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    The D1 Angel saves us again.

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    Thomas Porter

    Great! Now share the respect & recommend denial of the rezoning for 74 townhomes at the site of the Boys & Girls Club on North Druid Hills Road (Brookhaven Fields/Heights). The traffic is terrible, will be worse, access is very limited to streets… and… it’s currently zoned R-75 Single Family Residential. Plus, it seems a school may be trying to move-into the adjacent block. STOP DUMPING ON THESE NEIGHBORHOODS!

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    Tom Reilly

    Didn’t the developer know about the Comprehensive Land Use Plan up front?? I understand that they became very antagonistic when the decision was announced. Doesn’t sound like the type of developer that would work well with our city!!

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    Tom Reilly

    OK, I’m asking. “D1 Angel??” Are you by ANY chance referring to my buddy Linley Jones?? And, exactly what are your motives here–should we be cynical or concerned??

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    I agree Tom.. The D1 angel thing and the Ratty Fence thing are getting old

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    Well Mike, the D1 Angel has taken very good care of D1. I’m disappointed you object to my recognizing the fact that the D1 Angel has saved us from unwanted development. The D1 Angel also protects Brookhaven’s D1 ratty fences too you know. When you might be part of the problem and resent it being brought to everyone’s attention you do that you know.

    If you don’t like ratty fences being discussed, Mike, fix the damn things. You ever think about taking the hint? Problem solved.

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    Tom Reilly

    Guys: For the last[??] time, the “Ratty Fence”s are owned by their homeowners. By all means hold THEM accountable!!

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    Why fix them when you can get Brookhaven to install landscaping to camoflage them? How much did we spend on that wasted venture and then didn’t water the newly installed plants and they died? Do you remember how much that cost the taxpayers Tom?

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    Wow! Great news! Keeping fingers crossed that the Council follows suit. Maybe the Comprehensive Character Area plans will work as intended!

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    That is a waste of water Saul. The city should have installed a solar powered rain water collection and irrigation system.

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    Growth isn’t dumping, and single family homes don’t make sense there, either. Change isn’t something to fear.

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    The Developer\'s Buddy

    Well said Mike, well said.

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    The Developer\'s Buddy

    Yeah, we need to eliminate that older generation, they are in our way. Ha! They think this is their city!

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    Brittany Mother

    You know the developer knew all about any special use plans in effect. Makes you wonder if there was something else going on that he thought was in his favor.

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    Donna M.

    mike and TBD – Your comments are uneducated, selfish, and appears to be none of your business. Have you been to any of the meetings for the Boys and Girls Club, do you have any idea what the older generation has done for that community, do you ever think about anyone but yourselves? Before you speak in generalities think first, appreciate who and what has come before you, and maybe read the code. Young and older are against this development as proposed and are working on a compromise. We are invested and this IS their city also.
    TDB – “eliminate the older generation” = your parents and grandparents. Grow up!

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    Thomas Porter

    Wow, some of the most ignorant comments ever from one person posing as two.

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    Nope… sorry. It’s actually two people. There are two mikes (lowercase vs capitalization), and I’m not also that developer person.

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    And how many people do you post as TP? At least there is no longer a like tab so that you can stack your posts with likes. And I guess you want these developers to go way OTP and Truly clear cut many many acres, and make their buyers further clog the roads with long commutes spewing more olution, just because you lived here first. Looks to me like there is plenty of ignorance to go around here.

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    The Developer\'s Buddy

    Spare me Donna, Brookhaven can move forward without you.

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    Thomas Porter

    Have either of you two geniuses even looked at the Boys & Girls Club proposed site plan? It’s soulless, stacked like sardines AND EVERY UNIT PARKS TWO CARS (or more) – that they’ll use daily. It’s no utopian vision.
    Hey Frank, I tried to vote for my comments… you can’t, it recognized your URL – maybe people actually agreed.

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    Such a big talker TP. Talk talk talk……

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