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    Might be cheaper and less prone to failure if all entrances are equiped for access via a standard code and protocal for emergency personnel. More important, I bet many of these communities may not allow for access of larger equipment. Are Brookhaven’s traffic lights RFID/SOS yet?

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    Thomas Porter

    I agree the City should require, I strongly disagree the City should pay to retrofit. These are gated communities after all., make them leave the gates open in the alternative until THEY retrofit.

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    All of these “gated communities” were already required to have a Knox box set and operational which allows emergency personnel access anytime they want.. These are Specially coded boxed made to order per municipality, Which work flawlessly across the country. Another layer of bullsh*t oversight and wasted money from your boy Christian Sigman and his band of ignorant clowns.

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    Eddie E.

    Such language Barbara!
    I’m sure if you asked nicely, they would get your permission before making any changes.

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