1. 1

    Thomas Porter

    Vote buying! Tree killing, unplanned design, unbudgeted money spending by the City, Should have been done by DeKalb only.

  2. 2

    Eddie E.

    Now if the city will just permanently post a Police Officer during morning and evening carpool at the new ‘speed table’ to arrest those illegally driving golf carts and confiscate the illegal vehicles.

  3. 3

    Jen L

    With such a shortage of spaces I can’t understand why Jim Eyre has been allowed to park his spare vehicle on the school’s lot. That white trick has been there for years. Why can’t he park in his own driveway like everyone else?

  4. 4

    Jen L

    There is a mother in Ashford Park who allowed her 2nd grade son to drive theirs around with his younger siblings on it. I hope it was her. She will pick him up from school and let him drive the thing home!

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