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    “The City says they will provide space for equipment, material storage and an office at its maintenance facility on Clairmont Road.”
    Where is this? The PDK Greenspace where Roadworx has continued to enlarge their footprint?

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    Burke Brennan

    At the moment, the current location is the only location for storage, and it had to be included in the RFP documents. Once a suitable location is secured for the existing Public Works equipment, all of it will be permanently removed from the PDK site. Its not a detail that would require a wholesale change to the contract to winning bidder.

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    Hunter Burke

    Mr Brennan; the city is entering into a two year contract per the RFP and yet the purchase agreement for that land with Dekalb states it will be kept as greenspace in perpetuity. Clearly the city is violating at least one of the two contracts, perhaps both.
    It is ittle wonder our city can’t keep quality employees, it probably hurts their honor, it’s certainly gone missing from our elected officials.

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