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    No worries here. The D1 Angel will nip this in the bud for us. The tail will never wag this dog. D1 RULES!

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    Joan dillon

    I hope I move before this happens

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    Tom Reilly

    If only this application had been withdrawn WITH prejudice some six years ago!! We wouldn’t have had to face the same situation with different municipalities now. Also please refer to You tube”s coverage on the previous zoning meetings on this issue–it’s a three part series beginning with “Concorde Fire Soccer Club Invades Quiet Community.”

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    This would have been an ideal location for the Concorde Fire facility. It would’ve been a nice quite green space for 20 hours a day during the soccer season and a nicely manicured space during the off season. Scott Sherris should’ve spent his energy working with the Concorde program to include a walking trail along the river and other elements that would’ve added to the neighborhood. Now we can all thank Scott when this (or the next) developer gets approval to backfill dirt onto this lot and builds a high density town home development.

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    Evidently you do not know the D1 Angel. It will not happen. Note this is a smelly creek, not a clean pristine river.

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    I’m seeing a trend here in Brookhaven, evidently there is a love of smelly creeks.

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    There is a new single family home being built right across from there also. It looks huge!

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    Tom Reilly makes me laugh.

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    We need to preserve this natural corridor for wildlife.

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    Scott Sherris

    I appreciate the vote of confidence! But I actually think townhomes are more appropriate than the massive soccer complex Concorde Fire was trying to pass off as a “neighborhood park”. We have no problem with neighborhood-appropriate development, even when it increases the density. But the red flags on this one are too much to ignore.

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    The D1 Angel saves us again.

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