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    Easy Rider

    Thanks Alan for logically considering changes before reacting. I’ve also noticed an improvement after the light cycle at Donaldson was eliminated. Sending traffic through Blair is not ideal, but this change makes sense for traffic flow.

    However, there are drivers doing crazy things at that intersection so either the signage should be more clear regarding right turn only and/or the BP police should be there to enforce it.

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    Hunter Burke

    Well, one decent traffic experience and you have changed your religion! You make politicians so proud.
    Please write back next month to see if the cure is indeed a miracle.

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    Due to the recent changes, the most inconvenienced route is from Donaldson to Ashford Dunwoody traveling south

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    Donaldson Resident

    Completely agree! The amount of people making left turns and also going straight on AD is insane. The left turn signal still appearing is misleading and the signs leading up to the intersection say nothing about right turn ONLY – just right turn at signal. There should be police at the intersection directing traffic off Donaldson and stopping the people going left/straight, and also signage should appear at the Blair intersection saying to turn left there if a left at the light is needed.

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    Easy Rider

    Agree ESC, however, the majority of traffic going south on AD is ultimately heading to Peachtree Rd. With the change it makes more sense to turn left on JF from Blair. This route is faster most times of day than going right/left to AD. At least some drivers haven’t figured this out and some folks feel that going straight to AD is worth risking lives.

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    Tom Reilly

    Kudos to Alan Walker!! Imagine actually trying out something to see if it works!! Albert Einstein once said that “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” I was driving south on Donaldson yesterday, saw the revised intersection, took the first left, found a traffic light, and just followed Johnson Ferry right back to Ashford Dunwoody Road. Piece of cake!!

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    Welcome to Brookhaven!

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    I wouldn’t shoot your wad too quickly. 100% of my usage of Donaldson has shifted to Keswick Dr so that street will be impacted heavily. One of the businesses at 5 points has lost 100% of my business as its too much of a pain to get in and out now.

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    Yup! We’re not in any disagreement. The percentage of actual travelers that are more inconvenienced is very low compared to the number of total travelers through the intersection.. but that doesn’t make those that need to go down Windsor from Ashford Dunwoody or the additional minutes to get to Peachtree any less annoyed 🙂

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    I think anybody that is still trying to straight through to AD has just been confused with what is happening with the intersection vs actively aware of the risks they’re taking. The physical changes were made before putting up sufficient signage or communication, so they made the previously confusing intersection even more confusing.

    I saw more signage this morning so hopefully it has helped.

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    The planning for this change was poorly thought out. See the sign “Amatuers at Work” posted anywhere?

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    It is so refreshing to see a positive article from the community. Alan, thank you for sharing your experience and demonstrating humility by admitting your initial opinion was incorrect.

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