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    Matty Jensen

    Hmmm? Excellent information. Thank you Trey.

  2. 2

    Thomas Porter

    Yes, thanks Trey!
    You’d think Brookhaven’s Communication Dept would have made this announcement.

  3. 3

    Burke Brennan

    In fairness, the website has been up and running for more than 4 years. That said, I agree that this is a very informative article. We will be promoting it in our social media.

  4. 4

    Brittany Mother

    Brookhaven has had a communications department with an expensive staff for quite a while. We get fluff articles about what the city and and elected officials have accomplished but precious little about anything else. We would be lost without the Post filling in the voids. I think that is where Thomas was coming from with his comment.

  5. 5


    My son stopped playing Minecraft on the computer, and started sifting through the City of Brookhaven website. Now he makes $10,000 per day.

  6. 6


    Branching out from the AJC I see.

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