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    Thomas Porter

    I support their conclusion… but… how many times have staff reports been stupid on either re-zoning or variances? I don’t doubt this will be denied (Bravo!) but, Staff Reports aren’t a significant factor, nor, should they be.

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    The D1 Angel at work. The word is out, formal decision rendered in due time by the D1 Angel. The D1 Angel watches over us and will not allow such nonsence in D1.

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    Tom Reilly

    Denial without recourse will keep this issue from ever coming up for the third time.

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    Tom, you were three feet tall in this 50’s. Everything looked tall to you back then. Do some more research my friend. All of you hypocritical NIMBY activists have it so wrong. Proposed are 18 housing units built on roughly 2 acres within a mile of the largest employment center in the southeast US. Now let’s build 18 units in a traditional 1 unit per half acre lot, or 9 acres not counting roads utilities amenities ect. Somewhere way OTP on land not previously developed, forested land. Using a very moderate estimate of 250 trees per acre, truly clear cut, and roughly 10 acres for land use, that’s 2,500 trees. Now the people living in these units add to the traffic mess on 85, 75, or 400 as they drive to the same employment center mentioned above. How is this situation better for the environment? It’s not! Oh, but I forgot, silly me, you were here first.

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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    Why do it stink when it rains? (Lack of effective city stormwater management plan) Why do cities allow new developments when the EPD Consent Decree says DeKalb County can’t? (Just wait til City Governments unanimously line up against not only their own citizens, but also DeKalb County and the EPD in defense of new development in return for campaign donations) What is that big pipe length doing in the middle of the Whole Foods development? (Are you beginning to get it?)

    Rosewood Apts?
    @1377 Apts?
    Mercy Care?
    Town Brookhaven?
    Chamblee TOD?
    Peachtree Crossing?
    Dresden Village?
    Peachtree Creek Greenway?

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    If someone wants to live near the hospitals they could look at the 40+ homes for sale in that area.

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    I’m not a cynical person but at this point it’s hard to interpret Brookhaven’s refusal to display warning signs or safety cones for D4 raw sewage floods as anything other than them hoping that people will never know.

    If this keeps up Brookhaven will likely be facing health related lawsuits in ten years or so.

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    Easy Rider

    It’s pretty obvious the infrastructure can’t keep up with the area developments. My understanding is the county requirement for sewer storage is very cumbersome, so it does make you question how so many developers are meeting these conditions.
    The good news is we elected a President who has defunded the EPA and fought all the wasteful government spending to protect environment. So DeKalb county is probably safe from sanctions, but many of us should be prepared to live in the sewer.

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    Just sayin

    Easy, you’re still not getting it. It’s the Stormwater overload, champ, coming from less pervious surfaces, unbridled rezoning, and willing city councils. Sure, the sewers are a County problem, but the sewers are being flooded with Stormwater….and that my 70’s motor-cycle riding friend, is a CITY problem.

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    More adventures in NIMBY land.

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    That’d be D1!

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    Easy Rider

    We agree that stormwater runoff is a problem from over-building. Unfortunately, the city can’t just turn off building permits due to a number of legal reasons. (remember the building moratorium?). In some cases the city does have a recourse to deny requests and hopefully they will follow staff recommendations in this case. However, they are sometimes handcuffed and simply denying a permit because the city/county infrastructure has not be maintained will not hold up in court.

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