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    Thomas Porter

    I-85 bridge collapse fire, St. Martins fire; if this continues, people will start reporting the homeless as criminals. No police force wants to or is able to handle that, doubt the current laws can handle either. Certainly a concern of PCG development. Must stop.

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    Thank you for mentioning the PCG Thomas. The supporters of the PCG tell us how glorious it is going to be but they never address safety in an area where homeless and vagrants constantly hang out. It’s very hard to be enthusiastic about an incomplete project and I am surprised our mayor and city council haven’t addressed this.

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    Tom Reilly

    Our local homeless population seems to be increasingly in evidence. They need an infrastructure [shelters, kitchens, showers, etc.] to help them normalize their lives as much as possible. I’m a member of Saint Martin’s, and well remember being part of such a city-wide infrastructure in the 1970’s–perhaps we need to bring that infrastructure back.. Thanks to the police for making such a quick arrest, before any more harm could be done.

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    B\'haven Birdie

    Many of the homeless displaced by the I-85 fire “relocated” to Buford Hwy at Cheshire Bridge. There has been an ongoing turf war by the panhandlers in that area for some time now. Several are rather aggressive.

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    Programming executive in search of a show

    Urban problems for a homeowners association (D1) police department. Sounds like a cable TV reality show set in Brookhaven.

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    It has been brought up but the general PCG response is a flippant “we’ll get them help”. As I’ve mentioned here in The Post before some homeless in the area refuse help- some even have debit cards that their families refill every month. Their own families want them off the streets but they refuse.

    Mental illness (particularly schizophrenia-which makes up a good percentage of the national homeless population) and drug abuse are very hard to just magically “fix” by offering someone a sandwich and driving them to a shelter.

    As I’ve said before there’s going to have to be some tough decisions that have to be made if they want parts of the creek to be safe.

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    Eric Robert

    Maybe in addition to not building trails we should also tear up all the sidewalks in Brookhaven. Brookhaven added that sidewalk near Saint Martins that this homeless person probably used! Dragging the PCG into this is misplaced. As Tom R correctly points out, the conversation should be about how to best help those with mental illness.

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    Except there are people living and hanging out there. The PCG supporters that think and say they’ll just drive them to a homeless shelter are at best naive.

    You can’t force people to stay in a homeless shelter anymore than you can force someone to take psychiatric medicine (unless they are institutionalized).

    It’s sad but some of these individuals SHOULD be institutionalized- it can be really hard to get schizophrenics and such to take their meds without supervision or force .

    Unfortunately there aren’t really the laws and resources to force most of these individuals into psychiatric facilities so likely they’ll just get arrested and/or wander somewhere else before wandering back.

    I don’t think anyone should ever not build a park because of the homeless, I do however think there needs to be realistic expectations and plans in place in advance to deal with the issue.

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    Yeah, that whole Beltline thing has been such a failure too. When will people ever learn that improving neighborhoods and adding accessibility only allow homeless folks better access to your backyards and personal belongings.

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    I don’t know if you’re being serious or snarky, but when I lived a block from Central Park I spent more waking hours than than where I lived and NEVER felt unsafe. When I couldn’t sleep sometimes I’d take my dog to walk on the outskirts at 3 am- never felt unsafe then either.

    Conversely I went to a park in Boston where they’d allowed homeless to camp- without taking care of the trash situation- and there were giant dead rats the size of cats hit by cars littering the road and at night once it got dark you’d see about 15-20 HUGE (again, cat-sized) rats running to each overflowing trash can. If I’d previously seen this many big rats in a movie I would have thought “that’s so fake!”

    This was not where some people here would call “the ghetto”- it was right near The Ritz Carlton.

    There needs to be some sort of plan in place or our park will end up like Boston’s fiasco (and rats are much harder to kill once they get big!) as opposed to other more successfully run parks elsewhere. And I do believe Boston eventually fixed that horror movie-esque rat fiasco at that location, but not without it costing much more than had it been prevented and damaging real estate views of that area.

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    PCG Realtor

    Chambleere is correct. Not only that, check out the residential home value plateau along the beltline compared with a 11% yoy increase in home values Atlanta wide.

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    Eric Robert

    And the trail would only go by a couple of back yards and would likely be on the commercial property side of the creek, thus it wouldn’t appear to increase access by “those people” to back yards of any single family homes. Its unfortunate that the homes off of Shady Valley Lane are apparently under seige by homeless people – but the proposed greenway is not to blame for that.

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    Aren’t you supposed to put an ® after “realtor” ?

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    Land Owner

    You’ll notice that the PCG anointed minority do not own property along the proposed route but have no problem invading your tranquility and encouraging the city to use eminent domain for their benefit to do so.

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    So Eric, according to you town home owners and their common property and apartment residents don’t count? Do the commercial businesses want the additional traffic and security they must bear because Brookhaven can’t patrol the PCG? It sounds like a bunch of people feel like they are entitled to property of others and damn anyone in their way. Lucky for them they have the city to back them, right Eric?

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    You are completely missing my point. In order for it to be a safe and successfully run park there’s going going to be more expenses and issues than those that have been discussed.

    These issues are kept hush-hush– just like they hoped no one would notice they planned to redevelop Buford Highway.

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    Eric Robert

    Andy I highly doubt the owners of the apartment complexes will mind as it will be a selling point for rentals. And if a renter doesn’t like it they can ask to be moved to a unit on the other side of the apartment. People often move within an apartment complex. As to Townhomes I consider them single family homes because they are – some are detached and some share walls.

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    Novel thought Eric, why don’t we ask all of the land owners what they think first? Wouldn’t you want that courtesy yourself? After all, its their land unlike the beltline which was an old rail line that was purchased. Is that fair?

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    To further clarify- I’m all for our government- particularly our NATIONAL government (areas with good homeless programs unfortunately often attract large numbers of people from across the country and become overwhelmed)- spending more to help our country’s homeless. Given the transient nature of many homeless (not to mention war veterans with PTSD) it really should be treated as a national issue as opposed to the state issue.

    Regardless, I’m absolutely not saying screw “those people” as you kinda suggested, I’m just pointing out that there’s a lot more involved than just driving someone to a shelter or offering them a sandwich.

    In case you are not aware (forgive me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t sound like you have a lot of experience working with the homeless) but a lot of people that camp in one place spread out quite a bit during the day.

    Many are harmless, but there is a legitimate problem with sex offenders becoming homeless. I think most of us don’t care much about our tv’s- — we-d just prefer to not be sexually assaulted or physically attacked in any fashion.

    Drug dealers cluster around homeless populations hoping to sell drugs and lure individuals into prostitution.

    “Johns” and violent individuals also routinely scope out areas where the homeless are living and hang out during the day.

    Some of these drug dealers and individuals that want to beat up the homely will often case out residents and those working in the area in their down time. Often it’s not the homeless you have to worry about hurting you, but the drug dealers that cluster around the homeless.

    And again it’s not just locals that are at risk but the homeless themselves. Many homeless only turn to drugs and alcohol AFTER dealing with abuse on the streets.

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    Eric Robert

    Andy of course the landowners should be providing input. Though I am not aware of an abutting landowner (based on the proposed trail map) publicly objecting. But, I’m sure there are concerns. Have you heard of any? Which property owners?
    Also, I didn’t raise the Beltline, though agree it has been hugely successful and good for neighborhoods abutting it. But you are wrong. Of course not all of the beltline rwas “an old rail line” and it did use Eminent Domain though Eminent Domain is just setting a price, the property is ultimately purchased.

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    Eric, property owners along the route are not happy about the PCG.

    Eric, not all property owners abutting the Beltline are happy having the Beltline and it’s visitors in their back yard.

    Eric, there have been articles written about the negative effects of the Beltline on real estate values and neighborhoods. But you have to look for them. It’s not something Beltline proponents want known.

    Eric, the original Beltline was purchased old rail line routes. Government force will be used for the extensions routed through private property.

  22. 22


    I’d also add that it’s starting to get rather perturbing listening to those in other districts endlessly lecture us on how the greenway will help our property values- like we’re all living in abject poverty over here in D4 and need Brookhaven to somehow save us.

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    The D4 land you think you own actually belongs to D1 for use as they see fit Heather.

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    It’s interesting that you brought this up because I’ve been noticing an unusual number of men with rather agressive posture/body language near that end of Buford Highway lately. I go there during the day and and have never felt threatened before but have seen some really macho, sketchy acting types recently.

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    Eric Robert

    Andy its Ok you aren’t checking facts before posting here. But I don’t have time to correct more of your assertions. But, I do want to clarify, you don’t dispute that anyone with abutting property can raise an objection, has and will continue to be able to raise an objection, but to date no abutting property owners have publicly objected. I’m asking here. I asked before but you didn’t answer – so I take that to mean you are not aware of any.

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    Where u From?

    Ha ha, yes Heather, if you can’t win with facts win by calling everyone else an outsider. But hey, I’m let me play to . . . I’m tired of you 4 or 5 folks who don’t even own land abutting the trail complaining so much. Adding valuable greenspace that can help the health of the creek and provide needed recreational and conveyance routes should not be shut down because some people are worried about this opening up access by “less desireable people” to their mid to high end neighborhoods.

  27. 27

    Where u From?

    Heather why are you hanging out on the corner of Cheshirebridge and Buford Highway? How macho are they? And why do I have that Village People song in my head now? Macho Macho Man!

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    PCG Realtor

    How will the health of the creek be improved? Hotel Motel Taxes CANNOT be spent on stormwater or sewer.

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    PCG Realtor

    Peachtree Creek Greenway – $35M – no vote to prove popular vision-special interest boondoggle – concept rejected 60-40 with RPL vote.
    Stormwater Plan – $35M – Bates Mattison estimate-city service-payment must be voted on.
    Parks and Rec-$25M – Master Plan been in place over a year – no progress-part of the Governor’s Commission – wide popularity in both the polls and on the streets – payment must be voted on.
    All projects together would create a 3.3:1 debt to annual income ratio.

    What are the priorities of the citizens?

  30. 30


    Eric you haven’t been paying attention at all just like everyone else in D1. If you had, you would already have the answer to your question. You also can’t prove that I’m wrong.

  31. 31


    Actually I’ve shown multiple facts including pictures of the overflowing sewer and the map proposals to replace current businesses on Buford Highway.

    How am I calling people “outsiders” by saying I loved living a block from Central Park?

  32. 32


    There have been a lot of complaints in D4 it just happens largely with our neighborhood associations not in the comment section of The Brookhaven Post.

  33. 33


    Uh, if you knew anything about this area you know people that live here often routinely drive by there?

    Unlike some others a lot of us that live nearby don’t think Buford Highway has kooties.

  34. 34


    They HAVE publicly objected. Some of this was dealt with by The Pine Hills Neighborhood Association/ at PHNA meetings which is partially why they’re not taking both sides of the creek.

    I don’t know if it’s still there but the PHNA meeting notes both with public and private meetings addressed this issue.

    Formal letters were also written expressing concern.

  35. 35


    Clearly I and everyone that ever drives down Buford Highway is up to no good.


  36. 36


    Heather if D1Eric doesn’t know about what you speak it must not be true. Please verify your comments for approval by D1Eric.

  37. 37

    For the Record

    You live in an alternate universe. Peachtree Creek Greenway is very popular and has general support across all districts. The stormwater situation is improving with DeKalb County making slow but regular progress. And the most laughable of your alternative facts is that the parks have not been improved. We’ve added greenspace, improved programming, improved maintenance, made Lynwood and Briarwood showplaces, negotiated for Skyland Park plan, and more.

    The priorities and support of the citizenry is tangible in their support of our council and mayor. Now, because you can write anything without substantiation, spend the next few hours changing your name and posting.

  38. 38

    PCG Realtor

    You’re probably right.

  39. 39


    OMG For the Record – you’re such a shill!!! You sound like one of the mayor & council you claim people support. PCG’s only popularity is that you people keep saying it’s the beltline – it’s not and never will be.. it’ll be creepy & dangerous & buggy!!!

  40. 40

    For the Record

    Only time will tell. Many of the same negative consequences were predicted for the Beltline, but only history can tell for sure what occurred. The homeless population will gather in public spaces and it’s unlikely a societal change will occur anytime soon. So we build and plan for a list of positive outcomes with open greespaces that far outweigh the negative instances.

  41. 41

    PCG Realtor

    OTR should write City Council campaign slogans:
    We’re going to take real estate risks on your behalf, even though we lied to you and said we wouldn’t. You’ll thank us after we’re gone.

  42. 42

    For the Record

    Representative governments are tasked with progress. From the outset, parks were a priority and this representative decision furthers the objective of increasing and improving parks in our city. I don’t know what or who you think lied to you, but our Council is making informed decisions to benefit our future.

  43. 43

    Many Bold Faced Lies

    FTR, they have lied straight to my face many times. Prior to being elected and after. It took awhile for it to come back around to me, but it did, and I know better now. You were probably also right there on an occasion or two and heard them.

  44. 44

    Eric Robert

    Andy you wrote: “After all, its their land unlike the beltline which was an old rail line that was purchased.” Andy, that is false. Andy, I posted a link of one example demonstrating it is false..
    Andy, you also came up with this bizarre take away from my comment. You wrote: “So Eric, according to you town home owners and their common property and apartment residents don’t count? ” Andy you should be more secure and acknowledge when you may have misunderstood something. Come on Andy you can do better.

  45. 45

    Eric Robert

    Heather thank you for the response. I was asking Andy and asked a 2nd time because Andy ignored my question about which property owners have objected publicly. I understand Pine Hill’s objected and thus the proposal would take no property from any Pine Hill residents, thank you for pointing that out. But still unanswered is have any property owners who may have property taken publicly objected? Keep in mind this all was raised by Andy’s odd assertion that I was saying property owners should not be able to weigh in on this. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Apparently Andy shares Trump’s view on what is truth.

  46. 46


    Eric there are apartments and townhome projects along the planned PCG. Do they actually know that the PCG has eyes on their property? Has the city let these landowners know what is about to happen? You would be surprised just how little is known about what is going on in Brookhaven and the city and city council like it that way.

    Is the owner of the property the city is going to steal by way of eminent domain happy about having his property stolen by a city comfortable with misusing eminent domain?

    Can you answer those questions?

  47. 47

    Eric Robert

    Andy while I generally don’t like the idea of using Eminent Domain it IS a legitimate tool for government when deal with recalcitrant property owners. I am not saying this property owner is recalcitrant. Hopefully a deal will be struck before the Judge decides the appropriate price. But if the Judge does I trust he will weigh all factors objectively and fairly and thus nothing will be “stolen” from anyone. As to misusing Eminent Domain, I don’t agree the city has been misusing it, but again if they are I trust the Judge will rule accordingly so as to prevent the misuse of Eminent Domain powers.

    As to notification of property owners while there has been a great deal of press I would assume the city has not sent notices in the mail to the abutting property owners because apart from the one property its still just a plan.
    But what Townhomes are you talking about? The Townhomes I see appear to be in Shady Valley/Pine Hills on Gaberonne CT and The Jackson Square Townhomes on Buford Highway between the Villas and the Nina’s and Citgo businesses. So other than Jackson Square and some homes on Somervale Ct near the Chamblee border, all the owner occupied residential properties appear to be in Shady Valley/Pine Hills which per Heather they have been involved and got the city to change their plans. I would be suprised if the Jackson Square Townhome Association was not aware. I don’t know if Somervale Ct is in a subdivision so perhaps the people in those homes don’t know yet. I agree they should know.

  48. 48

    Eric Robert

    Andy, as to apartments, if the owners of these properties don’t know about these proposals then they are negligent. These complexes are owned by companies whose buisiness it is to keep track of trends effecting the value of their properties.
    If you are speaking of renters, I doesn’t appear that any will be displaced. Even if they were as seen by the Parkside Villas sale, can be kicked out with relatively short notice. I don’t like how the Parkside residents have been treated but unfortunately that’s just the realitiy of renting. So while the input of any resident in the corridor should be welcomed I would not expect the city to contact each renter. And frankly I personally don’t think they would have a problem with a trail. If they did they can move to an apartment on the other side of their complex.

  49. 49


    Eric only a very small minded person would bring national politics and elected officials into a local issue.

    Apparently, your brain resides in your big toe.

  50. 50


    Eric just look at the real estate data and see for yourself the various properties abutting the proposed PCG. You are an attorney, right? I have to hold your hand?

    Eminent domain for a city park isn’t a necessity. It’s an abuse of government power. This is something that has evolved into a misuse of a well intended means of aquiring property for litigimate purposes.

  51. 51

    Eric Robert

    Geez Andy. If I missed something just tell me. Hardly holding my hand, is called dialog. Btw what I post here has nothing to do with my profession and I’ve never stated my profession because I am not alleging in anyway that it validates what I post. And I am certainly not always correct, But kudos to you Andy for knowing how to use Google to look up people you don’t like.

  52. 52


    Eric, you must have forgotten we have previously met at a meeting in Brookhaven. Not sure why disagreement equates dislike.

  53. 53

    Eric Robert

    Andy I have no idea who you are. Is Andy even your real name? I do agree that the act of disagreeing is certainly not a sign of dislike. But we all know that’s not what you are doing. You don’t want to answer my questions, including this one about if my list missed an abutting homeowner occupied residential property. Seems like an easy enough question to answer. Anyway your trollish responses aren’t disagreement they are just disrespectful. So it seems fair to think you have a problem with me, though you could just be one of those people that enjoy trolling message boards. Not a huge deal after all it is just a message board.

  54. 54

    The Brookhaven Post

    Can you all please get the comments back on topic? Thank you!

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