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    Isn’t there someone good to run for D4???? Please!!! Someone?

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    Real Housewife of Brookhaven

    Redeveloping Buford Highway for the win!

    Hopefully we’ll get some cute shops and a nice sushi restaurant in something like a W hotel!

    I can’t wait for the blight to be gone and feel safe visiting that area. I had to stop there once for gas and everyone was eyeing my Louis Vuitton. Scary!

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    Some people are just meant to stay in D1. Your Butler Louis Vuitton probably lives in D4 though, sounds like he is a stud. You should be proud he is so handsome, but looks like you already know that.

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    Love my Louboutins

    Brookhaven is going to recreate Buckhead from it’s 90’s heyday! Genius!! I can’t wait!!!!!

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    Real Housewives of Brookhaven

    The thugging in that area affects us all!

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    Well yes, until D4 doesn’t suck anymore.

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    You want the thuglife? Highrise next to Kroger and Town Brookhaven, thuglife for you. This girl don’t go there no way.

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    Real Housewives of Brookhaven

    Ewwww!! Well D4 is gonna be safe again and like The Beverly Hills of the South! Look out Buckhead!!!

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    Unless the districts were recently redrawn those places are not in D4. I feel more comfortable on Buford Highway than on Peachtree.

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    If Joe was serious about reducing taxes he would have given up the complete tax rollback for each year we were due a rollback. For three or four years we we’re thrown a bone.

    Does anyone actually know Joe’s plans for redevelopment of Buford Highway? Is Brookhaven getting ready to go into the development business? Does this mean more confiscated property to reach Joe’s redevelopment goal?

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    If you look at the PCG map proposal it involves replacing current Buford Highway businesses with things like new hotels and apartment complexes.

    I can’t wait for the resulting speed humps and increased sewer spills.

    Considering Joe reaches out to people looking to rent out their homes to yearly renters and suggests they turn their homes into Airbnb’s instead- in an area with home invasions!- I doubt he cares much about the quality of life for those in his district- or his own neighborhood for that mater.

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    Wait til you find out where his new City Hall is going? And what it’s going to cost?

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    We in D1 think D4 Joe is our second best D1 city council member. No concrete plans, but he is going to drain D4 for D1’s benefit. He really understands where city control is and where we want city revenue to come from to support D1. That’s why D4 is in Brookhaven anyway. You go Joe!

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    I guess Gebbia , along with Real House Wife, wants to rid of us hardworking brown latinos from Buford Highway. I am Not surprised by the typical Brookhaven’s status quo, very sad. Smh

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    Hunter Burke

    The best way to determine if you should vote for Joe Gebbia, is to understand that he usually backs and defends Bates Mattison’s political & personal agendas and issues. Please draw your own conclusions from that.

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