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    Eddie E.

    I always get a huge laugh when I see ‘PDK’ and ‘Good Neighbor’ in the same paragraph.
    This ‘protocol’ is just restating what the airport had promised to do way back when Ted Orvold was manager. So what takes 20 years?
    Also, it’s worth noting that there should probably be about 15 noise monitors as well as a requirement that helicopters use only the flight paths approved for fixed wing aircraft.
    For those who are impacted yet ignored by the ‘good neighbors’ at PDK with noise complaints, most any smartphone can download an “Audiometer APP” to record the overflight noise in YOUR location especially if it is repetitive.

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    Funny how the noise sensitive areas are supposedly only inside the perimeter. Maybe these “leaders” should spend some time in Dunwoody, hear the huge jets overhead. Might want to update your maps PDK if you’re really trying to be a good neighbor.

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    Perhaps someone from your neighborhood needs to get involved and advocate for a noise sensitive designation.

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    A Good Neighbor would send these Helicopter sightseeing Services back to Gwinniett…They do nothing accept Pollute our weekends with their noise….and provide nothing in our community.

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