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    Thomas Porter

    We could! We could also begin that with a stronger tree ordinance and more stringent requirements during construction permitting for air & water quality. That would be good, manageable and with great precedence established by other cities.

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    Lil Woolf

    I agree with this letter and with Thomas’ suggestions.

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    There was a guy that wanted to create a biomass plant on a piece of land he owns that Brookhaven wants to steal (you know, eminent domain for Betsy’s Folly). Maybe Brookhaven could start with him and allow the previously DeKalb declined plant proceed under Paris Agreement friendly Brookhaven!

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    Joan dillon

    What are you suggesting a city’s adherence entail? Will Brookhaven taxpayers be asked to ante up the money to pay for other countries? You do realize there is no real teeth in that agreement so polluters will keep polluting. The US has reduced its carbon emissions substatially over the last several years. We could be even better if Al Gore and other celebs would stop jet setting.

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    Frank McCloskey

    Thomas Porter…beautifully expressed.

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    Frank McCloskey

    Robin Hendricks, thank you for making this suggestion.

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    But Joan, doesn’t the suggestion that Brookhaven participate in the Paris climate agreement give you good bumps and make you feel good all over? You’ll have those same feelings once again in a month or so when a city resolution is introduced and passed by our learned city council that we are Paris climate agreement participants.

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    Tom Reilly

    One of the few good things that Donald Trump has done is to inspire an increased spirit of activism in this country. Great idea, Robin Hendricks!!

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    Eddie E.

    Only the plant isn’t really carbon neutral and really shouldn’t be sited next to Peachtree Creek, for starters.

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    OMG! Another plaque, I love them! Ummm – is Al Gore even still alive, he was so, um, 90’s?

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    Eddie E.

    What in your assertions suggest it is better for the United States, possessing the information of the damage that would be done, to continue policies of consuming ever-more-expensive fossil fuels when alternatives are available?
    Why should we trail Europe, China, India and much of Africa in efforts to move into the future rather than cling desperately to the past?

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