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    Thank you for this- I feel that the DDA has not been transparent enough in the past and this is a good step. What is the definition of the “target area” for this? I do not see the location identified in the document.

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    David Carter

    DDA meetings are noticed and open to the public. Minutes are published after all meetings. Meetings have been video recorded for the last year and these recordings have been uploaded to a YouTube Channel. A summary of each deal the DDA has done has been published on the DDA website and multiple articles explaing DDA activity have been published in the Post (and reposted through social media). The DDA is audited each year, and the results of such audits are public record. I personally appear at City Council work sessions to make a report of DDA activity. Please provide an actual example of non-transparency, so that we may address it

    The article states that the “target area” is going to be determined in the Preliminary Planning Period. It is not defined in the article because it has not yet been defined.

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    Just sayin

    Audited? By who?

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    Wilcox & Bivings CPA out of Suwanee audited the DDA for FY2014. The report is available on the DDA’s website. Unfortunately that’s the latest (and only report) that I can able to locate. Hopefully Mr. Carter can upload the subsequent financial reports.

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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    That financial statement is a joke. The new GASB Rule 77 requires ALL debt to be disclosed. There should be a $100 million-dollar-bond on the 2016 report, when and if, it becomes available. Read the links for the coming, forced transparency.–economic-incentives-advisoryi-gasb-is

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    Hunter Burke

    David Carter, that seems a terribly aggressive response to a person who just thanked you. Makes it seem the DDA has more to hide than less.

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    Eddie E.

    It’s wonderful that a sprawling megalopoplis like ‘downtown Chamblee’ has a ‘development authority’ so that tax abatements can be given to the long suffering developers who only get paid if they disrupt what is there to install what is not. How else would the Citizens of Chamblee know what is wanted or needed without the tireless volunteer efforts of these individuals?

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    David Carter

    GASB 77 is not about disclosing debt, it is about disclosing foregone taxes, for the current year only, and only as affects the taxing jurisdiction making the disclosure. GASB 77 says this pretty plainly, the Alston and Bird article you linked confirms this, and the DDA’s legal counsel confirms this.

    In 2015 and 2016 the DDA’s financial report was included in the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. You can see those reports here: .

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    Enuff Govt Already

    If what passes as downtown Chamblee is so desirable then why does it need an authority?

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    Well at least Chamblee has a downtown. can’t say as much for brookhaven.

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    Most every city in metro Atlanta has a DDA and or a development authority. And every county has a development authority. They can be useful for economic development. The problem with Chamblee’s DDA is that they have some members that have no idea what they are doing.

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    remember when

    Remember when Brookhaven paid for a PR guy to see how people view Brookhaven and most of the interviuees did not know where Brookhaven or the downtown area was?

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    Brookhaven, if it’s ambitious, could create something spectacular as part of its MARTA station and overlay district.

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    None of them know what they’re doing. Scarramucci just got sent back to the EX-Im Bank.

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    Eddie E.

    But why?

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    Eddie E.

    They know they are shifting taxpayer funds to rapacious developers. What else is there to know?

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