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    Of course he is…he’s up for re-election and has opposition!

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    Van Pappas

    A key component of my platform has always been to increase the communication between the citizens of Chamblee and the Mayor’s office. As stated from the beginning of my campaign in March, as Mayor I will hold quarterly town hall meetings, not just during an election year, but every year.

    The website details this aspect of my platform, as well as other areas I intend to focus on as your Mayor.

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    Look at Van going negative already! The Mayor has held several town hall meetings in non election years. Maybe Van hasn’t taken the time to attend any.

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    Okay, Eric.

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    Huey Mahl

    Mayor Clarkson has done a pretty amazing job. Chamblee is growing in a responsible way, with the downtown experiencing a renaissance it has not seen in 50 years. Not perfect, and the total multi-family needs to be watched, but he’s got my vote.

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    You are correct Eric has had 2 town hall type meetings. The first was when everyone was so outraged by tennis court project st Keswick Park. The second was when he tried to shove his convoluted idea of annexing LaVista Hills into Chamblee down our throats. It seems like a bunch of lip service that he only wants to engage the citizens when he’s on the defensive.

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    Not paying much attentions are ya? The annexation plan was not Eric’s and he did not arrange those meetings. But he did show up and speak honestly about his feelings on the subject. And Eric has held neighborhood meetings going back to his days on the city council. Us old time city residents are grateful for his open and constructive leadership.

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    I’m not an “old time city resident;” but, I’ve paid pretty good attention since being annexed into the City a couple years ago. Other than the annexation meeting at which he spent an interminable amount of time telling us what a wonderful guy he was, I don’t recall any others? Have there been?

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