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    Joan dillon

    The comments from Ossoff supporters are indicative of why he lost. He was against Trump. His supporters hate Trump. Hate, without a positive and articulatable plan for growth of the economy, and proposed solutions, and realistic ones at that, should never be enough to win votes. And platforms that sound only of pie in the sky give aways or nods to socialism have sickened an American public who have seen our national debt so out of control that even the interest payments on it are eating us alive. We are waiting for a realistic statesman. Will we ever see one again?

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    Thomas Porter

    In related news: stock prices for network tv, paper & ink are expected to drop precipitously after an all time high. On the environmental front, carbon dioxide experienced a huge surge as the nation exhaled.

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    I just threw-up in my mouth.

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    Actually ad rates for political ads have to be sold at the base rate for time run. TV, radio and print media have stopped taking a big hit and are actually part of the crowd finally relieved to not have the cluttered mail boxes, trash at the front door and no more annoying phone calls. Jon Ossoff is very happy, he had a HUGE bank account now.

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    Villa Christina is forever tainted.

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    Herr Drumpf is certainly not capable of being a realistic statesman. Jon Ossoff had a focus on wasteful spending in his platform. Karen Handel doesn’t even understand what a budget actually is.

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    Tom Doolittle

    Nice wrap up. I’m hoping for an effort from my community to have Sec Handel over for many more than a few visits, so she can understand why a dozen precincts voted more than 60-40 for the Democrat. I’m pretty sure she’s familiar with East Cobb and North Fulton already, so she won’t have to spend any time there. It’s amazing how starkly different the votes are from one end of the district to another. There are maybe 10% of the precincts that have less than a 5% margin. Takes off fast from there.

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    Janine and Ellen,

    After the senseless shooting of the republican senators it is clear hate and rhetoric are out control in the country. People read things we all write and feed on that. I think many of us should stop playing into and being a part of that as I have been by constantly jabbing back and forth with Eddie and Eric.

    Maybe you two could do the same, especially over local politics or elections that literally mean nothing whatsoever. In 2 very short years you get to vote again and maybe Jon will win this time.

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    Actually I believe it was Pence that used campaign donations to pay his home mortgage.

    What evidence do you have that Ossoff has misappropriated campaign funds?

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    Eric Robert

    Barbara I’m not sure what this means: “People read things we all write and feed on that. I think many of us should stop playing into and being a part of that as I have been by constantly jabbing back and forth with Eddie and Eric.”

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    Barbara, I am not responsible for anyone else’s actions. I stand by what I said. Karen Handel is an idiot, as is Herr Drumpf.

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    Eric, I am saying that looking back I could have gone back and forth with you in a much better way.

    Ellen, that is exactly what I am taking about. Let’s keep it civil and stop name calling. We get it, you are a democrat.

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    Okay Komrade Drumpf. If he wasn’t such a Putin loving Kommunist, no one would feel the need to call him out on it. Plus, I am an Independent not a Democrat.

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    You ever think that I meant for his next run for political office? Misappropriation of campaign funds is illegal you know.

    If you have proof about Pence, share it. Or do you specialize in generating fake information?

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    Eddie E.

    Ain’t it great, all this effort and we still have an incompetent, failed party ideologue as a representative and this one isn’t even an educated professional.
    Thanks Cobb county!!

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    Easy Rider

    I accept that many people voted for, and continue to support an extremely flawed President, along with a party that is wrong on every social issue. However, don’t try to convince me that your decision is logical and that the President’s own tweets are fake news. It’s like listening to the OJ jury explain their rationale for acquittal, “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit”. C’mon just stay silent it makes you look smarter.

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    Mostly methane coming out the other end!

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    Interesting if you could do a precinct follow up on DeKalb portion of the 6th District with the diverse opinions that were perhaps evident as far back as early City-Hood discussions in North Central DeKalb. Party was not the issue back then but philosophy of local government was ever present!

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    Tom Doolittle

    Not sure I understand your comment entirely, but a DeKalb precinct analysis would be good for this journal (The Post). Also I can see an equation between our interest in “local” government, but likely not in the manner in which you write. I can see an interest (60-40) in not being subjected to a congress-person from outside of my “locality”.
    My vote for Ossoff was just that–to FINALLY have someone in Congress from the Northlake area. The candidate could have been from ANY political party, better yet, find me an UNAFFILIATED candidate. It was attractive for me and others that I know to have Ossoff mention Northlake, growing up off Cravey, emphasizing the CDC, biotech, public health realm in his campaign promo.

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    Google it to find the news source you believe. If I remember correctly Pence did it while it was technically still legal (though it seems he was misleading and dishonest about it).

    Campaign funds would not normally be in a candidate’s (Ossoff’s) bank account which is what it sounded like you were saying.

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    Here’s one source, though I know a lot of you guys consider The Washington Post “fake news”- so I’ll let you do a search yourself if you want more “real” news outlets.

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    Trump won ‘merica, Handel wun Gowga

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    Eddie E.

    AKA “Finally Somebody To VOTE FOR as opposed to try to sweep aside”!

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    Can we agree to compromise by calling it Ossoff’s War Chest?

    It’s hard to take much for truth that is printed in the WP nowadays except the obituaries. If Pence did do something that the media found to be unacceptable I’m sure we would have heard about it daily for quite some time now, do you agree?

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    Remember to save your Ossoff signs for next year!

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    Hey Saul – I worked in TV and let me clarify a few things. The lowest unit rate protection is for candidates only – not PACs. Both campaigns had a lot of outside PAC spending. And lowest rate means they can’t sell an ad in a show to anybody else cheaper. So what happens is everyone’s rates come up as inventory is compressed. If you want to run in a prime time show that’s an hour long, has 22 minutes of commercials, the network owns at least half of those so you have maybe 10 minutes left to sell. (Maybe.) You have a pre-emptible rate of $10,000. That means you can “buy” the ad time but if a car dealer wants to buy that spot for $11,000 you get bumped. So a politician can buy that low rate AND get bumped. You can also buy a non-preemptible rate – it’s much more – say $20,000 – to ensure you aren’t bumped. There is no “base rate” protection. It’s “lowest unit rate” and tv rate cards are flexible/living/breathing documents. TV stations always make more money during political season. It’s the local advertisers who get screwed cuz they can’t afford to get in.

    And as I mentioned, the PACs aren’t included in lowest unit rate so they pay full rate card.

    The lowest unit rate is just for TV. I don’t know if it applies for radio. But it does not apply for Internet and I don’t think it does for newspaper.

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    Eric Robert

    Barbara, yes I agree I disscussing this issues is more enjoyable when we at least try not to throw out insults, names, misinformation or over generalizatons. I fear for the country because our government representatives are all about the party and making sound bites in 140 charachters or less. One way to bring back some bipartisainship would to return to assigning house committee chair positions based on seniority rather than voting records and fund raising.

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    Eric Robert

    Come on Saul, you while there are plenty more articles out their you don’t hear more about it because at the time, as Heather pointed out, it was not illegal. But he did lose the election back in the 90’s in part because of this disclousure and Pence did go around to apologize for it. Do you really think the Washington Post would make that up? We aren’t talking about Sean Hannity or Brietbart after all.

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    Eric, American news media is having a serious credibility problem. Has been for quite sometime. Examples aren’t necessary, just open your eyes and ears.

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    Eddie E.

    Then listen to AM radio and Brightbutt to “know what’s going on”…..


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    Eddie E.

    Meanwhile, handel’s husband is glad she has a job she can’t be fired from for 18 whole months!

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    Eric Robert

    Saul what i love about you is how you state the obvious as if its a revelation.

    Saul, did you know water is wet? And, Summer is hotter than winter!

    Anyway, yea media has a credibility problem. So does President Trump. You still have an obligation to vet stories and not just blindly believe or dsimiss them.

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