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    Thomas Porter

    I will cast my vote for a bit of silence and respite from phone & door knocking from both parties.

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    Tom Doolittle

    thanks…and The System would have not have caught your independent opinion, but you still would likely have been counted as a Republican or Democrat. I’ve seen a lot of evidence in comments on a dozen websites that indicate the polls have no idea what to ask respondents, let alone how to group them. There’s one thing you will NEVER see a poll ask: “what is your opinion of the two major parties?” No money in that. This is really how are elections are rigged–to keep us at our neighbors’ throats.

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    I think a lot of this has to do with the local population as opposed to “the system”, the media or pollsters: When I lived in Connecticut Lieberman (Independent) was respected and did well; Bloomberg was respected in Manhatten as an Independent; and of course Bernie Sanders of VT has definitely been re-elected and had his voice heard over the years.

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    The “independent minded voters” of which you speak aren’t special in any way, just the product of an increasingly diverse society. This presents a problem for pollsters because they cannot rely on past voting records. The “independent minded voters” vote on the basis of ever changing issues election to election dependent upon their socio-economic-cultural-ethnic background; something almost impossible for any poster to sort out in any given election…..just to many variables!

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    Tom Doolittle

    Based on a comparison with the status quo, increasingly diverse views (and directed with contempt for the status quo) could in fact be very “special” to people who make their livelihoods in the “Election Industrial Complex”. You can feel free to use the term.

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    The whole “spend $20M on a campaign to win a job that pays $150k” thing is what’s wrong with politics.

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    Maybe if “socially conservative” politicians wouldn’t promote things like forced conversion therapy and electro-shock treatments to “fix” homosexuals, less people all across the country donate money to fight against this?

    I lived in Mass. while Romney was gov. and you know you never heard much about him- probably because unlike Pence and some of “the good ole boys” around here he was just fiscally conservative and not trying to recreate The Handmaid’s Tale.

    A lot of social conservatives here don’t even think women should have access to Plan B– yet they consistently try to play the victim because other Americans across the country are appalled that some seem determined to cosplay a Margaret Atwood novel.

    Yeah, no.

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    Tom Doolittle

    A friend of mine suggested that the “uncounted middle” of the electorate–that is, those not willing to subscribe to an ideology or worse, join a political party, must “organize” to be recognized. Put another way–“independents” have to organize.
    Aside from the apparent contradictory nature of the suggestion, such an acknowledgement surrenders to the corrupt nature of our electoral system. It effectively says that independent voices not only won’t be reported accurately in polls or media, but those voices need to PAY someone to AVOID having their interests/power attributed to the Democrat or Republican parties.
    Such is the nature of our so-called “Free election” system.

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    Tom Doolittle

    The AJC allows a claim about independent voters by Karen Handel to go unchecked in an article today:–regional-govt–politics/how-handel-won-georgia-6th-district-race/vzSTSGtEXqA9SpwWh2FMcL/

    Can we please get some objective measure of what real independents actually did in this election?

    Of course the answer is: “no–there is no OBJECTIVE measure of what independents do by virtue of what an independent represents–INDIVIDUAL opinion. Partisans dismiss independents as noncommittal and gutless, but mostly ‘wacky’, a statement that says volumes about the HOSTAGE condition our election system is in more than anything else.

    So it’s best to report this as a quandary for media and pollsters to go to great lengths to SOLVE. Because there will be more and more of it–its a coming wave.

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    Tom Doolittle

    BTW–to the lack of veracity by media. How many “final” figures have you seen on the winning margin for the election? The AJC article today says “4%”–is that shorthand? Wall Street Journal said “about 6%” yesterday–the article still stands. New York Times real time data reporting is still posted and remains apparently unfinished, showing 3.8%.

    This is the shoddy condition we find mainstream media in today. Not even an observance that “final official tallies won’t be available, so although we stand by our reporting the winner, consider our vote tally an estimate”.

    This is part of the reason people can claim “fake news”, even though in this case, it’s just a case of not being thorough and not understanding that people can take their news as gospel–and God knows where they take it.

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    Thomas, that vote talley will see small changes until the vote is certified. In this case, the media is accurate at the point they checked the unofficial vote talley. At this time the difference is 3.74%.

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    Tom Doolittle

    thanks Saul–I’m still seeing blog posts and social media trumpeting higher numbers. Drives me batty. I’m putting something together that breaks all the numbers down by county and in DeKalb (DeKalb is voting at nearly 10% higher on average), then in DeKalb, differentiating a “Dunwoody Homeowners” and “Northlake Homeowners” effect (polar opposite win/loss %’s with remarkable similarity in turnout). Also shows striking lack of interest reaching out to apartments.

    Dunwoody’s homogeneity and networks in the neighborhoods (and its own media) blew the top off of this election. When I drill down into Cobb and Fulton, highly likely it will be clear that Handel did not do anything “special” there.

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