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    Tom Reilly

    Congratulations, Chamblee!! Brookhaven is involved in the same process, fulfilling the same mandate from its citizens. The more trees, the better our quality of life.

  2. 2


    Wow. Excellent

  3. 3

    Eric Robert

    Looks good. Now if we could just get GDOT or Dunwoody or someone to impose some sort of landscaping requirments on the bill board companies that decimated the buffer between 285 and Savoy and this parcel maybe we could get some businesses to locate on all these empty or dilapidated parcels along savoy.

  4. 4


    Finally something for the Buford Highway annexed area. But $4.5 million for land that appears to be in a floodplain?

  5. 5


    Far, far too much money for that piece of land.

  6. 6


    Yeah take a lesson from Brookhaven. Just use the power of government and steal it. That’s how Brookhaven is going to create their Peachtree Creek Greenway known as Betsy’s Folly.

  7. 7


    We have high tax rates in Chamblee and this purchase is one of the reasons why.

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