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    Thomas Porter

    Brookhaven should appeal, never bend over to development. Far better to spend money on this than many of the newer, more fickle “priorities”.

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    Tom Reilly

    Appeal the decision, set a precedent,and send a message: “We live here, you don’t.”

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    Tom Reilly

    BTW, we will always be facing issues of traffic and housing congestion, aesthetics, and historical tradition in our city. Every city deserves a past, a present, and a future–the Brookhaven Historical District right next door to the Hastings site brings all three into focus. The precedents that we set influence millions of dollars, thousands of peoples lives, and decade of change. Time to once again to do the right thing, not the expedient thing.

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    Between a Rick and. Stinky Place

    DeKalb County is required by the EPA Consent Decree to have a calibrated, and predictive, flow model to analyze new sewer flow in order to submit a certificate of occupancy.

    So the City options are:

    A) Appeal on the merits of a blown city decision
    B) Sue DeKalb County now for issuing a Certifiaxte of Occupancy to the Dresden Apartments, Peachtree Road condos and Ashton Woods Developemt on Ashford Dunwoody without a flow model.
    C) tell your friends in Historic Brookhaven, living downwind from the new apartment complex, to get used the idea, and the smell, of an on-site sewer holding tank. The tanks are installed to release sewer flow during off-peak hours because that eliminates the needs for new, larger, broken pipes. Wait what? How do holding tanks dismiss DC from their responsibility, or keep sewage overflows from occurring in broken pipes?

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    “We live here, you don’t.”

    Laughable, Tom. Laughable. Seems to me an older generation once said that in Buckhead. Been to Buckhead lately?

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    So all these “work arounds” are going to come to an end at some point, but for now inside sources say that big developers are putting the pressure on the DeKalb County Law Department to continue to “negotiate” with the EPA till we reach a dead on sewer hookups The end which is fast approaching! Why issue permits and continue to rezone property thus creating a legal tangle the likes of which we have NEVER seen. A top level Public works official was recently rehired from East Georgia and he discovered forgotten letters of Sewer Capacity approvals for major projects as far back as 2015 that are a concern for he and the W&S Director. Anyone know the history of the Moratorium in the City of Atlanta. Hate to think that history could repeat!

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    Why does it stink every time it rains?

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    Remember this is Drumpf’s EPA. They will allow anything.

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    Apparently more than 50% of the district loves the Donald and what he represents, so maybe they love this part too.

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    Brittany Mother

    Ellen if you are not happy with the political outcome over the past nine months turn off that TV and radio and put on some cool jazz. If you don’t your unhappiness will eat you alive and alter your behavioral interaction with family and friends. It’s already taken hold and is showing.

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    What’s wrong with exercising her first amendment rights?

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    Brittany Mother

    Not one thing. I was just thinking about her happiness and mental health.

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    BM, if you are happy with that charlatan, then bless your heart. #resist

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    Hmm, the planned development doesn’t really seem out of character for the area. There are buildings of similar size directly west. This seems more like obstruction for its own sake. Build up, or build out. Which shall it be?

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    Here’s an idea; Brookhaven purchase the site from the owner and turn into more greenspace. The old Hastings site is becoming an eye sore by the day, I just wish they’d figure it all out so 50% are happy.

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    More Park Park Lover

    YES! More parks!

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