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    Thomas Porter

    The real domestic foul is the City using eminent domain!

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    Eric Robert

    Does general provision 5-34(a)(4)’s requirement for a cement floor or other washable surfaces apply to hives? It would seem to from the language and that doesn’t really make sense.

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    Eric Robert

    Though this comment about the use of Eminent Domain isn’t really related to regulating the keeping livestock and bees ….. other than both could be charachterized as a taking…… I will just say using Eminent Domain on land abutting state waters which is not owner occupied residential can be an appropriate bargaining method especially when the property owner may not be negotiating in good faith.

    Also take this as a lesson to be careful on how low you want to argue your land is worth for tax assessment purposes.

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    Clearly they’re all just winging it because they’re egg-ceptionally cocky.

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    Also take it as a lesson that when the city swears up and down they won’t do something – in this case they sold the greenway to D4 on the promise they wouldn’t use eminent domain- that they’ll go back on their word before Nathan Deal’s ink is dry.

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    Brittany Mother

    What about fertile and farmed river bottom land owned by a farmer?

    You are crazy, there were no conditions to the purchase of this land but you want to make his potential ownership and sale conditional? Not very American of you.

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    Eddie E.

    Please cite the evidence of that ‘swear’?

  8. 8


    Ask Joe Gebbia or any number of people that live in Pine Hills.

    Besides all the people that heard it first hand it was reported on at some point.

    Do you attend D4 neighborhood meetings Eddie?

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    Eric Robert

    B.M. I’m not sure what you mean.

  10. 10

    Eric Robert

    Is the owner is growing crops on this land?

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    Brittany Mother

    E.R. it doesn’t matter. It’s privately owned land. If eminent domain is used to aquire the Briarwood parcel for PCG it’s not right. Where will this land grab by Brookhaven stop? The Fulton County line?

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    I don’t know anything about beekeeping, but the city definitely seems to have issues with how it words ordinances and applications. Some of the “adult entertainment” stuff was obviously worded in a wonky fashion and I noticed recently that some of the new regulations regarding community gardens were completely contradictory.

    I’m not being mean (and gawd knows I use awful grammar here), but I think some could benefit from taking a writing (grammar) refresher course. Either that or they don’t do much research before writing these things? I honestly don’t know.

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    Eddie E.

    That any land is ‘privately owned’ does not exempt it from zoning regulations for usage.

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    Eddie E.

    I figure the lack of verbiage on pygmy goats means I can write my own rules, like the chicken owners have been doing for years.

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    Brittany Mother

    Eddie and in Brookhaven it does not exempt it from eminent domain either.

  16. 16


    The size of goats is not the problem (my dog is the size of a young cow and is generally very well-behaved and quiet) – the problem is that goats often tend to be ornery, have a mind of their own, and make a lot of noise when they’re not getting their way (which often involves the desire to escape, lol).

    I remember once in Mass I called my neighbors because their goats were out in the street *again*, and they were basically like, “I’m so sick of these stupid things I don’t care! Just leave them there!”

    Of course didn’t want them to get hit by a car so my husband and I got them home. . . the owners rehomed them not long afterwards.

    A lot of people just don’t seem to get that owning a small farm animal is NOT like owning a dog.

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    That statement doesn’t make sense. By definition, property that is subject to eminent domain was originally private property.

  18. 18


    Yes, at the Fulton line because they’ve already drawn up plans for property changes and Brookhaven/PCG property acquisitions on Buford Highway down until it hits Fulton County/Atlanta.

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    Brittany Mother

    You missed my humor. All property in Brookhaven is subject to the very loose interpretation of eminent domain by Brookhaven city.

  20. 20

    Eric Robert

    B.M. understood. Though to a Judge and many others it would make a difference. But I do understand the logic of just saying No to the use of Eminent Domain.

  21. 21

    Eddie E.

    Which makes them different than chickens how, exactly?

  22. 22

    Eddie E.

    A limited use of the term ‘humor’.

  23. 23

    Brittany Mother

    Intentionally as you are aware dear Eddie.

  24. 24


    Totally. Humor still needs to be intellectually consistent with reality.

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