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    Thomas Porter

    Well… this doesn’t seem to be part of the gentrification of Buford Hwy. Read full article. Sketchy!

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    Riley OConnor

    Well, it’s nice to see the Pink Pony described as a “gentleman’s club”.

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    I wouldn’t go so far as to call it sketchy though I get where you’re coming from.

    People have been trying to do this sorta late night lounge/ high end late night eating for a bit now. . . there was one that popped up after a restaurant failed recently on the other side of North Druid Hills Rd. It’s pretty common in a lot of cities for people to try for trendy, high-end after-hour eats. They can be successful in the right area.

    I think the “on fleek” thing sounds desperate but as someone that bartended in college pre social media era I can say it’s not that much different- you’re supposed to be a part of attracting and maintaining repeat customers and also maintaining a good “word-of-mouth” for the bar/restaurant.

    Ironically the sketchiest place I ever worked wasn’t a lounge or a nightclub but the bar in a very nice restaurant in Savannah.

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    Serious question:

    If this small business owner was a *MAN* would the article be saying:

    “Popular gentleman’s club Pink Pony. . . is basically behind HAUS.”

    followed by

    “Young’s instagram also shows she may be an aspiring model.”

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