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    “The Year of Progress”? Seriously The Post needs to start giving Put Down Your Coffee and Don’t Choke While Reading alerts.

    Almost 2 million in proposed spending yet they still can’t spend $20- $40 on warning signs for sewer leaks in D4 where people walk and children play.

    How can anyone with moral values even pretend like this is okay?

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    Thomas Porter

    Concerns: You’ll note that ALL announcements seem to be about buying something or hiring someone which, of course means either revenue has increased… or… the ability to incur debt has. If there’s more revenue, why isn’t there a tax reductio instead??? Tying yourself to a percentage is meaningless, the question is how much it costs to operate at a level CITIZENS WANT.
    Oh, plus, is the distribution equal between the council districts? Duh.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    I’m happy. After years of waiting we are finally getting a slice of the pie.

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    Jim D.

    What are the OTHER costs? I.E. Greenberg Farrow?
    Wasn’t this MC field not even on the list for 2017 initially and they added it earlier this year? Now their back for another $600,000?
    Georgian Hills total cost was est. at $1,644,550 in Feb. 2016 and now Phase I of III is almost the entire budget? Phase III will be the most costly since it is raw land right now.
    Clack’s Corner was est. at $139,905 in Feb. 2016 for a park that was 95% complete and has cost us a “reported” $198,000 and they only got half of the items in the Master Plan.
    Construction cost increases my ass, more like poor management of tax dollars. At this rate the $28 million will be $200 million.
    Did GF just make up figures on these individual park estimates to get the extended contract to consult and cya once reality was known?
    This smells to high heaven. A total review is needed and GF needs to be shown the door.

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    Yes, it’s our time to have our own money wasted on our own frivilous city projects.

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    Evidently you didn’t get the message that Brookhaven was created to be a jobs program.

    Keep it going, keep voting in the same people to elected office in Brookhaven voting to approve “pet” projects. They have friends that need jobs and friends with special projects to fund. And they just love to spend your money.

    Welcome to Brookhaven!

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    Riley OConnor

    It should be noted that City Council appeared to be startled at the pricing for these projects. As an example, the Murphey Candler project was estimated to cost $136,000. in 2016, but when it comes time to approve a bidder in 2017, the low bid is $591,000. There is discussion about this, with the explanation being that the economy is hot and that contractors are bidding accordingly. The Georgia Hills project has likewise blossomed into $1.2 million from a much lower estimate. Discussion of this starts at 1:46 in the public record video.

    At the end of the council meeting, Mayor Ernst commented that, going forward, this sort of spending strains the City finances.

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    O’Reilly, what has happened is government projects have gotten a reputation for being administered and approved by bureaucrats and electeds with little understanding of the work they are requisitioning and their implementation. The proposals are not detailed, compared and analyzed to insure competitiveness. None of these bureaucrats and electeds take the extra step necessary to insure tax dollars are well spent. They are not held accountable because the general citizentry really don’t know what’s going on. The bidders pool is shallow with the same old contractors or suppliers that compete against each other in other municipalities and know the higher threshold for a winning bid. This is government work, not private sector work where you have to be competitive because your bid is actually analized.

    Your city needs new blood in city hall and introduced into the bidders list. But looking at the polls for the upcoming election that will never happen. Besides, the city wants you to think they are swimming in money💰💰💰 💰 💰💰💰 and they must be the way they spend your tax dollars, right?

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    Doraville Res.

    Wow! Doraville spent the same amount and the only thing the taxpayer got was a steep driveway to the pool and a drainage ditch!

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    I’m not really sure how “appeared to be startled” is a reasonable defense for people that repeatedly claim to be informed and knowledgeable.

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    New to Brookhaven

    I’m surprised by some of these comments. You want park improvements yet you don’t want to pay for them. You want a bidding process but are upset with the results.

    As for the sewer leaks signage, I don’t know if you are aware of Brookhaven Connect but you should just report it there and it will probably will be addressed. I submitted one about paving signage and the City responded pretty quickly imo.

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    Brookhaven city taxes are less than 10% of my property tax bill. I’m happy to see them doing good things and making the city a better place.

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    Brookhaven Res.

    Sorry, I think you’re on the wrong article comment thread. Brookhaven threads are reserved for the same 6 people to complain about anything the city does no matter what.

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    I been workin\' on the Railroad!

    Wait, what? The mayor is uninformed about the negotiation process with builders charging three times what they did 2 years ago? He was in the picture paving roads with the guys. $3, or a cup of coffee, says he couldn’t name the tool in his hand in the picture.

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    Gimme a Break

    The City communications department staff (all four), are on a repeating loop of replies to suggestions for improvements sending them Brookhaven Connect, or City-Sourced, or whatever new over-priced citizen avoidance router that comes along doesnt work. Heaven forbid someone pick up the phone, or you need a reasonably requested residential building permit approved, or a straight, logical answer to your question. How’s that municipal audit failure working?

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    Eddie E.

    Many have apparently not realized the economy has improved substantially since Brookhaven was incorporated and many or the early cost projections were wildly lower than realistic costs.
    But the myth of permanent low taxes remains.

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    Thomas Porter

    The question is whether your neighbors agree that the City should be SEEKING WAYS TO SPEND TAXES, like the $6300 tricycle track, twice-located memorials to international intolerance, ballooning Communications Departments… or… reducing taxes???
    The City isn’t becoming better, it’s just becoming different, and, too few dollars are being spent on sorely needed infrastructure.

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    Good to know that the contributor list is growing. Better knowing that thousands of people read the Post every day, do not comment themselves but agree with many who do.

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    Thanks for the tip.

    Did you get that everyone? Just call Brookhaven Connect in D4.

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    Heather, do they actually respond to D4? As much noise as you have made you’d think this would be a historical issue by now.

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    Riley OConnor

    I used the term “appeared to be startled” out of respect for City Council’s stoic attitude during the public comment sections of a typical City Council meeting. They have to sit there and appear to be listening while some of our colorful local characters boil over about whatever issue is on their minds. And, not that some of the polemic toward City Council wasn’t self-inflicted.

    Personally, I couldn’t do it, which is probably why several people have tried to convince me that I ought to be in elected office. Presumably, their motive is that I am not able to sit there and take it, which I’m not. And listening to some of that blather would most likely result in a tart response from me. This is, of course, not the recipe for political success, but it would seem to put some pizazz into public meetings.

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    It’s becoming better, but I can understand how change or new ideas might be difficult or scary.

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    They are supposedly studying, investigating, and working on the issue- something I’ve been told by others in the area has been the standard response for many years.

    How flipping hard is it to warn people that sidewalks, curbs and yards are being exposed to sewage?

    No joke- after one of the last times I complained, Joe Gebbia waited for everything to dry then went out and had his picture taken in shiny shoes right next to where there’d been flooding.

    It’s disgusting. But I guess if you take a picture with dress shoes on when the sun is shining everything is fine.

    It’s disgusting.

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    Ps- part of the problem too is that a lot of people don’t know about the sewer flooding this area- and Brookhaven gov. and some that have invested in property seem to want to keep it that way.

    I certainly didn’t know about it when I was home shopping and to be entirely honest when I first started hearing about it I thought people were exaggerating or just maybe a little nuts.

    I’ve never lived in or even heard of a place in America (particularly a “nice” place) where it’s an accepted fact of life to have sewage flooding your neighborhood.

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    Why Not You

    Qualifying deadline for the council seat is August 23. You can spend your time writing on this site or stand up and run for office. If Joe is as bad as you imply, this year is the perfect opportunity to fix the problem by replacing him as councilperson.

    My guess is you would rather be a critic than do the hard work of running for office.

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    I’m not qualified- and am smart enough to know and admit it- but would happily donate and volunteer for a qualified opponent.

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    Why Not You

    Well that’s a reasonable position. There should be folks you know that could be convinced to run, if indeed Joe is as bad as you suggest.

    It takes a lot of work to get someone elected, but it’s the only solution in a democracy.

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    Eddie E.

    Funny how those not qualified often bark the loudest.

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    I volunteer for and donate to a lot of things Eddie, and unlike you I disagree with others without resorting to name calling as you’re doing here -by suggesting I’m a female dog and as you’ve done previously by calling me crazy. You seem to spend a lot of time singling out various women here in the comment section for nasty derision. I’m sorry that you have so much hostility towards women that share genuine concerns about very legitimate issues.

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    WNY- I wish I did! Unfortunately as someone that hasn’t lived here too long I tend to only really know other newcomers.

    Imo it would border on deranged to run for city council when you still use GPS to get around and haven’t even driven through most of Brookhaven. 😉

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    Eddie E.

    I merely made a suggestion of ‘noise’ not any sort of comparisons.
    I DO volunteer and contribute while not expecting to be OBEYED.
    I don’t know from male of female since they are all just names.
    I am waiting to see legitimate issues.

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    For someone that spends so much time accusing others of not being “true Democrats” it’s odd to me that you don’t consider raw sewage flooding yards, sidewalks, and streets- where children live,walk and play- a “legitimate issue”.

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    Eddie E.

    Photos? Frequency?

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