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    Hunter Burke

    I was able to view the shakey-cam video from Brookhaven’s mammoth Communications Department yesterday on Facebook. Looked like one of the Johns’ drunk friends took it with an iPhone. Tawdry & embarassing all around, speaking to the uninterested workers behind a podium.

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    Sad to see it go! I have fond memories of the kids, teachers, classrooms, cafeteria and the playground of Skyland Elementary. One of the weirdest – our class practicing ‘duck and cover’ under our school desks during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And all us kids had to have an emergency evacuation route to our homes, and then we walked it once so we’d know how to do it in case of war.

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    Eddie E.

    I did those same ridiculous exercises in my hometown. I’ve often wished the Government would have been honest and taught us to prepare to ‘incinerate in place’ so we would have had a more realistic comprehension of nuclear weapons.

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