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    This is good news.

    Some people around here really need to calm the heck down with their illegal and bordering on illegal gun antics.

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    Good for Brookhaven. It’s time someone took real action against at least one of the nightclubs flooding DeKalb County and its cities and engaging in illegal activity. These places are a real problem.

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    Stay your ass indoors after dark and you won’t have a problem with the city’s nightlife..

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    Brookhaven PPL

    @ Bando….words of wisdom. Rob lives in a bubble. Most cities have nightclubs. I do agree the city should regulate them a tad bit more. But I see no issue with nightclubs. People like Rob are at home by 5 pm anyway.

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    @Bando/Brookhaven PPL…nightclubs are an issue. They attract crime and the criminal element. Explains why you are defending them.

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    I don’t have any problem with nightclubs that operate legally. I worked in nightclubs for several years. Difference is those nightclubs operated legally. This crap that’s moving into DeKalb isn’t legit.

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    PCG Realtor

    If Medusa’s crowd looked like the one in the article, there’d be no revocation.

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    We in D1 are thankful we have the D1 Angel to protect us against such sinful activity unbecoming to our elite city. It’s a pity we had to include that wretched six lane area of debauchery in our fine city.

    Hat’s off to the D1 Angel for cleaning up that horrendous area. It’s not the end.

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    Yes, because illegally modified guns and drugs are such average amenities that all middle class suburbs must have them! Oh, the snobbery of trying to cut down on crime! Not to mention doing away with one more palace of misogyny. How do we live with ourselves, Saul? We must make amends. Everyone come over to Saul and Muffy’s for bottomless Fireball mimosas and Sriracha mayo avocado toast. We’re open until 4am. 5am on Sundays.

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    Hey Muff – I see Joe is running for office again. Better watch out he may close you down, he has a plan for D4 you know.

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    C’mon Sauly, with you as a partner, they don’t dare shut us down. We’re too grown and sexy! Now, tuck that gun in your Spandex waistband, light the outdoor pyrotechnics on that bottle of Hennessy and twerk for me. Don’t forget our dress code. High heels only!

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    Hey Muff – I’m down wit dat and ready to get jiggy!!! But not in South Brookhaven! King Joe rules that area! You talk about south of 85 or Fulton County and well you got your damn self a par-tay!

    Gonna tell you now, me in my Marine jump boots. You in your Louboutin best! We be a couple of freaks!

    If we are lucky, the D1 Angel may come freak wit us!

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