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    Beer. Good. I count 20 parking spaces, where is everyone going to park?

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    Awesome. Downtown Chamblee needs more stuff like this.

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    Me walk from my townhome, you MARTA! Parking is a thing of the past for new developments.

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    Great a brewery directly in front of the police station…what could go wrong?

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    Huey Mahl

    So much good stuff going on in Chamblee right now. Kudos to the city leaders!

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    Eric Robert

    they should just tear that building down and start from scratch. Otherwise good idea.

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    The Bald Eagle

    Driving to a brewery makes no sense. There’s a MARTA station a half-mile away, and always Uber/Lyft.

    I’m really excited about this development. But as someone who lives in the neighborhood, the last thing we want is a bunch of people driving from this place.

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    Eric Robert

    Btw Hopstix brews their own beers and is even closer to the Chamblee MARTA station.

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    If the success of this venture is predicated on folks walking from the Chamblee mid-city district, or taking MARTA to the Chamblee station then walking most of a mile to the brewpub, or utilizing Uber / Lyft then they will be closed pretty quickly. The vast majority of patrons will arrive and depart in their personal vehicles. Just like they do at Hopstix.

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    The MARTA station is not a half mile away. Google Maps is your friend.

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    “Driving to a brewery makes no sense. There’s a MARTA station a half-mile away, and always Uber/Lyft.”
    You might want to review the situation with the several thousand folks that attend tours / tastings at Sweetwater every week. Literally no one walks. Next to no one uses public transportation. The trek to Lindbergh MARTA plus the last mile is literally impossible. Like every other American we get in our car and drive to the destination then drive back home. I am a huge fan of designated drivers. Pretending we are going to walk our way to a better world is laughable.

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    Almost no one walks or takes MARTA to Hopstix. Two other businesses that closed in the Chamblee mid-city distrct this year cited parking as a critical issue.

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    Eddie E.

    Soon we will view today’s dismal parking situation as “the good old days”.
    At least Hopstix will provide a place for people to sit while they are trapped in planned gridlock.

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    Beer-guzzling golf cart driving D2 resident

    You guys in Chamblee are on the right path but this ain’t nothing compared to what our Brookhaven has in store for us. Once we get our hands on that land down on Peachtree Creek we gonna select a developer to work with three to five brew pub owners in developing a brew pub village on the hill behind the plaza. They will brew their beer from fresh Peachtree Creek water and the beers brewed will truly be from Brookhaven. The food will be great too. People can walk the PCG, stop in for a brew and sit on the deck overlooking the creek valley and our wonderful greenway trail. For those that ain’t into walking there will be cart access at Briarwood and plenty of parking behind the plaza. There will be corn hole and bocce and locker rooms for the swimmers and waders. Gonna have golf cart chargers too. Yall need to rally behind Joe and Betsy and show support for this new community development planned for us. This is the kind of city project that will bring us all together. Just think about that fresh Peachtree Creek brewed beer!

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    E Coli Stout?

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    Food? Fresh grilled muskrat? Baked carp? Glowing crawfish etouffee? I can’t wait!

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    @fyi, what are the two businesses that closed? And why did they even open knowing that there was not enough parking for their patrons? @Eddie E., what planned gridlock are you talking about? Do think that living ITP with MARTA rail stations in your neighborhood means that you get to enyoy these amenities all to yourself?

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    Y’all need to learn to look on the brightside!

    They’ve already proposed an edible garden on the creek, so I for one am looking forward to all the money I’ll save on future Halloween decorations!

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    Ted Gordon

    Adaptive reuse of the building is good.

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    Eric Robert

    Also @FYI where is there currently a shortage of parking? Seems pretty plentiful at the moment and thus not the reason a buisness would have closed. Or was it that Fresh to Go? I went there once, not sure I’d blame the parking.

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    Google and the Brookhaven Post are your friend. No, Fresh to Go is not one of the referenced businesses. One was a long term successful Chocolatier who thrived in the city for two decades in a different location and the other was a great wine shop that was well reviewed but did not thrive in mid-city. Neither of these story lines may align with your pro – MARTA point of view. You might want to actually drive in from Upper Brookhaven / lower Dunwoody and familiarize yourself with the facts on the ground. Or not.

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    Lower Dunwoody to Chamblee is far from a reasonable commute on MARTA despite the fact that it is basically a stone’s throw as the eagle flies. MARTA is awesome. Huh?

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    This post is about a business in Chamblee. No need to deflect to your misery in Brookhaven.

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    Eddie E.

    I, for one was quite sad to see Maison Robert be driven out of Chamblee. However, now that we have a DDA to decide what is best, who are we to question.

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    Eddie E.

    Frank, I just want to be able to make my simple 1 mile commute every day without adding half an hour for the thousands of people under the misconception that being plopped down amidst an unfinished Transit system gives them a way to get around.
    When you add a couple of thousand people to an already chocked intersection (especially during rush periods) the folks who have been here long enough to finance the various abatements will have to find new and creative ways to go about daily life.
    I guess it’s best since that is what the DDA has determined.

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