed over the decades that the restaurants on BuHi have a longer life cycle than the boom and busts on Peachtree, especially in Town Brookhaven. One of my neighbors operated a Chinese restaurant in now Brookhaven for nearly 30 years. Anecdotal but that’s what I’ve seen.

  194. 197


    I’ve lived here since the 80s, Heather. It has always been obvious to me that Brookhaven would become what it is today. If the businesses you speak of are profitable, they they’ll stay. If not, they won’t. It’s that simple. Economic development is going to happen.

  195. 198

    D1 Resident

    Don’t worry, we are working with Joe to disrupt that business cycle with city codes, extreme enforcement measures with the health department’s cooperation, intimidation and anything else available at our disposable to force redevelopment of the Buford Highway corridor. Give it two or three years and your government will prevail. Brookhaven working for D1! You voted for it, you know who we are and we are going to get it for you!

  196. 199


    Thank you – this is the best comment on here. The only problem is that I think the examples will be lost on the people on this thread. Its like listening to 4 year olds state how much they hate anything different before they try it. This website is populated with people that want to live in the same house, drive the same car, live next to the same people, shop at the same stores and never, ever want something to *gulp* be different than what they are used to. For the life of me I can not understand why you wouldn’t want the city to attempt to clean up an abandoned waterway so that kids families and all residents could enjoy some outdoor space. There must be about 1000 other things you can put your energy into opposing if you just have to be negative.

  197. 200


    Are you actually complaining about babies being walked in strollers in a park. Did you move from whoville with a heart three sizes to small?

  198. 201


    “Peachtree Creek Crapway”…..I see what you did there. So witty and playful . You sound like you are full of great ideas, I have to know what you think should be done with the creek that is currently sitting there collecting trash.

    Oh and the way you just stated “you are all dismissed” at the end there – again bravo, you are really sticking it to them, right after you cut and pasted something about the legal theory of Eminent Domain from this site:

    I mean you have all the moves, you really have this internet thing down.

  199. 202


    Wait a minute guys……this guy figured it out. We should all just trust the opinion of the guy who not only took the time to upload a photo of himself but had said time to do so in the first place. If that doesn’t scream I have my finger on the pulse on the city, I don’t know what does. Problem solved. But wait, should we put everything on the ballot? That sounds like a recipe for success. If there ever was a friend to innovation, its getting the individual approvals of thousands and thousands of people. That is defiantly the way to keep things moving.

  200. 203

    Eddie E.

    While I like living in the same house I have for decades, driving a car I enjoy and shopping where I don’t have to waste valuable time looking to see where the marketing geniuses have moved what I came to buy this week, there is a very important kernel in your statement. CLEANING UP THE WATERWAY.
    Peachtree Creek should be clear of contaminant sources on both banks by two to three times the width of the current buffer. The current property owners have the same ability to come withing full compliance to prevent contamination of stormwater runoff but that has to happen now as they have already used up their decades of inaction.

  201. 204

    Eddie E.

    Probably because what is said is common sense encouraging compliance with the law, don’t you think?

  202. 205

    Daniel Harrison

    The prefer not to answer because their position is, “We had over 25 people involved in this very forward thinking process. If you don’t like the product we’ve created, you should’ve spent more time with us, come on more clean-up walks, and dismissed your your job, kids and everything else in life worth doing. We, however, spent countless hours on it, because we stand to gain personally from new government subsidized real estate speculation. Now we’ve designed it, and you don’t have a say anymore, and we’re definitely not going to allow you to vote on it.”

    So don’t expect any answers, but definitely keep asking questions.

  203. 206

    Ferris Wheel Economics

    We did. We have a Parks Master Plan, and the majority of the city support to show for it. It’s no wonder you’re stunned. Most of us know the city can’t do all the things it promises.

    The City of Chicago has debt totaling 1/2 of it’s annual $30B in Tax Revenues. The City is promising to build a wonderland that will create debt 4 times larger than ours.

    So in the language you understand, “You can’t have the cotton candy and the hot dog. You’ll get sicky.” And, by the way, all those people you described vote.

  204. 207

    Ferris Wheel Economics

    If keeping things moving looks like a train rolling down the tracks with the smoke of burnt money boiling out of the furnace, sure.

  205. 208


    Sorry Ellen, can’t, I just love women.

  206. 209


    Speak for yourself- I’ve lived all over this country and know fibbing and gaslighting when I see it.

  207. 210


    You sound like some of the local wannabe environmentalists that say people shouldn’t own dogs next to the creeks because we’re “contaminating the local water supply”. Sigh. 🙄 Moving here from one of the most liberal and pro-earth places in this country I never cease to be amazed by some of the strange rationalizations people come up with around here to push their agendas.

  208. 211

    Eric Robert

    Janet its a far brighter line. And a Simple concpet. Don’t use Eminent Domain to take residential property – especially homeowner occupied property. For this property that has no residences and no businesses on it and is mostly flood plain it maybe appropriate, but the trail should not be built until meaningful sewer and stormwater management improvements are included and funded.

    So you see the bright line seems pretty bright to the relative to the use of Eminent Domain on this property. And hopefully it will end up being a negoitiating tactic and not actually used.

    I also never said the city would NOT try to fund or subsidize getrification of Buford Highway, I said I am opposed to them doing that.

  209. 212

    Eddie E.

    You do realize that preventing contamination of stormwater runoff is THE LAW don’t you?
    Maybe you should concentrate on the world you can’t see in the mirror.

  210. 213


    And what about the countless people that use fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides on their lawn? We *don*t (and you can tell by looking at it 😂) but owning a mastiff next to a creek in Pine Hills is contaminating the water and breaking the law? Give a flipping break. Whenever there are heavy rains- or rain at all following a drought- the sewer overflows spewing gawd knows what everywhere- including into the creek.
    We’ve donated thousands and thousands to a wide variety of causes including environmental Eddie and I’m sorry for you that you see everyone with a different opinion as the “enemy” that needs to be treated nastily.

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