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    Wow! How about golf cart parking? Somebody is buying votes!

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    Bravo Sierra! This is an “Onion” article, right?

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    What about a rainbow crosswalk at Redding and Caldwell?

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    This is a cute idea.

    But still rather depressing. $6,300 for a tricycle track but D4 can’t can’t get a few bucks in orange cones and safety alert signs for sewer shooting manholes.

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    Heartless you are. Tricycle motors have feelings too you know.

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    Eddie E.

    Will this be funded by selling laps to the tricyclists?

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    Good for Ashford Park. Now spend the same amount on a team of day laborers with machetes, and clean out the kudzu in our parks.

    Parks said sheep would be in Briarwood Park 2 weeks ago.

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    If we could just create a new city. One that would live up to it’s promises and serve us better. Wait, didn’t we do that already?

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    Citizens of Brookhaven - Don\'t be so naive .....

    Really? Come on! This probably cost us an additional $10,000 to have Greenberg Farrow “design” it.

    LOL – All traffic control shall be provided by the contractor in accordance with GDOT’s “shelf” Special
    Provision 150. Assistance from police officers will not be provided by the City. Post mounted traffic
    control signs are not required. In addition to the required traffic control signs, contractor shall put
    out City provided “Brookhaven Working for You” signs at each work location during active

    Wake up people. This is so out of control. Park and Ernst are spending YOUR money to buy votes.

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    Why exactly (other than buying votes – so true) do you need a tricycle rack? They don’t fall down or roll away, nobody will lock them. Doesn’t this seem like the biggest nonsense ever? Seriously!

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    City Provided Campaign Funds

    There’s a ‘Brookhaven Paving’ sign that’s been in Lenox Park for a month. No Paving.

    Maybe Park/Gebbia got the idea during the Connelly Development Fundraiser at PDK?

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    Brookhaven working for you.

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    I think it says tricycle *track* – which I presume means a special place where people can bring their kids to ride tricycles?

    Which is cute and all, but seriously disturbing when you remember Brookhaven won’t spend $40 to put up a safety cone and sign or two when raw sewage is flooding D4.

    I’ve literally seen children walking in sewer spill in flip flops because they and their parents had no clue- they thought it was just water.

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    Concerned Nanny

    I have nightmares from childhood of riding a tricycle on regular sidewalks, without any traffic signs, painted lanes, or slip resistant coatings. It was horrible, trikes going every which way, no one following the rules of the road, constant traffic jams and occasionally crashes. Hopefully the city also implements trike licensing requirements — some sort of road test for the drivers and a vehicle safety check to make sure they are sidewalk legal (need some government oversight to prevent the proliferation of illegal and dangerous trike mods – whose looking at noise pollution issues when kids put baseball cards in the spokes).
    Or we could just let kids buy sidewalk chalk and go out and act like children…

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    Real Housewife of Brookhaven

    Chalk is dirty and messes up my kids’ Burberry and Lilly P.

    This a wonderful idea and will boost the local economy with tricycle sales.

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    Randy Watson

    Parks is running for re-election – shouldn’t he follow through on the Briarwood promise (understand of course he does have to take care of Ashford Park voters as well).

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    Park got his backyard park. That’s all that matters.

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    Concerned Nanny

    Good point. Maybe commission a study for putting in a mono-rail trike track. The constant need for peddling and pushing a standard trike could make some children overheat. Or set up a working group to implement pedi-cabs around the park. Could be a tourist attraction, maybe have dogs pull the pedi-cabs like our own little Central Park carriage rides. Huge branding and economic development opportunities if we think big enough.

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    Real Housewife of Brookhaven

    Your Central Park idea has given me even a better idea. We need a year round outdoor iceskating rink so Brookhaven can work towards hosting the Olympics.

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    Frank McCloskey


    Watching your video had me shaking my head. I guess some boys never grow up when they become adults.

    Are there laws prohibiting these type tricycles from operating on streets? BTW, there seemed to be several traffic violations in the video you shared.

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    Thomas Porter

    Funny. Actually I think those are the mature/safety conscious guys who used to do that prone on a skateboard!

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    Oh! Tracks! Even worse. How long is a tricycle track? How far can a child tricycle?

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