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    Easy Rider

    Great job! There is only so much we can do about car traffic, but making Brookhaven as pedestrian/bike friendly as possible is smart. There are a few planned sidewalk projects in Brookhaven that are behind schedule so please make completion a priority.

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    Thomas Porter

    Thousands of walkers applaud, as well as all 22 Brookhaven bicyclists.

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    Rob Turner

    I see this is a very positive step to grow the city’s pedestrian & bicycle infrastructure and options for traveling other than by car. Retrofitting can be slow and cumbersome but as long as the commitment is there, I see this as a strong and bold step for enhancing Brookhaven.

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    Wantabee bike mom

    Could we just once concentrate and prioritize based on the needs and wants of those of us that are paying for all of this? Let’s connect the routes to the schools and parks FIRST. Biking in the street is not children or family friendly. Many neighborhoods do not need sidewalks on both sides of the street. Save the trees and the current streetscapes of some beautiful neighborhoods. We keep revisiting the same old topics, change ordinances to leave open holes of discretion, and can’t enforce any of it. The picture in this article looks like an abstract painting. What the hell does it mean and where does on mode of transportation belong over another?

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    Angie the cyclist

    All this bike lane nicety is thoughtful but have any if you really tried to ride a bike on a laned or unlaned road in Brookhaven? You’ll do it a few times and then for your safety, if you are safety concious, you’ll stop and seek less traveled residential roads. Bikes on heavily traveled roads just isn’t safe. Bike vs. car accidents always result in a hurt or dead cyclist. Kids on the street riding a bike? NO!

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    Natasha Simms

    Does anyone know about the trail off Drew Valley that is fenced? Are there any plans or projects for this? We used to use it all the time to go to the businesses on Dresden and to MARTA but it has gotten so bad that we just drive now. There was a lady that we would see working down there all the time but I think the area is just too much for one person to really make a difference. Hope it is on the list for some much needed attention and improvements.

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    Sign up for the Brookhaven City Volunteer list and they will call, you to attend to it.

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    More options to use a bike will cause more people to ride a bike via “induced demand” (economics term). You can find more on that here:

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    Conservation Time

    Interesting NY Times article about how quickly bicycle culture is taking over in New York City.

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