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    Councilman Brian Mock

    Tremendously excited about this. This is exactly the type of organization that is needed in this area. There are hundreds and hundreds of kids within a short walk or drive to Sophia. Ive said this time and time again, if we can get some organized programs over there, especially with our newly acquired park land, we can get these kids off the street and out of trouble. They get in trouble because they are bored and in some cases unsupervised. Im just excited beyond words!

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    Thomas Porter

    Great organization Boys & Girls Club; townhouses should gird for a fight.
    Ashton you might remember as the Pillager of Peachtree Hills where they want to run a sewer line through a park, cutting down old-growth trees in the process.
    Once again, developer says “no problem” to traffic yet, it is at the cusp of the area that Brookhaven just had streets closed & other calming devices installed due to dangerous cut-through traffic.

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    Rezoning will result in the loss of open green space, recreational space used for decades by the entire community and increase density in an already congested area. The benefit only goes to the developer and the community bears the expense. If increased density is allowed, the City should require space be set aside and paid for by the developer for a community green space on that site.

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    So a resident where the Boys and Girls club is moving is “tremendously excited” and the Brookhaven Council representative has no comment that the organization is leaving our community. This is a great example of how our priorities as a community are messed up.

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    Frank McCloskey

    Thomas Porter, I agree 100%.

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    Where is the BFCA and the zoning committee on this? Do they know about it?

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    Get out of my hood

    That is Waaaaay to many town homes for that property. The area is mostly a single family home neighborhood. Fields and Heights. Bates needs to step up and represent. To hell with his URBAN nonsense. They are trying to do this as mission creep from Marta and P’tree local. This is not anything like that area. This is families and lots of kids. Cut the number of units or leave the zoning as is.

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    #3 of the Seven Deadly Sins

    74 units at say $800,000 each = $59,200,000.00 net.
    Looks like they have some compromising room.

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    #3 of the Seven Deadly Sins

    Sorry, meant gross profit not net.

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    D4 Resident

    This was be perfect for a D4 park and possibly a new library location. Does anyone know the asking price for the properly?

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    D1 Resident

    Park? No, you D4 people are starting to expect too much. That isn’t why we wanted you in the city.

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    Silly statement.

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    Just Curious

    Keeping this property as a park is a wonderful idea, are you willing to have the city assume debt to buy the land from the Boys and Girls Club organization?

    If 74 units is too dense, what is an acceptable number of units? What does the Comprehensive Plan say for property within walking distance of MARTA on a major arterial?

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    When I asked him I think he said “Hunh what?”

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    John L.

    No, I expect the city to manage our money and use savings/reserves to take advantage of purchase opportunities like this. This property was on the market a couple of times, did you even research or approach the seller.
    Did Bates ever ask his constituents what they would like? NO
    Has the city even tried to get the money the County owes us for parks?
    What’s the status on our money and the new library location?
    Someone had posted something about a 50′ buffer around the entire development, I like that idea, so that’s how many units could possibly be acceptable.
    Define – “walking distance” and then consider the entire Comprehensive plan instead of picking one item to try and make your point on.

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    Thomas Porter

    We’ll ‘Just Curious’, that land is currently zoned R-75 single family homes, that requires 10,000 s.f. Lots, or, about 4 (or less with roads) per acre. The property is a bit over 6 acres, SO CALL THE NUMBER 20-24 SINGLE FAMILY HOMES.
    That is what neighbors have reasonably expected as density, and, the Comprehensive Plan deems it a Traditional Neighborhood! The developer should start with that number and plead their case for every single unit above that. If the numbers don’t work for them, then see-ya!

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    Thomas Porter

    This is a very important issue for Brookhaven Fields AND Brookhaven Heights (and every other Brookhaven resident). I think & trust they’ll weigh-in. Sooner is better.

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    What Thomas said. As for a park, this makes more sense than Betsy’s PCG Folly.

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    Did I make a huge mistake?

    When I bought my new home around a year ago within a block of this property there was talk that the Boys and Girls Club was up for sale. I asked my agent about it and she informed me that the property was zoned for homes. Knowing that there is no guarantee, I felt fairly confident though based on the make up of the surrounding area that new homes would be the logical result. I’m hoping that will still be true.

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    Welcome to Brookhaven where what you expect is not necessarily the view if city government.

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    Just Curious

    Why are you criticizing the city at this time. As far as I can tell, you have the Boys & Girls Club trying to sell their property and a developer trying to buy it and build. Has the city weighed in to support this project? What makes you think it is the ‘view of city government’.

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    They told us. Also, told us that Bates has been involved throughout the discussions and process.

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    This is a stones throw from Briarwood Park… to briarwood park

  24. 24


    Curious, I certainly have no objection to a landowner selling for the best price possible. if the zoning changes, and I have indications it is a real possibility, then you’ll have your answer about city criticism. The B&G Club should thank their lucky stars the city isn’t persuing this property via eminent domain.

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    Just Curious

    The city might might make the wrong decision, and then again they might make the correct decision. Either way the results of the decision will be in the ‘eyes of the beholder’. It appears that you have insider information, which I do not have, so I’ll defer.

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    Curious, if the zoning is changed it will be the problem of the adjacent neighborhoods affected. Evidently it’s not a problem that would immediately affect you so no concern on your part. I get it.

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    Just Curious

    I do not live in Brookhaven Heights or Brookhaven Fields and, as you say, am not directly affected. So again, I defer to your insider information, or neighborhood rumors.

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    We in D1 are thankful we have the D1 Angel to protect us against overdevelopment and zoning changes potentially disturbing our way of life in D1. The rest if you, D2, D3 and D4 thank you for making the sacrifices you do allowing us to maintain our happiness.

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