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    Meet your pro eminent domain appointees. Good luck to creekside property owners.

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    I’m sure they’ll get the neighborhood security patrols and associations involved in committees in no time, so if you haven’t received thinly veiled threats from small people with hugely inflated egos yet- don’t worry – there’s still time!

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    Don’t forget the properties they want to take that aren’t even creekside.

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    Que the all the anti development/eminent domain fear mongers comments in 3…….2……..1……..

    Please ignore them

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    That manhole shooting stuff like a fountain is exhactly like what I saw on North Druid Hills Road near Buford Highway where the PCG proposes new apartments and hotels. (And yes, the manhole was marked “sewer”)

    There were no warning signs- not even an orange cone as this went on for hours 🙁 and the light brown “water” stuck around flooding the area for more than a day. 😕

    You have to think Brookhaven could afford at least an orange cone, . . after a while you start to wonder if maybe the city doesn’t want those in the PCG redevelopment zone to know of the toxins they’re being exposed to.

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    How is it “fear mongering” when they previously said they wanted to take properties in Pine Hills?

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    Hunter Burke

    Well, it would seem our Mayor & Council are staking their political careers on PCG, and, they’ll be fine until the reality of the situation and mandatory tax & debt increases hide themselves. It does feel like they’re all manning the ram that’s pushing it down our throats.

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    Develop all you want, make it meet zoning with no allowances for extras. You want land for a special park let’s vote on the park and if it passes PURCHASE the property just like I would YOUR house if you had it for sale.

    Que the Socialist and Communist anthems for YOU!

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    They know exactly what they’re doing and it’s called “gaslighting”
    They can continue to attack me and my family and call us “crazy” all they want, but I am a person that will always stand up for what I believe is right.

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    Easy Rider

    Regardless if you have negative or positive opinions regarding the direction of the PCG, the city of Brookhaven and it’s leaders are doing it the right way. In fact, Brookhaven has done an exemplary job communicating and engaging the community with every initiative (Connolly, TAD, Overlay, PCG…). There is no way that DeKalb county could have handled any of these projects properly. I don’t personally agree with the all the decisions the city is making, but I give them cudos for the process.

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    Eddie E.

    Oh noes’ TAXES!!!!
    We’re all doomed!

    Of course, civilization does have costs.

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    I hope people will rally to stop the planned redevelopment of Buford Highway before it’s too late.

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    What about breaking their promise to not use eminent domain? They swore up and down that they wouldn’t use it, but the ink from Nathan Deal was barely dry before it became clear they were lying. And that is what it is- a lie.

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    Hunter Burke

    Back your statements with your wallet Mr. Eddie, pay for my tax ncreases and make a $50K jumpstart donation to PCG! That’s the way it should have been started, by private donations.

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    Hunter Burke

    Back your statements with your wallet Mr. Eddie! Pay my tax increases and make a $50K jumpstart donation to PCG. That’s the way this should have started, private donations.

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    Heaven forbid that Brookhaven redevelops an area that is currently an eyesore.

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    Easy Rider

    They who and when? You might be right, but I’m swayed by facts. That sounds like a serious promise that would be documented somewhere, a link an article in BP…? Do you have any documentation or do you just feel comfortable calling people liars?

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    Ellen just stay up in D1 and visit Dunwoody (where you belong) more frequently and you will be OK.

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    Susan, you know nothing about me. Enjoy the ghetto that is Buford Highway.

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    Eddie E.

    I’ll just pay what I’m assessed to improve Civilization.

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    Eddie E.

    There is always the possibility that one could be quoting C4ND/BYES lies from the long deposed government and attempting to attache that to the current government.

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    Happy Resident

    The PCG will be a great thing for Brookhaven. Most Brookhaven residents want the PCG. We want a car-free path to ride bikes with our kids, go for runs, or just take a stroll. Good job Mayor Ernst & City Council!

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    How many D4 neighborhood meetings have you attended?

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    And there we have it. I genuinely appreciate that Ellen- unlike so many- is at least honest.

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    S. Walton

    If there were any I’d bet people would go. When has there been any? The only ones I’m aware of are held by Ciuncilmen John Park who opens up his own home monthly.

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    Joe Gebbia has repeatedly promised those in the area that eminent domain would NOT be used- sorry I don’t walk around with a tape recorder but it was told to the Pine Hills Neighborhood and association to sway those in the neighborhood opposed and concerned about the previous proposal to take both sides of the creek.

    How many Pine Hills or D4 meetings have you attended?

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    Pine Hills

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    Yes I’m aware a lot of people don’t think Pine Hills is Brookhaven because of the large Fulton presence~we don’t count 😞😔. But those of us that live here don’t feel that way.

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    I can’t wait til they replace the Havanna Sandwich Shop with a drive through Starbucks like some have suggested!!!!

    The sushi restaurant they put in the new hotel next door is gonna be killa sick!

    Better shine my Louboutins!!!

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    Put it on the ballot and prove it. Wouldn’t cost that much more money. You could put the Parks Bond on the ballot, too. Finally, finish the 5 year commitment for parks. Or just leave it as another unfinished project.

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    I’m sorry that people don’t think “the ghetto” Pine Hills counts. I don’t know why I bother.

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    Ellen, I may not know you, but I can tell all I need to know about you from your elitist posts thank you.

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    Yet you have posted at least 25 times today…

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    Susan posts snobby comments about “Dunwoody”. That always seems to be fine with everyone. For once I thought I would return fire.

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    Concerned Citizen

    I still do not know how any of the Buford Highway Corridor and district 4 became part of Brookhaven. Those areas should have stayed unincorporated as they having nothing in common with District 1 and the southern Dunwoody-ites. I know the city passed with 55% of the voters approving annexation and 45% saying nay, but without looking at the voter breakdown, I would bet there were more nays in the southern area of what is considered Brookhaven than the area around Murphey Candler Park and Ashford Dunwoody. Somehow though the city boundaries were drawn up to purposefully include the Buford Highway corridor, obviously for economic reasons, but the city and its constituents would have been better off if they stayed smaller in size and did not try to force their ideas of whats best on everyone else.

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    LOL! Snobby? If the shoe fits………….. You clearly think you are above the citizens of Brookhaven residing in D4. Just so you know, I’m in D2 but I just love the offerings of D4

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    I genuinely applaud you Ellen for being honest. I think a lot of us would prefer more people being honest like you- admitting that they want to change what they feel is blighted, ghetto eyesore into something they feel looks better and they’re more comfortable with.

    I obviously don’t agree with your opinion, but I applaud honesty over fibbing and gaslighting.

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    Ellen you’ve slammed D4 and Buford Highway many times in the past (before arguing with Susan), and I not only respect your right to have your opinion, but I appreciate that you say what you mean as opposed to using coded language like many. (Buford Highway needs to be “revitalized” for example. )

    I obviously don’t agree with you but there is something to be said for people that honestly say what they mean.

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    “there is something to be said for people that honestly say what they mean”.

    Ellen sharing “her number” with Brookhaven. D4 hater.

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    A great article that appeared in Bon Appetit magazine several years ago.

    It’s not just people from all over the Atlanta region that come to experience the wonderful food options on Buford Highway- but those in town visiting from all around the world.

    Many that come here to film also think the area is a jewel as well

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    You do know those people are not from D1 and they have no connection to the Brookhaven power structure. Enjoy Buford Highway while you can.

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    2013 wasnt that long ago . . .

    A majority in D2, D3 and D4 voted against cityhood. But a supermajority out of D1 – they had the largest base of registered voters and single family homeowners – was enough to outweigh the other three districts and also put J Max in as mayor. The original proponents werent stupid – despite repeated efforts to break up D1, Mike Jacobs would have none of it, because it would mean risking the very question of cityhood, not to mention what many residents in the three southern districts cynically perceived to be a Republican gerrymander.

    Anyway, the original C4ND plan for cityhood was to try and make its southern border Windsor Parkway, but there was not enough of a commercial tax base to make it work (there’s a generally accepted sweet spot ratio of commercial to residential tax base revenue of 40 pct commercial and 60 pct residential – which is roughly where Dunwoody was – and why they rebuffed D1 for annexation before D1 looked southward – D1 had too much residential tax base and not enough commercial, which would have upset Dunwoody’s balance). So they extended the southern border to Peachtree – and it still wasnt enough. So they stretched it down to capture Buford Hwy and with that, the City opened for business with about a 27-73 commercial tax base to residential tax base ratio.

    So the City started out economically underpowered (like having a .270 cleanup hitter instead of a .400 hitter propping up your offense) and I think that’s the reason why D2, D3 and D4 is absorbing such a disproportionate and share of commercial redevelopment, while D1 can unite to fight tame crap like R-A8 rezoning and no one blinks. I’ve tried really hard not to live in the recent past, but it does make some of the crap happening along Dresden – my prediction is that the city’s second wielding of eminent domain power will come when they try to create a Caldwell-Ellijay thoroughfare – hard to stomach – maybe not that different from the way many D4 residents feel about using ED to establish the PCG.

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    Eddie E.

    I’m in D2. Aside from concern for State Waters, I have little connection to D4.

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    Eddie E.

    Then why not start with strong Code Enforcement of all multifamily housing units and require bringing them up to code in all manners to continue operation?

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    Susan, I really don’t care where you live or what you enjoy. Get a life.

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    Susan, you are the Queen of Elitist Posts with your stupid “Dunwoody” posts. Please go back on your meds.

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    I didn’t not vote for cityhood but I want everyone to look at how worse things have gotten with each new mayor. I never thought that could happen. But now under Ernst and his city manager, the city government is growing at what seems to be an unbelievable rate, hiring is out of control, we promote from within instead of finding quailified canidates, still have no city employeed full time in house arborist to watch our trees, accountability is no where to be found, and now we are taking land by force.

    This is what our city had become and it’s a very bad road to continue down. Unfortunately, Ernst must go and we must get a more responsible city manager. I voted to John and would have over Williams had she stayed in the race but I don’t think he is going to be a good choice for us moving forward. This city is very simply out of control.

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    Eddie E.

    No, it’s not, but your tight grip on that belief is probably unshakable.

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    Easy Rider

    Sorry, the majority of residents feel we are getting value from the city of Brookhaven. City taxes are 7.5% of my total property tax bill which is incredible, considering the services I get from Brookhaven vs. DeKalb. For example, the mayor makes $16K a year so I’m not sure what some people expect from these public servants. Personally, I’m surprised anyone that anyone would take the job and deal with these expectations.

  50. 52



    Due to your behavior and personal insults, I have asked your repeatedly to stop commenting on my posts. You are a grown man, respect that.

    Easy, you have pointed out another problem of many we have here. Sigman is terrible and so is Ernst in my opinion, but we pay a low salary for both while continuing to hire masses of other staff to offset the workload. Why? I heard We have almost doubled in staff since Garrett, not sure if it is true, but why is that?

  51. 53

    The Brookhaven Post

    FYI. The purpose of the comment section is to hopefully have a meaningful debate. Anyone can comment on any else’s comments. The tit for tat isn’t productive and I’d ask that everyone please respect the opinions of others. While you may disagree, it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. Thank you.

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    Easy Rider

    Barbara, thank you for acknowledging the issue with salaries. Personally, I think we should consider increasing the salary for several positions because the pay (excluding Garrett’s contract) is not equivalent to the role/responsibility. Right now, the salaries are so low city employees are leaving for less stressful jobs and elected officials are so underpaid we increase the risk of corruption.

  53. 55

    Eddie E.

    Yes, the massive financial errors of the ‘first administration’ and the absolute failure of the initial “outsource everything” model should not cause us to hire only those who will work for substandard wages due to their lack of skills. We are knee deep in this city bidness and we have to address the real costs and the real needs.
    Fantasy rode back to ‘milton county’.

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