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    Thomas Porter

    There’s an even cheaper solution for N. Druid Hills congestion – don’t approve rezonings and “Institutional” uses beyond existing. No sign blight, happier citizens! Win-win!

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    Lots of folks need to get to this shopping center on way home. Have you thought of how they are going to do that? Go up and loop thru the Public Shopping Center and cause more congestions on Ashford Dunwoody or coming back out on Johnson Ferry at the light causing more backup on JF.

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    William Jennings

    This effectively prevents anyone south of this shopping center from using the shopping center. Seems like an excellent solution. I’m sure the businesses will be quite happy with it.

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    Common Sense

    People south of the shopping center, heading north on Ashford Dunwoody, should turn left at the traffic light at Ashford Dunwoody and Johnson Ferry and then turn RIGHT into the shopping center. This move is good common sense with no downside for the shopping center traffic.

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    Uh, what’s wrong with routing yourself on Johnson Ferry to Cambridge?

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    No Sense

    The people in D1 are very special. You need to be careful and respectful of their status.

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    Make a left at the traffic light in front of the Valero onto Johnson Ferry Rd. You can turn right into the shopping center at 3 different entrances.

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    Eddie E.

    Fines for illegal left turns should keep the Police Department solvent for decades.

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    Easy Rider

    This change will save lives. You can’t safely making a left (north) on AD during rush hour from the shopping center. I cringe every time I see someone attempt this maneuver.

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    why you gotta be so divisive

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    Eric Robert

    Oh no I’m agreeing with Saul! You have a left hand turn signal, Turning left at the signal onto Johnson Ferry and then right into the shopping center is more efficient and considerate. Actually I think it should be no left turn at these spots 24/7

    BTW instead of installing the island on Donaldson to stop left turns, perhaps they should have just adjusted the lights and signage to prohibit left hand turns at rush hour only, The City of Atlanta does this at several spots along Peachtree.

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