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    Mark Urbano

    I hope this helps. I feel for the residents going straight onto Ashford Dunwoody. Now they have to gof through Blair Circle (a neighborhood basically), right on JF and then left on AD. Why don’t they just lengthen the green light? Am I missing something?

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    What will be done to protect the residents that live on Blair Circle from speeders?

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    Cool. DO it.

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    Donaldson Resident

    So no lefts onto Johnson Ferry – can we still go “straight” onto Ashford Dunwoody (towards PIB) from Donaldson?

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    This is so unnecessary.

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    Eric Robert

    This is NOT a traffic improvement. True its another step in facilitating commuters at the expense of area residents. BTW I noticed Doraville has posted 35 mph speed limit signs on Buford Highway north of 285 yet Brookhaven has done NOTHING to fix the posting of 40 MPH on Ashford Dunwoody. Instead they just give incorrect excuses that GDOT requires they do that or risk losing their ability to use speed detection devices – which is a gross over generalization and leaves out significant nuances that makes such an assertion misleading.

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    Horrible idea. Shows how archaic and inefficient our local government is. Why would you ever route traffic through a pedestrian heavy Blair circle AND build a new road. Right now traffic stops at Donaldson Drive and stops again (going both directions) at Blair (southbound) and Johnson Ferry (northbound). Donaldson drive isn’t the problem. But glad to hear that everyone is relying on a 10-yr old study. Well done local government.

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    Welcome to Brookhaven!

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    No. It would be considered a left turn. It isn’t straight.

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    Easy Rider

    This will definitely help the bottleneck at JF and AD roads. This area has special challenges particularly because the crossing streets are not at 90 degree angles which creates more lights and backs up intersections. I think the time saving estimates are about right which would be great. People going south from Donaldson to P’tree road will now turn left on JF rather than going down AD. That will add about 2 minutes to their commute.

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    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this is stupid.

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    Well, if I’m reading it right, the only thing eliminated is the left turn on JF from Donaldson. So I take the comment of extending the time of green lights for through traffic to mean that you CAN go straight. I might be wrong about that, can’t seem to find a proposed pic of the plan. I’m sure this affects some residents, but I do go that way a lot, and it seems to me that there is very little traffic turning left, so that the plan affects few adversely and benefits many – like me – to have a longer green light to get through that intersection.

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    Yes, It’s curious that B’Haven jumped at increased the speed limit. Doraville does not seem to be concerned about the GDOT cracking down on them for their stretch of J-Ferry that remains posted at 35 mph. Does GDOT even care?

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    Easy Rider

    Yes, I’m confused. Meehan was quoted “only restriction(s) from Donaldson …. to go straight on to Ashford Dunwoody Rd..” Why have a light if you can’t go straight or turn left and there is an island created for right turns?

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    I recall the meetings about Brookleigh and the Donaldson and Sexton Woods residents were assured that they would always have two ways out without restrictions. That is how the government explained away the residents’ concern about increased traffic. Are transcripts of those meetings available ?

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    How disappointing that our government does not even take into consideration the local residents and how this will affect our commute. Shameful. This is not necessary. This is not needed. This is wasteful, and now, the residents who live in the area will have to pay for something they don’t want or need….. aside from tacking on additional time on our commutes.

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    Eric – 100% agree. This is so stupid.

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    Donaldson Resident

    There are also no signs posted alerting to this change. There is a sign going north near bubbling creek saying the road will be paved, not sure if that is supposed to imply right turn median being built behind you or if they really are paving the road in addition to this change.

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    No part of Johnson Ferry is in Doraville. It’s Chamblee.

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    Donaldson Resident

    Update – the sign has been turned around and now says “right turn @ signal”, but nothing to state that it is only a right turn.

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    I drive all over the metro area and all upcoming road changes are posted so as not to surprise and confuse drivers. What’s wrong with Brookhaven? Surprising drivers with last minute changes can be hazadrous to everyone.

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    Easy Rider

    Ok, at least one mystery is now solved for me and at least some others. You will not be able to go straight on Donaldson to AD. The 3/14/17 article has a full description of the changes including “Movement on the Donaldson Drive southbound approach shall be limited to right turn only”. This eliminates the need for a light for traffic moving from Donaldson. This change and dedicated turn lanes from JF to AD will help considerable. Overall these improvements should encourage traffic to use the main roads and not cut-through streets.

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    Jed Rothwell

    They are sending a bunch of traffic through what amounts the parking lot at the retirement home. This is an accident waiting to happen.

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    Donaldson Resident

    Barrels went up blocking the ability to go left or straight. The signage still isn’t clear in my opinion (plus half the time the electric appears to be turned off completely).

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    Jed Rothwell

    Blair Circle is not not just a neighborhood. It is a parking lot for the County retirement home. It has level crossings and elderly people in wheelchairs blocking the road at all hours of the day.

    I told the city about this more than once. This is a DANGEROUS change.

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    Really? I couldn’t get across the clairmont bridge this morning because traffic was backed up that far from people trying to turn right off PIB on to JF. Once I finally got to the AF Dun/Donaldson intersection it was a total cluster you know what. Thanks for nothing Brookhaven.

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    Don’t worry. Once AD and JF are four laned with a turn lane you will be able to rocket through there.

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    Benita Brown

    There is a discussion on the Nextdoor app fastly approaching 100 comments … I posted the following on there this morning:

    While getting gas at Texaco, through 3 light cycles, I watched cars on Donaldson (southbound) ignore the right turn only and they turned left onto either Ashford-Dunwoody or Johnson Ferry. Plenty of near misses for those with the left turn arrow from JF onto AD. Brookhaven PD needs an officer posted on that corner for awhile.

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