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    Blllarrghhh. Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little. Such a bs piece, this will cost Brookhaven and the help is too little too late. Fake news.

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    Eric Robert

    Glad the Mayor did this. Per the Reporter Newspaper article on this it was clear, especially for some of the elderly long term residents, that 30 days was not enough. Frankly another 21 days doesn’t seem like enough either but its better than nothing.
    The residents interviewed in the Reporter article were saying the lease provided for a 50% rebate in the last month’s rent under a circumstance like this where the complex is sold and the management terminates the leases – they were claiming that the apartment complex was not offering that. So I am wondering if this 50% rebate is just them fulfilling the terms of the lease.

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    That was a nice thing to do

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    Brookhaven PPL

    Janine do tell? How much property tax does Park Villa pay each year to fund the services you desire? Versus the amount taxes that will be raised from the townhomes? Once again, you are ill informed

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    @ Brookhaven PPL – It’s not all about money.
    And, this is a press release from the Mayor for the Mayors ego. It would be a greater credit to him if he just did a good thing and his job. Instead everything with him has to be a political move or a self imposed pat on the back. It’s getting old.

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    Brookhaven PPL: it’s like you’re stalking me on the Post! I gagged because the Mayor really didn’t do anything for these people, but took a lot of credit he didn’t deserve.
    I didn’t say anything about tax base, that makes you sound like an elected official. Ewwww!

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    Hunter Burke

    I scratched my head trying to figure out why this self-congratulatory pap was news, then, I saw “Ernst said in the release” meaning this is why the city has created the bloated Communications Dept. To further the political career of the mayor we once had high hopes for! A very sad state of affairs in this tiny town.

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    S. Walton

    Ernst and crew are always looking for ways to get themselves poetic PR. Love starved fools. These people were warned for MONTHS and many ignored it. The some fish wrapper does a report on it (Brookhaven Reporter) half assed and suddenly the mayor sees a way to get a PR win. Fools. If they really wanted to help these people they would help them find a home or send them to a class on not ignoring notices when you are given them MONTHS in advance. Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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    Easy Rider

    This is a positive thing, that the mayor deserves to brag about, and BP appropriately reported on. Good job Ernst, you continue to have the support of the (mostly) silent majority.

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    Hunter Burke

    Does he deserve a too large city department glorifying his most minor deeds?
    For Immediate Release: Mayor Ernst just called an Uber for a drunk friend.

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    D1\'s Finest

    ///past elected official. Look for ‘silly’, ‘cynical, ‘uninformed’ for author ID.

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    “There is no reason, other than creating employment, which is not the government’s business.”
    – someone that understands the role of government

    Called Uber? One friend or two? City Council members?

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    Uber Golf Cart: Coming soon to a city near you! ;0)

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    Man, you guys get your panties in a wad over nothing.

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    Easy Rider

    Does anyone who pays property taxes think they get more value from DeKalb than Brookhaven? If so, educate me.

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    Reality Sux

    There is no difference. At first there was hope that things would be better and more local but it didn’t take much time for it to be politics as usual. The favorites get their favors, the quality of work has dropped drastically, the elected officials don’t respond and if they do it is lip service or pure fabrications, money is being wasted, Brookhaven has become a jobs program, and the littlest of things take for ever to be completed or are just ignored.

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    Just another layer of government after all.

    Welcome to Brookhaven!

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    Easy Rider

    My calculation shows DeKalb’s portion of both property and sales tax is more that 3x the city of Brookhaven. If you look at your property tax bill it has a very specific breakdown, which separates schools, water, sanitation and every relevant category except the police department. After that you are basically comparing operational costs of DeKalb vs. Brookhaven and it’s not even close. So people can complain about the city, but if anyone feels they get more value from DeKalb, they must not get a water bill.

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    Reality Sux

    What are you fishing for Easy Rider? Spit it out or are you just trying to defend yourself? You asked a question and didn’t like the response? Brookhaven is 12 square miles, Dekalb County is 270 + square miles. Apple to oranges comparison. My water bill is $40.00 every two months and has been for 8+ years. You may want to put forth a little more effort to really know what is going on here in Brookhaven before drinking the kool-aid and buying their stories.

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    Thomas Porter

    Bravo Reality Sux, you’re right, politics as usual. Seems the gap between DeKalb & Brookhaven is narrowing every day. Our City Manager heartily endorses non-responsiveness.
    By the way, how do you get your water bill so low?

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    Easy Rider

    Thank you for acknowledging the service gap between the city and the county. I find the city to be extremely responsiveness on a marco level (sorry others may not agree) and lacking in some other areas like permitting turnaround times. However, I and the many others who are coming to Brookhaven in droves, know the city beats the crap out of the alternative. Sorry, the complainers are in the minority and that is as straightforward as I can be.

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    I can confidently say that I get ZERO benefit for the taxes I pay to Dekalb County.

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    Our water bill is rarely above $20. The secret is to have a good meter, earthy toilets (low gallon flushing) and good 🚿. Oh yeah– and let your lawn look horrible. 😊

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    Marco is responsive, I like him as well.

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    Thomas Porter

    Just Curious…. You must be a local politician, you’re very adept at spinning the facts and statements.

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    Just Curious

    Thank you for the compliment

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    Easy Rider

    Not a politician, an engaged citizen who has empathy for public servants and I want them to know that the most vocal doesn’t always represent the majority. Also, I don’t spin facts, I just repeated what you wrote. You wrote it because it is obvious that DeKalb is terrible and we are fortunate to live in Brookhaven.

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    Thomas Porter

    Perfect spin again!

  29. 29

    Thomas Porter

    Confirmed. Only a politician could spin my meaning 180 degrees.

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    Old Timer

    The Mayors Silent Majority = City founders and others that have him in their pocket, those that have been “anointed” to a committee and now feel empowered and special, and those who just follow blindly and are too lazy to put forth the effort to go and find out what is really happening for themselves. The overwhelming true majority is so disappointed and frustrated that they don’t even bother anymore or comment, but ask them what they think, and they all have more than one disgruntled response.

    @Easy Rider, Welcome to Brookhaven. As one of those who came in the drove your time will come. History always repeats itself. Put a good 20+ years into Brookhaven like I have and see who gives a crap or cares about what you’ll have to say let alone, what they promised and said they will do.

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    Just Curious

    @Old Timer What a bit of malarkey. The only true test in a representative democracy is an election. So the few disgruntled folks who blog, easily write that they know the true sentiment of the people. Nonsense.!!! In November two council members are up for election. We’ll know then whether the populace supports the current administration or not.

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    Do the two up for reelection have opponents? If so, are they quality candidates? You are making assumptions aren’t you?

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    Old Timer

    Just Curious, in 41/2 years we have had 3 mayors. All 3 have done the same thing. Made promises to the citizens they had no intentions of keeping, got a taste of and became a part of the secrets within the 4 walls of city hall, loved the power, learned the manipulations of politics and become the know all be all of Brookhaven. No one of quality or in their right mind would ever want to be a part of this cities government as it is now. One new face won’t make a difference. Two new faces might turn the ship. We shall see, but it is by far no indication of populace support of the current administration. Tolerance is a more likely description.

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    Just Curious

    It’s been fun playing, but cocktails and dinner await. I can play the same game of make believe tomorrow.

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    LOL, Righteous Room or are you venturing to the Pink Pony? LOL!

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    Taking a golf cart? LOL!

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    Most people can’t afford to run, especially against Joe Gebbia.

    I look forward to more promos of turning houses in Pine Hills and the surrounding areas into Airbnb’s.

    Are you scared of home invasions now? Don’t worry!

    Your elected rep is working hard to make sure your neighbors turn their home into an Airbnb instead of a year long rental!

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    Thomas Porter

    JOHN! It is you. Knew it. You’re so busted.
    The Connolly Development is amongst your greatest screw ups. Followed closely by….

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    Vote --- NO --- Joe Gebbia

    Don’t worry Heather. Only one person in District 4 has the man power and money to take Joe Gebbia down. And the people have talked him into running .
    Watch for the news on monday.

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    The Brookhaven Machine

    I don’t know who you are, but the people of Brookhaven have spoken twice. Joe is the MAN to clean up Brookhaven’s D4 and rid it off the undesirables not in character with D1’s goals for Brookhaven. Don’t waste your money, Joe has this.

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    Hmmmmmmm. Very little knowledge of D4 politics but this announcement makes me want about thirty hot dogs with yellow mustard. Where is my buddy J. Max when I need him?

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    Not sure why my response to this wasn’t approved (???) but I’d love to see Taylor Bennett run. He said he wanted to fix the sewers- what better place to start than D4?

    One can dream. . . .

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    Boone? Hey, at least I guess you can hope a food-lover won’t wanna bulldoze Buford Highway?

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