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    Skyland Neighbor

    Brookhaven needs to make sure the Skyland Center is free of asbestos before they start the demolition.

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    The Real Mayer

    Curious to know why a meeting was scheduled on July 5th while everybody and major stake holders in the community were on vacation. Just another political ploy from the John and John team now joining the school board with not enough common sense to beat there selfs out of a paper bag.
    We do not welcome 15 school buses in the morning on Dresden or in the evening. When Skyland was an elementray school the buses went out Buford Highway and Clairmont. Welcome to the New City of Brookhaven where ignorance prevails.

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    Wow! You ought to be the next Council person for D2 or D4. I’m so serious! Really serious. We need someone smart.

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