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    Tom Reilly

    I understand that the goats will start “working”in Osborne Park today. Please be careful to keep them on the south side of that chain link fence. There is English Ivy on its north side, but there are also several rare native plant groups that could be destroyed by these animals. I’ve seen their great work in such places as Keswick Park. Adding pigs to these goats would destroy even the roots of these invasive killers!! –Tom Reilly, Volunteer, National Wildlife Federation

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    Frank McCloskey

    As much as the grandchildren have enjoyed watching the goats do their thing, the watch/herd dog is still their favorite.

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    Heather Hunter

    If the city is using the goats that they used previously, those goats were of the sheep variety and they did a fantastic job. Can’t wait to have them back!

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    Unless there are some highly trained pigs around here I would not go the pig route- they tend to enjoy digging up everything.

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    Herding dogs at work are amazing to watch- they’re so intelligent and eager to do their job.

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    Greg Trinkle

    Great news for Briarwood Park

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    Thanks for listening.

    Fantastic. Since we now know we have the same invasive plant species problem year after year in most of our parks, perhaps we should put the sheep/goats into constant rotation., instead of wating until the end of summer when kudzu is long, or years after Osborne Park had been purchased. Now that we own the FEMA lots in Drew Valley with a rainy supply of creek fertilizer, we should invest in a herd.

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    I agree about keeping it in rotation and think in basic concept having our own herd is a great idea- but keep in mind that the city will have to employ someone year round to care for said herd. Then there’s vet expenses etc. Knowing Brookhaven they will probably fund a study and an entire committee. Then someone will decide the goats can earn their keep by being a petting zoo of sort in the winter. This will require more employees, more government and take away from more important local issues.

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    Sounds like a great idea! Plus, it might help with other, non-park spaces that are overgrown and full of invasive plant species.

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    How much money do you think is appropriate for Brookhaven to spend on the housing, feeding, medical care, trained full-time government staff and transportation vehicles for goats/sheep we’d purchase?

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    Ps- and oops- I forgot to add the cost of insurance.

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    I don’t know. It depends on what the benefits might be, potential revenue from user fees, and what the costs are of using a different approach to accomplish the same thing. I’m just not the kind of person to automatically say “no” to something because its unconventional. Plus, who says the city has to own it? “Constant rotation” and “invest in a herd” could also just mean a long-term contract for more regular services or possibly a rental agreement to let a herd be stored somewhere (like the FEMA lots) when not being used elsewhere.

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    If they’d fire three of the communications directors, all of which were hired to respond to the valid concerns with empty platitudes, and tell us the parks are great, then we’d have enough money. Or they could spend about $5k per park on land clearing ‘specialists’, and be done with it, but that’s too easy.

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    “I’m not the kind of person to say ‘no’ to something because its unconventional”-

    Neither am I but as someone that’s actually lived on a farm I’m here to say that these are living beings not Roomba robots.

    You can’t just dump them in floodplain or FEMA lot and forget about them until you decide you want to use them again.

    Also in my experience “invest in a herd” typically means purchasing a herd or in some cases investing financially in a herd of animals to be raised for slaughter.

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    We really need those three communications people to continue to reassure us how great Brookhaven government is. Let’s keep them and find another segment of the Brookhaven jobs program to eliminate.

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    We should just keep everyone– pay for a Brookhaven Livestock Division by housing the city sheep on the greenway- as a tourist attraction we can use the hotel tax to fun it! Problem solved!

    Hey, maybe I *should* become a politician. 😉

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    You’re as qualified as any American. Go for it.

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    I owned a home on Silver Lake, Inman Drive side and it’s depressing to see how unhealthy the forest has become with privet and ivy. Not my business anymore but hope Brittany and Oglethorpe Estates can start a fund to hire goats.

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