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    Tom Reilly

    Some six years ago a similar proposal on this same property was withdrawn WITHOUT prejudice, thus paving the way for he situation that we now face. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” We need to again deny this application, this time WITH prejudice, to ensure that this will not happen again.

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    Ms. Mesh, Tom, don’t worry, the D1 Angel is with us.

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    Easy Rider

    Approximately what value do you assign to the 13+ acres?
    The plan includes 18 townhomes which covers approximately 2 acres so there are two ways of looking at it. One, the city owes the property owner reasonable value or the neighborhood can negotiates a use for the remaining 11+ acres. Since the rest of us are making concessions for density I need to be convinced that the city should spend this considerable amount of money.

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    This is easy. Claim the vast majority of this land is in a flood plain and cannot be built on. Secure it by using eminent domain for the betterment of the people of Brookhaven. Now D1 has a park on an open sewer. They should have used eminent domain with that piece of land on Remington.

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    Did you make a stand when they clear cut the lot your house is built on?

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    I went to a site with old aerial photos (historicaerials) and the area was entirely clear cut in the earliest photo that they have (1938). This lasted until the 1960s or so, when small trees started growing.

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    Brittany Mother

    My grandfather told me back then the entire area that was suitable for agriculture purposes was mostly farm and pasture land. People assume it was all forrest land out of ignorance of the areas history.

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    Easy Rider

    I suggest the surrounding community fine-tune their argument because the various versions I’ve heard don’t hold up. I’ve heard, preserve trees, added traffic, additional impervious surfaces that add to surrounding flooding, historical site, and no parks nearby. Blackburn park is closer than the “historical site” on Lake Hearn Rd, the plan uses only a portion of the property so clear cutting trees doesn’t apply, same argument for the impervious surfaces, and 18 homes won’t add significant traffic.
    The developer could donate the unused property to the city. Then the community can be assured of no additional building. Regardless this request is a reasonable exception.

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    Tom Reilly

    Hi!! The land was thick forest when I was growing up here in the 1950’s.

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    Just because something was some way 50 or 100 years ago doesn’t make it right.

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    Your statement of:

    “…Remington Way with a house vacant for 10 years for around $400,000 to turn it into a pocket park with direct access to Murphey Candler Park.”

    is completely false. There is NO access to Murphey Candler Park from this location. Why don’t you do a little research before writing your op-ed piece.

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    I’d love to see this connect to Path 400 with a paved pathway from Murphy Candler along Nancy Creek.

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    The Simple Truth

    Guest – There is no access YET. The main reason this property was even considered by the city in the first place was to create access to MC. The neighborhood opposed and the city created a new story to tell. We now have a worthless piece of property to maintain.

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    That comment is so tired and old. It make no sense. Times are a changin my friend. Properties weren’t clear cut, homes were much smaller and not so close together. Traffic and the exhaust that comes with it is much worse. Climate changes are obvious and storm water is an issue costing us millions of dollars. It wasn’t a sea of concrete. For some enlightenment try google, it’s a great resource to learn about the benefits of tree. Now more than ever.

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    Nature Boy

    Wow! How neat is that!

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    Key word is indeed YET. There will be a land grab and a bridge YET to come. Bank.

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    Conservation Time

    A few years ago an S. Sherris formed a conservancy to protect that property from future development. Money was donated to that organization for the express purpose of conservation. To protect that land, the Conservancy should launch a campaign, and share cost with the City to buy the land. It’s private property and if you want it kept pristine, you need to pay up. Mr Sherris, what say you?

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    CT you must not be aware of Brookhaven’s efforts to secure land by eminent domain for Betsy’s Folly. Why should Mr. Sherris pay for anything when the city will legally steal for him?

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    Huey Mahl

    THAT is a FANTASTIC idea.

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    Brittany Mother

    I’ll be interested to see how Marist reacts to a request for access to create a connecting path.

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    Tom, you were three feet tall in this 50’s. Everything looked tall to you back then. Do some more research my friend. All of you hypocritical NIMBY activists have it so wrong. Proposed are 18 housing units built on roughly 2 acres within a mile of the largest employment center in the southeast US. Now let’s build 18 units in a traditional 1 unit per half acre lot, or 9 acres not counting roads utilities amenities ect. Somewhere way OTP on land not previously developed, forested land. Using a very moderate estimate of 250 trees per acre, truly clear cut, and roughly 10 acres for land use, that’s 2,500 trees. Now the people living in these units add to the traffic mess on 85, 75, or 400 as they drive to the same employment center mentioned above. How is this situation better for the environment? It’s not! Oh, but I forgot, silly me, you were here first.

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    Conservation Time

    Mr Sherris should not pay for anything. The Conservancy is a legal non-profit that was formed expressly to address the issue of conservation. It collected money for that purpose. The Conservancy should be advocating for the long term conservation of that property.

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    My mistake. The city will steal the property using eminent domain for the betterment of Brookhaven. They’ll use the conservancy funds to pay the court decided value of the property making up any difference with tax dollars.

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